Tuesday Update on Promised Love 6th April 2021

Tuesday Update on Promised Love 6th April 2021

Azaan watching the video in which Qazala asking Aladdin to go until she gets bahu begum’s Pasa. Noor tells that she has recorded them and then showed the video to Shayra. Shayra tells that this was not possible without Khalid’s help. Surayya is about to slap Khalid. Razia holds her hand and stops her, warning her not to touch him. Khalid says badi ammi gave you many chances, but you didn’t get better. He says I don’t want a bad life and want to be good. He says he wants to be a good son of Razia and for that he has become bad son of Surayya (expose her). Shayra says we took Ammi’s help.

Razia says if you had not tell me then also I would have understand that you will not do anything against me. Shayra thanks her. Qazala tells that Razia and Shayra got together. She tells that whatever is done is done by Surayya and Asgar. Surayya says Asgar is not in the city and says whatever she did was because of Qazala’s sayings, she got the divorce papers changed, had locked Razia in the box, was behind the hotel incident too. She asks Aladdin to say. Aladdin says yes, everything is true, even that Police officer was fake, who told you that the road is blocked. Surayya says even that kotha clothes was sent to Noor by Qazala and that black ink balloon which Shayra had thrown on Noor was conspired by Qazala. She asks Aladdin to say else will be sent to jail. Aladdin says yes and tells that he had thrown stone on Noor’s head so that Pasa breaks and she gets blamed. Qazala asks Aladdin to stop it.

Azaan shouts asking Qazala to stop and tells that he is ashamed to call her Dadi. He says you have made fun of relations. He says I thought that injustice had happened to you and wanted to give you justice and make everything fine between Ammi and you, but you tried to break the house. He says Noor and Shayra tried to make him understand about her, but he didn’t listen to them as he trusted her immensely. Qazala says Azaan beta…Azaan asks her not to call him beta and not to touch him. He says I have no relation with you and asks her to leave the house.

Razia asks Dilruba and Mashuqa to bring Asgar and Surayya’s stuff along with Qazala’s stuff. Surayya says I helped you. Razia says you helped yourself, but supported Qazala in her conspiracy. She asks them to leave before she calls Police. She says I will name your part of share to Bhopal’s charitable trust. Surayya says I will see Khalid. Razia tells that Khalid got better and changed himself, today she is proud of him and can proudly say that he is her son. Surayya picks her stuff and starts leaving. Qazala also picks her stuff and asks Razia and others not to be so happy, says I am leaving from this house, but not from your lives.

She tells that she will never leave them. Shayra asks her not to worry for their happiness. Noor says once you all go then happiness and peace will be back again in this house. Qazala says lets see. Razia says just watch. Qazala leaves from the house with her stuff.

After few weeks:

Shayra is in her room and gets ready. Razia calls her. Shayra says I am coming and comes out of her room running and collides with Noor. Noor asks her to bring badi ammi’s bag and says please. Shayra goes inside. Noor comes outside and sits in the car. Shayra comes back to room and thinks where is the bag? Noor asks Razia to leave Shayra and Azaan alone if she wants to see Shezaan and Aayra. Mashuqa and Dilruba get excited. Razia asks who are they? Noor says they are Shayra and Azaan’s kids. Shayra calls Noor. Noor says we will not pick the call.

Shayra thinks why Noor is not picking the call and calls Azaan. She sees the decorated pool side and calls Azaan. Azaan comes out of the pool. Shayra asks what is he doing in the pool and says you went to office. She tells that Ammi left her at home, Dilruba and Mashuqa are not in the house and Noor not picking her call. She asks him to come and says we need to go to orphanage. Azaan says wearing one earring. Shayra says may be, it fell somewhere. Azaan shows her earrings and asks her to come to him. She tries to get her phone and he pulls her inside the pool. He gets romantic while the song hum tum plays….they consummate their marriage.


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