Tuesday Update on Strange Love 6th July 2021

Tuesday Update on Strange Love 6th July 2021

Niranjan asking the doctor to come and see Shlok. Sojal asks Varad do you think Shlok is really ill, I felt……. Varad says what, is he lying, he is really ill. Sojal says they got chance to spend time. Anjali asks Varad to sit with Niranjan, as she sits with Jyoti in the car to talk to her about Abhay. Abhay helps Jyoti is sitting and Jyoti becomes happy. Anjali takes out the papers. She sits with Jyoti. Shlok talks to himself seeing the mirror and says what a good acting, great idea to dip thermometer in tea. Astha hears him and asks him to rest, as he has fever. He says I m fine now.

She says rest, you are not well. The maid says doctor came. Shlok asks why. Astha says as you are not well. He says I m fine, I don’t need doctor. Astha makes her rest and goes to bring the doctor. Astha tells everything to the doctor that Shlok is acting. The doctor checks Shlok. She says he had 102 fever, maybe now its 104. He says he is fine, and he does not have fever. Astha says he was very weak in morning. He says I will give him injection, his weakness will go. Shlok says I don’t want injection. Astha insists. The doctor gives him injection and he shouts. Astha smiles.

The doctor says you will be fine soon, give him medicines. Shlok looks at Astha’s smiling face. Astha thinks it was vitamins injection, this happens when you target wife. The doctor leaves. Astha goes with him. Shlok says why did I marry this girl Astha. Astha comes and asks Shlok why are you standing again, where are you going. He says why. She says I called doctor so that you become well. He does situps and says I m fine. He says I have meeting, you stay here if you want, else you can go to your mum. She says how rude, fine. I m going to my mum’s house. He says fine, go. She says if you don’t see my face for two days, then you will get your senses and will run to come to me.

He smiles and says even I want this. Astha leaves. Niranjan asks Varad to call Shlok and ask his health. Varad calls Shlok. Shlok acts ill. Varad asks about his health. Shlok says I m feeling better. Niranjan says ask him to come. Varad says the same to Shlok. Shlok tells his plan to Varad. Varad says fine, still unwell. Niranjan says fine, ask him to rest. Varad says don’t come. Shlok says thanks and ends the call. He continues playing games. Astha misses Shlok at Kalindi’s home. Ajju brings chaat for her.

Astha says Shlok did not call me since morning. Ajju asks why this fight. Astha asks about Ajju’s husband. Ajju says he was very nice, he used to love me a lot since beginning. She asks why are you worried. Astha says I m tensed about suhaagraat. Ajju laughs. Ajju says this comes in every couple’s life, its natural to get nervous, when you were small, you cried on the first day of school, as you were afraid. This fear is natural and comes in everyone’s life. She asks Astha to accept him.

Shlok calls Astha and says I came home, I m tired and won’t be able to come to take you, you have to come yourself if you want, I have headache and ends the call. She says but Shlok……. He says now you will come running to me. Astha says Ajju Shlok has ended the call. Ajju says don’t go, let him miss you. Astha says no, he was worried and has head ache, I will go, there is no one at home. Astha comes home and calls the maid seeing the darkness. The light comes and she sees gifts for her.

She thinks of Shlok’s hatred at their first night after marriage. She reads the card. Shlok comes to her. Music plays………………He says all were reasons, I hope you won’t take this in wrong way, I love you very much, I want to give you all the happiness of the world, you want time, so take as much you want, I will wait my whole life for you. She says I m yours and goes to hug him. He says wait, there is one more surprise for you. He goes. Astha smiles and says Mr Rude, you have troubled me so much, I will also trouble you now, then you will get your Astha.

Shlok comes in his room and goes back to her. He sees Astha missing. Shlok calls out Astha and sees the greeting card. He reads it. She writes Shlok, its not eas y to get me, solve some riddles to get me. He says now you are doing like me, fine. He goes to the temple and gets another card. He smiles and reads it. Its another riddle and he thinks did he go to her mum’s place, no, bedroom. He comes to the room and says Astha, its enough now. He gets another card with flowers. He smiles and reads it.

She writes meet me under the shadow of stars, where we are not ourselves. Shlok says did she go in space, my surprise is there and runs to the terrace. He sees Astha sitting with ghunghat. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon………………….plays………………………She lifts her ghunghat and she looks gorgeous. Shlok kisses her forehead. He gives her the ring. Sajna ve……………………plays……………….. They have an eyelock. He makes her wear the ring. He kisses her hand and gets closer.

He touches her kamarbandh and she hugs him. The kamar bandh breaks and the pearls fall. Iss dil ka ab kya karun…………………plays………………Sajna ve……………….. Astha turns and he gets closer opening her back strap. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon…………………..plays……………. They finally consummate their marriage. (Shlok looks hotter than Astha!!)

