Tuesday Update on Promised Love 16th March 2021


Tuesday Update on Promised Love 16th March 2021

Noor telling Azaan that she is ready to divorce him without any conditions. Mashuqa asks if the polygamy will end now. Azaan asks how can you believe her, who just sometime back tried to kill Shayra and now playing this. Noor asks him to believe her. He says she might go to forum again and complain against me. Lawyer tells that this can’t happen and tells that she asked him to be here as the witness else he would have sent his assistant. He asks Azaan to check the papers.

Asgar says may be you will tell against him in court. Lawyer says I don’t habit to sell my loyalty and tells that Noor just wants divorce, don’t want any alimony or settlement. Noor signs the papers and gives to him. Azaan signs on the divorce papers. Noor says I will not come between Shayra and you and tells that she will take her stuff with her. Razia says she has realized her mistake. Lawyer tells Azaan that he will file his divorce, but process will take 5-6 months.

Noor hugs yasmeen’s dupatta and cries. Razia comes there and says whenever I used to ask yasmeen to give this dupatta then she used to say that…Noor says bahu begum can’t buy it. Razia opens her arms wide. Noor hugs her and cries. Shayra asks Azaan to talk to Noor and says she is leaving the house. Shayra comes there and says we shall start afresh. Noor says I am a trouble and shall go. Shayra says you are daughter of this house and not any trouble. Noor says I always tried to break this house. She apologizes to Razia. Razia says she has forgiven her and asks her not to go. Noor asks Shayra to be happy with Azaan and forget her as a bad dream. She tells Razia that she will stay here for night and will go in the morning. Shayra asks Razia to stop her. Razia says only Azaan can stop her.

Shayra comes to kitchen and asks if any storm came here. Azaan says this is my cooking after effect. He says now our life is going to start so he thought to make popcorn. Popcorns pop out of the utensil. Azaan says he couldn’t make it. Shayra says you would have made noodles. Azaan says I make it only for….Shayra says you share noodles only with Noor and asks him to forgive her. She says she is going out. Azaan says popcorn. Shayra says you are trying to convince yourself that everything is fine.

Surayya beats Khalid asking him if he wants to send his parents to jail. Khalid holds her hands and threatens her. Asgar says she is your mother. Khalid says I am not a kid and asks him to make his wife understand not to raise her hand on him. Surayya says he is mad about that Servant’s daughter. Khalid says I love her truly and will leave the house for her. Mashuqa gets upset and tells that don’t know what magic did Noor do on Khalid? Dilruba tells that he will stay in Noor’s room after she leaves. Mashuqa says she will stay in that room.

Noor comes to the glass house in the garden and thinks of Azaan and her friendship moments. Azaan comes there and asks what is she doing here? Playing another game? Noor says she came to get some memories with her. Azaan says those memories are of me and my best friend and not you. He pushes her and asks her to leave. Noor says I am leaving. He says you have done so much and married your best friend. He asks what happened to you, what had happened to you after Shayra and my marriage. Noor says I lost my mother. Azaan says even I lost my Khala. He says I didn’t get mad like you and raises his hand to slap her, but stops. He says you used to snatch my toys and snatched my wife also.

Noor says I lost my Ammi and Faiz and has nobody with me. Azaan says you do a lot of drama and is Lalita pawar’s amma. Noor says no, Nirupa Roy’s mother of Amar, Akbar and Anthony. Shayra hears and smiles. Azaan asks her to go. Shayra asks what is he doing? Azaan asks her to send Chudail out and bring his best friend back. Noor cries happily and runs to hug him. Azaan hugs her. Shayra smiles. Noor hugs her too and smiles. Yaari hai plays…..

Noor gives Shayra and Azaan’s hand in each other’s hand and says this is right. Azaan asks are you sure? Noor nods. Azaan asks her not to cheat while playing game and they sit to play. Khalid hears them and says Noor is not leaving the house, and I had planned to leave house with her. He comes back to his room. Asgar asks what is it? Surayya brings toy parrot. Asgar asks if she is shaken up about their stay in Sultanpur. Khalid asks what is it? Surayya says it is Popat in Mumbai. She says Popat means foolish. She says God made you a human, but Noor fooled you. She calls him popat. She stammers and talks like him. Asgar asks her to stop it and asks Khalid to let the stuff packed as they have to go to Sultanpur. Surayya asks him to do something.

Razia offers Namaaz and talks to yasmeen’s photoframe, says after all our children have proved that they are ours and kept respect of our upbringing. She says you had said that I can’t buy this dupatta and says I got it finally and I don’t have to buy it. She thanks God that everything is fine. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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