Tuesday Update on The Frontliners 17th August 2021


Tuesday Update on The Frontliners 17th August 2021

Ishani seeing Sid and saying this happened because of me. Juhi comes and hears her. She asks who has applied this chest tube. Asha says there was many goons, they attacked Sid, we have done this to save him. Juhi says Ishani go out, this didn’t happen because of you, we have to stabilize Sid. Shashank comes there and sees Sid. He gets shocked. Juhi stops him. She asks nurse to get brain scans done. She asks Shashank to control his feelings, he is close to him, but he is a talented doctor, stay out. Shashank cries and goes out. Juhi checks Sid. Sid’s mum comes. Neil says Sid is upstairs, I m fine. Shashank goes. Sid’s mum comes there crying. Sid is taken to the Ot. Juhi says his pulse is back, I m taking him to Ot, tell Shashank. Sid’s mum gets shocked. Ishani runs somewhere.

Rahil wants to see Sid. He falls. Aman and Neil hold him. Juhi says we will start the procedure. Juhi asks Ishani to stay outside, this is not the time to get emotional. Ishani says I m ready and cries. Juhi says don’t argue, stay out of Ot. Sid is operated. Juhi says we have to stable him first. Ishani goes to Bappa and prays. She says you didn’t help me when my parents left me, and when the world left me.

She recalls her childhood. She says I wish to trust you today, Sid may lie, his ways are different, but his intention is clean, he is a good doctor and good person, he is my friend, and we need him, please save him. Shashank thinks of Sid and cries. Everyone prays for Sid. Ishani comes to Shashank and says this happened because of me. Rishabh says I shouldn’t say this, but I don’t care Sid dies or not. Vardaan says I m not Sid’s fan, but I want him to get saved. He goes. Rishabh says don’t know what happened to everyone. His dad comes and says I don’t care if you were there in Sid’s place. Rishabh says you broke my heart. His dad says you are my son, but I got much love from Sid. Rishabh argues.

Shashank says I promise you, everything will be fine, I should be with Juhi, you should be with your team, okay, don’t cry. Ishani says sorry. He says everything will be fine. Shashank comes for the surgery. Juhi stops him. He says I m fine, I m not going. Juhi says Sid needs me, I will see him, you are in stress, its my order, please stay out, don’t you trust me. Shashank says nothing should happen to him. Juhi says nothing will happen. Sid’s mum says my Sid is such, he doesn’t think of outcome, I m proud that he did this to save a girl’s respect, don’t cry. Ishani says Shashank uncle… Sid’s mum goes and hides. Shashank says Juhi doesn’t want me to be in OT, she knows what Sid means to me, I trust Juhi, he will be fine. Juhi finishes the surgery. Neil says surgery is over. Anjali comes and says I just got to know about Sid, where is Shashank. Ishani says Juhi is operating him, Shashank is in his room. Juhi comes out of the OT and sees everyone. Ishani thinks of Sid and cries. They all look at Juhi.

Juhi saying Sid’s surgery is successful, he is out of danger. Everyone smiles and get happy. Juhi says you all can go and meet him. Sid’s mum says you gave him a new life. Juhi says he has everyone’s blessings. Saajda….plays… Ishita goes and thanks Bappa. Everyone meets Sid. Ishani comes. Nurse asks her to go fast. Ishani assists Rishabh. He thinks these excuses won’t work if you want to work with me. Sid says I m fine now. Neil asks him to get fine soon. Asha says yes, you look good when you fly like these balloons. Anjali comes. Sid introduces Anjali.

Sid says I feel special, you all have come to see me, mum would feel I m CEO here. Anjali says you are a talented doctor, everyone worries for you, even the CEO is worried. He asks where is Shashank. Anjali says he would be coming. Nurse says Sid’s surgery is successful, he is shifted to room, he is conscious. Shashank smiles and goes. Ishani says I have to go. Rishabh says you want to meet Sid. He complains about her to Dr. Reddy. She says I will be back in 5 mins. Dr. Reddy says you think this is a cafe, just get patient’s reports. Ishani says I have some personal work. Rishabh asks her to say. She says I have to meet Sid once, he risked life for me. Dr. Reddy says you used to think of following rules, you are telling your boss that you want to meet your friend, rules and rules. She says yes Sir. He asks her to get files. Rishabh smiles.

Shashank says I don’t know this strange relation with Sid. Nurse says sometimes relations are from heart, time and situation make us explain. Sid’s mum says I should go home now. Sid says no, Shashank would be coming. Juhi gets inside the lift. Shashank thanks her. He says I was just doing my work, nothing personal. She goes. Sid asks why do you go when I say about Shashank, I want you to meet him. Sid’s mum asks him to take care. She goes. Ishani is busy in work. Shashank talks to nurse and laughs. Sid’s mum sees him coming and turns away. She goes.

Shashank comes to Sid and says you said you want to learn from me, what if you do this. Sid says I have to learn a lot. Shashank asks are you feeling good. Sid says five goons have beaten me alone, how will I be. Shashank says you think you are a hero, this doesn’t happen in real life. Sid says I m scared that Vardaan may come with my bills. Shashank laughs and says no entry for Vardaan, where is she. Sid says I didn’t see Dr. Ishani. Shashank says I was asking about your mum, you are saying about Ishani. Sid says mum went to see Guddu. Shashank says you are saying about Ishani. Sid says I was saying, mum never met you. Ishani comes and thinks how to face Sid. Shashank says talk to Ishani, she is feeling guilty. Nurse gives reports to Ishani. She goes. Shashank also leaves. Ishani comes to Sid and sees him sleeping. She holds him and sits there. Asha comes and asks what are you doing, you were touching Sid’s hands.

Ishani takes her out. She says since he got conscious, I couldn’t meet him and talk, I have to thank and apologize, don’t joke. She asks Juhi can I take care of Sid. Juhi smiles and says take the reports, I know none can take better care of him than you. Ishani thanks her and runs. Aman asks Asha to come. Ishani asks did Sid wake up. Asha says wake up, talk to him when he gets up. Ishani says Juhi asked me to look after him. Aman says lets give her a chance to be with Sid. They leave. Ishani holds Sid’s hand and thinks what to say, sorry or thanks. She cries. Its morning, Ishani gets Sid’s mum’s call. She says Sid is fine now, he is sleeping. Sid’s mum says I will reach in some time, thanks for support. Ishani says I m with Sid. She sees Sid waking up. She feels her heart beating fast.