Shlok waking up in the morning. He thinks where did Astha go and wears his shirt. Astha lights the diya in the house temple. Shlok comes to her and smiles. He says good morning wifey, its great, I did not know you know to be shy. The maid comes and laughs seeing Astha’s earring on Shlok’s shirt. Shlok asks what happened to her, why is she laughing. Niranjan is with his Guru ji. Guru ji says the puja went on well. I wish your family always stay happy, I have to show something, I will bring. Anjali asks Sojal to give this to Jyoti and make her eat as we have to leave now. Niranjan sees her. Sojal thinks why is she being so caring towards Jyoti today.

Shlok gets Astha’s earrings and says whats this. Astha comes to him and says its my earring. He looks at her and holds her. Music plays……………… He says you have made me this. They smile. She hugs him being shy and not been able to look in his eyes. He says listen to me, I m having a solid mood to……………. She gets tensed and looks at him. Sajna ve……………plays……………..

Shlok was I m in a mood to go out with you, why, what did you think. He laughs and says Naughty. She hugs him. He says fine, get ready ok, lets go out. She says ok and goes. He laughs. Niranjan thinks of Anjali’s words. Anjali comes to her with tea. Niranjan puts the hot tea on her hand and she cries. He holds her hand and blows on it. He says you know I have to leave early, so don’t waste time in stupid things, you love Jyoti a lot, did you do the work which I asked you, did you take her sign on the papers. She says I did not get time. He gets angry and holds her hand.

Varad asks Sojal about Niranjan. She asks are you leaving now. He says yes, I will leave with him, I have a meeting, you come with mum. Niranjan beats Anjali. He sees Varad coming and starts acting sweet to Anjali. Varad says I m leaving, will you come with me. He says yes, lets go with Vinayak. Anjali, Sojal and Jyoti can come together. He leaves. He asks Anjali to finish her work. Anjali cries.

Astha gets ready. Shlok says I want to promise you, till we are together, our coming life will be happier, I will never hurt you and love you a lot, you also promise you won’t do chit drama, if I could not find you. She says so what, you would have been alone. He shouts Astha and says don’t tell this again. She says do you love me so much. He says more than myself. They have an eyelock.

He says lets go. Astha says we will not by car, but auto or bus. He says you got to be kidding me, I can’t do this. She says its fun, you will do what you did not do till now, you will be my Shok today, They leave. Anjali takes Guru ji’s blessings. Sojal and Jyoti also greet him. He gives them gifts and he goes out. Astha and Shlok travel in an auto. Astha smiles. Anjali is on the way and sees Sojal hearing songs. Anjali gives the papers to Jyoti and asks her to sign it. Jyoti asks why is it. Anjali says its for freeing Abhay, you have to take your complaint back.

Astha acts silly. She stops the auto and says lets have tea here, He asks where are you taking me. She comes at the street side tea stall and gives the tea to Shlok. He says no, thanks I m fine. Astha takes a biscuit and eats. Shlok looks at her and tastes the tea. She smiles. He likes it and takes a toast. Iss dil ka ab kya karun…………………… Shlok and Astha laugh.

Jyoti says she will not sign on these papers. Anjali says you have to sign it, did you think how will you live your life without husband, Abhay is your life. Jyoti says so that’s why you brought me here. Anjali tells her what people will call her. They reach home. Anjali asks Jyoti to sign it but Jyoit refuses. Anjali says you can’t go inside till you sign it. She says try to understand, what will you tell society, who is father of your daughter. Jyoti says I won’t sign, you are my mum, but you don’t care about me and my child, else you would have not asked me. Anjali says yes, I don’t care, I care about our respect.

Jyoti says how can you be so strict, my daughter is hearing your bitter words, if anything happens to her, will you face yourself. Anjali says its Abhay’s daughter, sign it. Jyoti gets sudden pain and screams. Anjali takes her inside and drops the papers out. Anjali calls Astha and Sojal comes. Anjali worries and cries. She calls the doctor. The doctor asks how did she become so severe, she is in 7th month, you should take good care of her, else her life is at risk. Anjali cries seeing Jyoti in pain.

Jyoti faints. Anjali asks is she fine, shall we take her to hospital. The doctor says don’t worry, I have given her pain relief injection, we can’t shift her. Anjali hugs her and cries. Shlok is acting street side food. Astha says 5 missed calls from home, I will call them. Shlok switches off the phone and says its our day, no distractions. He says you eat wada pav. Anjali thinks what to do, where is Astha. Anjali calls Astha but her phone is off. Anjali asks Sojal to talk to Varad. Varad’s phone is also off. Anjali says Lord take my life, but save my daughter and her child, if anything happens to them, I can’t face myself.