Tuesday Update on Strange Love 13th July 2021


Tuesday Update on Strange Love 13th July 2021

Jyoti asking Sid to leave. Astha hears them talking and is shocked. Jyoti leaves. Astha thinks Jyoti is hiding something, else she would not have left like this. She stops Sid and asks him about Jyoti. He asks how do you know, did Ajju tell you. She says Ajju? Tell me do you have feeling for Jyoti? Sid says yes, I love Jyoti a lot but she does not love me, but I want to accept her with her daughter. She asks who else knows this. He says Ajju and Kalindi. She says but you have hidden it from me. He justifies. She asks can you support Jyoti whole life. Sid says in seven births. Astha smiles. Kavya calls Astha and she goes.

Sid says Astha smiled, it means she does not have any problem with this, don’t worry Jyoti, I will make you mine by making everyone agree. Sojal asks Kavya to go to school. Kavya cries and hugs Astha. Astha pacifies her. Sojal scolds Astha for spoiling Kavya. She leaves annoyed.

Anjali sees her parents’ pic and gets sad. She cries and says you know mum dad, I feel like seeing this pic every night, but I m helpless, I just close my eyes when I miss you. She says people say I m very lucky, but I m very far from my parents now. She says I don’t even know where are you now, maybe I can find out. Astha packs Kavya’s tiffin and says I will drop you. Kavya says I don’t want to go to school. Astha says I will help you participate in fancy dress competition, you will win and everyone will be happy. Astha silently takes her. Shlok sees them and stops asking why is Kavya here.

Astha says yes, we were giving you a surprise. Kavya says surprise. Astha says the surprise is we are going with her to her school. Shlok says but why. Astha says they called us to meet them. Shlok asks her not to create any scene at the school. She says yes, come, go, I will bring my phone. Astha says how did Shlok know what I m going to do. She smiles. Anjali comes to her room and calls Vridh Ashram. She asks about her parents. She comes to know that her parents are not here, as Anjali herself kicked them out, but they will find out and let her know.

Sojal calls out Kavya and tells Anjali that Kavya is not at home. She tells her everything how Kavya was adamant about the competition. She calls the school and asks about Kavya. She says did Kavya come there, what Astha brought her there, fine. She ends the call. She asks Anjali whats this, how can Astha take my daughter without my permission, what does she think she is. Anjali says let her come, I will talk to her. Astha and Shlok leave from the school. Astha gets a call from Vridh Ashram. The lady tells her about Anjali asking about her parents. Astha smiles.

Astha thinks its good atleast Anjali tried to know about her parents. Shlok talks to her and says I want you to spend whole day with me. She says I have some work, drop me home. They have a sweet talk on the way. She says my love and I will never change for you. Mahiya…………….plays……………….. Shlok drops her home and leaves. Astha comes home. Sojal stops her and scolds her. Anjali looks on. Astha says I tried calling you but could not connect.

Anjali says Astha you did a big mistake, you don’t have any right to be so careless, don’t do this again. Astha says yes. Anjali asks Sojal to go and do the work. Sojal looks at Astha angrily. Sojal thinks Anjali is favoring Astha a lot these days, and not scolding her. She leaves. Anjali stops Astha and asks did you do anything again. Astha says no, did I do anything till now, I will cook food now. Anjali leaves. Sojal is annoyed as Anjali did not scold Astha. She smells Varad’s shirt and says which perfume is this, we don’t have this one at home. She checks all perfumes.

Sojal calls Varad and asks him about the perfume. He says what, I m busy and ends the call. Kavya comes home and hugs Astha telling about her competition. Sojal comes and takes Kavya. Sid works and is tensed thinking about Jyoti. He says if I would have got tea made my Jyoti. Renuka comes and does hair massage telling about his childhood. He says enough Maa, I have grown up. She says children are never grown up for mothers. He smiles and kisses her hand. The lady calls about Vrudh Ashram and Niranjan and Anjali take the call. Niranjan hears that Anjali is finding her parents and gets angry.

Astha looks at Niranjan overhearing the conversation. Niranjan says Anjali still wants to keep a relation with her parents, I can’t bear this time.

