Tuesday Update on Promised Love 9th February 2021


Tuesday Update on Promised Love 9th February 2021

Shayra telling Azaan and Razia that she was the last person to go to kitchen. She says I was making sheer khorma and says this is my mistake. Razia says you must have switches off the glass. Shayra says I might have switched gas off, but I don’t remember. Azaan says she must have switched off the gas, she is very careful. Shayra says but I went last. Surayya says two people died because of her and says people will say that she is inauspicious and have eaten two people after coming. Razia shouts and asks her to mind her language. Surayya says I will be quiet, but people will say that you brought khooni bahu. She says she has ruined Noor’s life and snatched her ammi and husband. She says it would have been good if you had killed Noor also with her Ammi and would be husband.

Azaan says it was a mistake and says mistakes happen even with angel. Suraiyya says two people had burnt and died. Razia shouts and says Noor will listen. Suraiyya says all Bhopal shall listen. Shayra tells that Noor shall know. Azaan tries to stop her. Shayra goes to Noor, cries and tells that she was the last who was in the kitchen and says the fire broke out from kitchen. Noor looks angrily. Dilruba comes and says Police came. Azaan asks Inspector what are you doing here ?

Lady Inspector says we came here to arrest Shayra Mirza for murdering Yasmeen and Faiz. Azaan asks what are you saying and asks who filed the case against her. Noor comes and says I got the FIR written. Everyone is shocked. Azaan says Noori ! He says you called the Police to get Shayra arrested and asks do you know what are you doing? Noor says you are asking me even after knowing what Shayra is doing. She says I heard everything. Surayya thinks yasmeen got burnt, Noor is destroyed and Shayra will be jailed and Razia will be destroyed. Noor blames Shayra and tells Azaan that his Shayra killed her Ammi.

Shayra says I am guilty but I didn’t do anything intentionally. Noor says these tears and apology can’t bring my Ammi or my happiness. Inspector says Shayra… you have to come with us to Police station. Azaan asks Noor not to take a wrong decision which she will repent later. Noor says she will be happy to punish the guilty and asks Inspector to take her. Razia tries to stop her. Azaan says until I come back, nobody will touch Shayra. Lady constable is about to hand cuff her. Razia asks why you are doing this?

Inspector says criminals are taken being handcuffed. Razia keeps hand on Shayra’s hand and says my bahu will not be handcuffed. Inspector says you are challenging law. Razia says no, I am requesting you and asks her to agree. Inspector says you are known for right justice and says how can we be liberal to the girl who is charged of two deaths. Suraiyya recalls giving money to the lady police inspector and asks her to torture Shayra in police station. Surayya says you have kicked my son out, now stay in jail. Noor comes to the room where Yasmeen got burnt and recalls their happy moments. Azaan comes there and asks her to listen. Noor closes the door. Azaan says whatever you are doing is not right. Noor asks whatever your London wali did is right? Azaan says it was an accident and asks her to stop Shayra’s arrest. The constable hand cuffs Shayra. Azaan’s sister asks Razia to stop her arrest. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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