Tuesday Update on Strange Love 24th August 2021


Tuesday Update on Strange Love 24th August 2021

Anjali signing Astha to go. She welcomes the Ganpati. She does the aarti and looks at Shlok who is holding the Ganpati. Shlok takes it inside and Niranjan welcomes everyone inside. Kavya looks very happy. Everyone say Ganpati Bappa Morya. Shlok is shocked to see the rope used as flowered decoration and hidden. He looks at Astha and she smiles. The pandit asks Shlok to come and place the Ganpati idol.

The pandit does the puja. Shlok puts a gold chain around Ganpati. Astha tells Niranjan that she wishes the poison to end in this house. She says no one should have poison in their heart, the Amrit will end all the evil things. Niranjan says yes, you are right, even I want this poison to be out of this house. The pandit asks Niranjan to start the aarti. Niranjan and Anjali do the aarti together. Sojal, Varad and Kavya do next. Anjali and Astha smile. Astha and Shlok also do the aarti together. Shlok looks much annoyed. Anjali and Astha go across the rope and her mangalsutra gets stuck. She pulls it and it breaks. Astha looks on as it falls. Everyone see it.

Shlok lifts it. The pandit says its bad sign that mangalsutra broke out in puja, make her wear it. Shlok makes her wear it. Niranjan looks on angrily. Anjali smiles. Shlok and Astha have an eyelock. Astha holds her mangalsutra. Shlok leaves. Anjali asks Astha what is she thinking. Astha says I wish Nana Nani was here. Niranjan hears this. Astha says our happiness would have been doubled. Anjali says I have left everything on Lord. Astha says they will be a part of this celebration. Kalindi is tensed in her room. Avdhoot looks at her and asks what happened.

He says there is something that is bothering you, I m seeing you, what happened. She cries and hugs him. He says calm down, tell me. She says why is this happening with me, a courier came. He asks whose. She says Prabhakar. He is shocked. Niranjan comes in his room and talks to himself. He says I can’t bear my failure one by one. He thinks about Anjali going to the other side of the rope. He thinks about Astha and says I don’t want any change to come in this house. He gets angry. He says he knows Anjali very well and how to control her.

Kavya tells Astha that she is very happy today as her Gannu is with her. Astha says then thank Shlok. Kavya says no, I m annoyed, he is not good. Astha says no, he is very good, you know he worries for you so much, he brought Gannu for you, thank him and say sorry too. Kavya agrees. Kavya comes and says sorry and thanks to Shlok, and says Astha told her to say this. He looks at Astha. Shlok kisses Kavya. She says Astha kissed me on this cheek, you kiss me here. She runs. Shlok leaves looking angry.

Niranjan comes to Anjali. He says its happening as you wanted, you came to Pandal to surprise me and Ganpati ji came after Shlok refused, but you did not call your parents here. He talks about her parents, whom he found out at the Vridh ashram. He says they are staying there and don’t know where are they now, they are good people. Anjali asks did he do anything wrong with him, she will do as he says, don’t hurt them. He says you make me helpless, if you don’t want me to do anything, then come to this side of the rope. He says come to me, as I know you will agree. Anjali moves back and not agreeing to him. He gets angry and smiles. He says I know it very well you will come soon.

Anjali bring tensed and comes in her room. She calls the Vridh ashram and says did Niranjan do something wrong with them. No one takes the call and she panics. She says she will talk to Astha, but before that she has to go to Ashram to see her parents. Kavya says she wants laddoos and Varad makes her eat. She says make mum eat too. Varad says she will eat on her own, she is grown up. Sojal says come on. Varad makes her eat and Mansi walks in to see this scene. Varad sees her and is shocked. Mansi smiles. Sojal sends Kavya to play. Sojal asks why did she not come here, does she not have any work, did you call her. Varad says don’t create any issue, she is our guest in this Ganpati festival.

