Tuesday Update on Promised Love 6th April 2021


Tuesday Update on Promised Love 6th April 2021

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Shayra asking Bahu begum Pasa from Razia and asks why is she so shocked, says I am asking my rights. Azaan asks if she knows what is she asking and says it is not a toy, bahu begum Pasa. Razia is shocked and asks Shayra, what happened to her. Shayra says everyone is doing what they think right and tells that she doesn’t think that she is asking anything wrong. She says you are ready to lose a daughter, but not the Pasa. Razia says I am ready to give Pasa and calls Lawyer. Azaan is shocked and asks Razia to think again. The lawyer brings the Papers.

Razia and Shayra sign on the papers. Mashuqa says, bahu begum…Razia says just call me Razia begum and handovers Pasa to Shayra along with the property papers. Shayra says sorry and tells that she is saying sorry for her doings which she will do now. She turns to Surayya and gives the papers to her. Qazala snatches papers from her hands and checks. She thanks the lawyer and tells that you did just as I said. Azaan asks what is happening. Surayya tells that Shayra has named Pasa and all the property on Qazala’s name.

Qazala announces herself as bahu begum and tells that the papers are signed by Shayra and Razia. She tells Surayya that Shayra and Razia are both fools, not to read the papers. She tells that she has a 20 years long desire to be fulfilled and is about to slap Razia, but Azaan and Shayra hold her hand. Qazala gets angry and tells that she got everything whatever her husband snatched from her and her son 20 years back. She says you had kicked me and my son out of the house, now I will kick you and your son and will make you beg. She pushes them and sits.

Surayya and Qazala rejoice. Shayra claps and tells that her game is old just like her and I knew everything. Qazala says you knew everything and let everything on my name. Just then Noor burns the papers which is in Qazala’s hand. Qazala gets angry and calls her Servant’s daughter, asking what she did? Noor says everyone will claps for your foolishness here.

Shayra says we understood your cleverness, but agreed with your sayings to bring your real face infront of Azaan. She tells Azaan that Aladdin had collided with her car and shows the pictures. Noor tells that it was Dadi Ammi’s planning, Aladdin collided with her car intentionally. Shayra tells Qazala that she understood when she dug the grave for Aladdin and the shovel was inside the car. She says you agreed to bury him and knew that he was alive. Azaan asks why didn’t you tell me anything. Razia says you was not ready to hear anything against Ammi. Shayra says we want to bring her true face infront of you. Qazala says what truth, this is my grand son. Just then Khalid brings burqa-clad Aladdin and pushes him on floor.

Noor tells Azaan that she saw this burqa-clad woman in the haveli and when she insisted to see her face, Qazala and Surayya haven’t let her see her face. She says she took Khalid’s help and he caught him. The burqa clad woman is actually Aladdin. Aladdin tells that whatever he did was because of dadi ammi’s sayings. Qazala scolds him and tells Azaan that she was greedy about property, but didn’t do anything with Shayra. Khalid shows the video to Azaan in which Qazala is scolding Surayya for calling Aladdin home. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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