Astha saying why is Baba looking so angry, he can get angry on Anjali too. Kavya comes and stops Astha, asking her to come with her. Niranjan talk to Anjali and says its great day today as its your parents birthday today. He asks did you try to find them to wish them. He gets angry and says Anjali I m asking something. Anjali says actually……… He says did you try to find them or not. She says yes, I tried. He starts fuming. He picks up a stick to beat Anjali. Astha asks Kavya to play and she will join her. They start playing. Astha hears Anjali crying.

Niranjan says how dare you remember your parents. He says if you dare to do mistakes, then dare to get punished. He is about to beat her and Astha breaks the glass with the ball hearing everything. He stops and goes to the door. Niranjan opens the door and sees Kavya.

Kavya asks can I take my ball. Niranjan says yes. Astha says sorry, there are glass pieces, she can get hurt, I will get the ball. Niranjan leaves. Astha sends Kavya and says our work is done. Anjali asks Astha what is this way to come in our room. Astha says I did this to save someone. Anjali says you are playing with fire, don’t come between us. Anjali leaves. Astha says husband and wife’s relation is of love and trust, I trust my Bappa, this injustice will end very soon. Sojal thinks whats going on and talks to Kavya. Sojal asks why did Astha come to your school, did she talk to your teacher, what did she say.

Kavya tells her that she is having fun. Sojal asks further. Astha hears them and interrupts to stop Astha. She holds Kavya and says Kavya’s teacher was praising you a lot. Sojal smiles. Sojal asks are you lying. Astha says no, you are so beautiful and stylish. Sojal says I will go to maintain my beauty. Astha says she is saved, but she has to rehearse Kavya for fancy dress competition. Anjali comes in her room while Niranjan is waiting for her.

He says you got saved today as Astha came, but I can’t bear your mistake, I can’t forgive you, how can you forget your dad has sent me to jail. He scolds her and says you said you broke all relations with them, I don’t forget anyone’s mistakes. Anjali says yes, I know you have given me everything. He says then how can you insult me, how can you miss your parents. She says I tried, but I still miss them. She cries and says they are my parents, they gave birth to me, did my upbringing, my heart remembers them, what can I do, tell me, I m their only daughter.

She says I did not do my duty as a daughter, I just wanted to know how are they, are they fine or not. He pushes her. He says Anjali, you are my wife, this is your identity, no one would have respected you otherwise. He says a woman gets valued when she becomes a wife, people respect you because of me. He says you should be ashamed to go against me, you insulted me. She says I don’t know how I did this mistake, tell me how to regret. He asks her to think herself as she always do. She cries. He sees her slippers and takes it off. He throws it and asks her to walk barefoot on the hot stairs of the temples.

He says when you feel burning, you will know my pain, don’t think you are doing this for me, no, its for your mistake, when your body gets hurt, I will get some peace. He says go now to Lord, only he can wash your sins. She says I will regret, till you forgive me, I won’t get peace. Astha teaches Kavya about police. Kavya practices. Astha makes Kavya wear the police costume. Shlok comes and asks whats going on. She says I m making he prepare. He says come with me. Kavya asks Shlok to leave. Astha smiles.

Shlok sits and watches Astha signing come. Shlok lifts Kavya and takes Astha with him. Its night, Astha asks Kavya to go and sleep now. Shlok asks Kavya to go to her room. Kavya says no, I will sleep with Astha. Shlok says then where will I sleep. He says you go to your parents. Kavya sleeps on the bed. Shlok says come on, go. Astha laughs and says I will tell a story to Kavya. Shlok is irritated and feels sleepy. Kavya sleeps and Shlok too. Astha smiles. Astha looks at Shlok and kisses him. She says his beard hurts me a lot. He holds her hearing it. He says so you have so much problem with my beard.

She says Kavya will wake up. She says first shave your beard, then you will get the kiss. He says fine and goes to the washroom. She says what happened to him now. She removes her bangles and thinks where is he. Shlok comes shaving his beard. Tu hi mera hosh…………….plays……………… She is shocked seeing him. Bekhudi……………….plays…………….. Shlok smiles.

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