Varad and Astha greet Mansi. Astha says its good you came, you came on my one message invitation. Sojal is annoyed. Anjali comes and Mansi greets her. Astha asks what will she have, tea or coffee. Mansi says no, just water. Astha goes to bring. Sojal and Anjali leave too. Mansi looks at Varad and smiles. Jyoti takes care of Anaya. Renuka asks is she not ready, does she not have to go to Anjali’s house, else Sid will taunt her. Jyoti says I won’t go without you all. Renuka says everyone will insult us if you don’t go, you are going that’s it. She says take sweets. Jyoti says I will tell Anjali and send invitation, you all come.

Sojal comes to Astha and scolds her for inviting Mansi at home. Astha says whats the problem if she comes, we invites many guests, she lives alone in city, so I called her, she knows us as she came in Jyoti’s marriage. Sojal says I have a problem with her, so don’t call her again. Varad asks whats wrong with Mansi, you know I can have a problem, then again you came here, I feel you don’t love me. She says she loves him so she came here, Astha invited her and she wanted to spend time with him. Astha comes and asks spend time with whom? They get stunned. Mansi says with you all.

Mansi says she came as she invited her. Varad says ofcourse. Sojal and Mansi look at each other. Mansi says she will leave now, she has some work, thanks for inviting me Astha. She leaves. Anjali talks to Astha and tells what Niranjan said about her parents. She tells her everything. A car comes and the driver opens the door. Anjali tells Astha that she wants to meet her parents as she is worried. Jyoti comes to them with Anaya. Astha welcomes her. Anjali hugs her. Astha asks Anjali to go. Anjali asks Jyoti to do darshan and she will just come. Anjali goes out and is shocked seeing her parents there.

Anjali says you guys here. Niranjan comes and says Anjali. He sees them and greets them with much respect. He says welcome in our house, come. Anjali looks at him. He says what are you seeing like this. I called them here, I thought you should meet them. Anjali’s dad argues as he has kept Anjali away fromt hem half their life and he knows he has some reason to call then. Niranjan says I don’t like this, you always doubt my good intentions, come, its auspicious day today. Anjali asks what does he want to show by calling them. Niranjan says your parents should see your good days, after the home is divided.

He says they have seen how badly I behave with you and today I told you I m doing something, I want them to see how bad I can become and behave with you. He asks them to come inside and insists. They look at Anjali. Anjali nods yes. Niranjan asks the guard to close the gate. Jyoti says Anaya has fever and she will get hot water. Astha stops her and says she will get it. She thinks Jyoti should not know about home division. Anjali asks her mum to do the darshan. They pray for Anjali’s happiness. Niranjan sees Shlok coming. Anjali says come with me. Niranjan stops them and acts sweet to them. He folds hands and says bless me on this day. They are puzzled.

He says you know I don’t have parents, so you both are like my parents. He touches their feet. Shlok looks on how they move back not blessing Niranjan. Shlok gets angry. Anjali says come with me Baba. She takes them to the other side of the rope. Shlok asks Niranjan why did they come here, they always insult you. Niranjan says calm down, this things happen in relations. Shlok says what relation. Shlok says when they can’t talk well, how dare they come here, who called them here. Niranjan says Astha wanted them to come here, she wished this and I called them here. He says I m afraid that Astha may feel anything bad and can create anything again, its my insult, so what, Astha is happy. I want peace I this house.

He says Astha knows what hurts me, but what can I do if she is adamant. He says she does what she wants but its good that she is determined. Shlok says she does things from her wish and this time you won’t stop me. He says I will end my relation on Ganpati Visarjan. Niranjan is shocked. Shlok says this is my decision and wish. He leaves. Niranjan smiles and says good Shlok, you understood what I wanted since long time. He says he will wait for Visarjan now. He folds hands towards the Lord. Asstha heats water and says she is waiting when this house gets united again and Jyoti does not know. Sojal says why not, she is daughter of this house and she has right to know.

Astha says its our mistake and we can’t punish her. Sojal says fine, you have to make food and bhog. She says she got extra work. Astha says talk slowly. Sojal shouts. Jyoti comes and asks what division. Astha is tensed.