Tuesday Update on Never Say Goodbye 14th June 2022


Tuesday Update on Never Say Goodbye 14th June 2022

Sujata holding diya in hand and praying. Uma and Suman looks on. Atharv pushes the men and runs to Vividha, to stop her from removing clothes. Ravish looks on and shouts Atharv stop. Suman holds the diya from blowing off. Atharv gets shot and falls down. Vividha shouts Atharv. Atharv closes eyes. Vividha cries. The man says your love is great, that too both men are brothers, great. The men hold Ravish. The man says captain, you did bad with us, today you will beg to us and apologize. He asks Ravish to beg to them, else if his wife removes clothes, it won’t look good.

Vividha asks Atharv to get up. Ravish sits. The man asks him to lower his head down. Ravish sees Atharv. Atharv sees the flag. Ravish signs Atharv and joins hands. Atharv pushes the men and runs to jump over by stepping on Ravish’s hands. They all start the fight again. Atharv takes the fire torch and throws away. The mothers cry and pray at the temple.

Atharv asks them to run. Ravish, Vividha and Atharv run away. They hear gun shots and turn to see the men coming after them. The man says you can run away, but just your dead body will go across the border, if this captain begged to us, your life would have got saved, but now just dead bodies will go.

Ravish says if this land was of my country, I would have touched my forehead, but not here, we are standing in front of you, shoot. Ravish, Vividha and Atharv hold hands. Atharv says in this birth, I would have bear a lot of problems because of you Ravish, don’t do that in next birth. Ravish says I met you now, I won’t leave you my brother. Atharv looks at him. They close eyes and stand. Ravish asks them to shoot.

Suman, Uma and Sujata pray. Ravish, Atharv and Vividha hear the gun shot and open eyes. The terrorists get shot by the army men, standing across the border line. Fateh Singh says sorry, we came late. Ravish says our country won today. They salute to the flag.

Vividha asks Rvish to sit ahead, you will be comfortable. Atharv looks at them. She gives pillow behind Ravish’s back and talks to him. Her dupatta falls over Ravish’s face. Ravish moves the dupatta off his face. O re piya…..plays…………. Vividha looks at Ravish. Atharv and Vividha sit backside in the jeep. Atharv sees Vividha seeing Ravish, and Ravish seeing Vividha in the mirror. He turns away. The jeep starts by a jerk. Vividha screams and holds Ravish, while Atharv was holding her hand. Ravish sees Atharv and turns.

Suman cries seeing Ravish’s pic. Aditi gets the news by call and happily shouts to Suman that Ravish is coming. Suman runs downstairs. Uma asks about Atharv and Vividha. Aditi says they are also coming. Suman opens the door in K3G style and looks for her son. The reporters come there. Kabhi khushi kabhi gham….plays………. Ravish comes thre. Suman cries seeing him. Everyone happily cry seeing Ravish back.

Injured Ravish walks to family. Suman holds and hugs him. Ravish says a soldier’s mum does not welcome son like this. Sujata says a mum is always mum. The reporter praises Ravish. Vividha and Atharv get down the car. Uma and Sujata get happy. Reporter says Vividha is like Savitri who got her husband back from Yamraj. They ask her questions and praise her for doing a soldier’s wife’s duty. Atharv gets back.

Suman says Vividha is soldier’s wife, fulfilling such duty is not big thing for her. Reporter ask Ravish what happened that day. Sujata holds Atharv and says whatever is happening here, Ravish and Vividha do not want all this, are you understanding. Atharv nods. Reporter asks Ravish to tell about his brave wife. Suman says I m sure like I m proud of my bahu, Ravish is proud of his wife, right. Ravish nods and smiles. Ravish says yes. He looks at Vividha.

Ravish saying yes, I m proud of Vividha, but she is not my wife. Everyone get shocked. Ravish says she is this house’s bahu, but not my wife, I m not just my mum’s son, but a country’s son, my life is like an open book, situation got Vividha in my life, but I understood she is not my wife, but someone’s deposit, she is my elder brother Atharv’s Amanat. Vividha and Atharv look at Ravish. Ravish smiles and says Vividha loves Atharv a lot and she is Atharv’s, and Atharv is hers.

Ravish says my and Vividha’s relation is of traditions, relations are made by heart, if you really want to see a relation of heart, look at Vividha and Atharv, if I m standing fine here, its because of both of them, they risked their lives to save my life, the credit not just goes to Vividha, it goes to my elder brother Atharv also, what can I do except blessing them from heart. Atharv looks at Ravish surprised, while Suman makes a stern expression.

Reporter asks Atharv why did he let Vividha marry Ravish when he loved Vividha, how did he feel when Vividha married Ravish, and when are they marrying now. Reporters trouble Atharv with their questions. Vividha says no comments please….. Suman stares at Vividha, and sees engagement rings in Atharv and Vividha’s hands. Suman rages.
Vividha goes to Atharv and asks why are you so upset, now Ravish said in front of everyone that we don’t have any relation, I just have relation with you. Atharv says Ravish said right, relations are made by heart, what hearts wants, just the lover’s heart knows. He leaves. Suman recalls Vividha and Atharv. Sujata comes to her. She offers help in kitchen work. Suman says no need, I will manage.

Sujata says now our children came back, why are you annoyed, why are you not happy. Suman asks her to say the reason. Sujata asks why are you saying this, be clear, what’s the matter. Suman says fine, Atharv and Vividha’s engagement happened, you did not think necessary to inform me.

Sujata says I wanted to tell you, and could not say, then situation here got bad. Suman argues. Sujata says Atharv and Vividha have bear a lot, we thought a new start can be ointment on their wounds. Suman says I did not know you don’t value the moments spent in this house. Sujata says its nothing like that. Suman says till Vividha stayed here, I loved her a lot, I did not know she wants to forget the time spent here. She goes.

Atharv recalls Vividha and Ravish. Sujata comes to him. She asks are you fine. Atharv says yes, what happened to you, why are you worried. She says Suman got to know about engagement, she felt bad, I think we should leave for Ajmer tomorrow, now Ravish came back, when everyone sees you and Vividha together, they will recall what happened with Ravish, we should leave. He nods. He asks for her medicines. He gives her.

He sees Vividha’s letter for Ravish in the drawer and recalls her words written in letter. Sujata takes medicines. She asks him to sleep, and goes. Vividha stands in the window and looks at the sky. Atharv and Ravish look at the sky. Vividha cries. They all are sad. Ravish stands in lawn alone and recalls Vividha. Atharv sits in his room crying and also recalls her. Paas aaye…….hamari adhuri kahani……plays………They all cry.

Atharv wipes his tears. Atharv comes out and sees Ravish sad. Ravish sees Atharv. Atharv returns his jacket and gets leaving. Ravish says everyone get love in life, which gets happiness along, but I don’t see happiness on your face, why. Atharv says nothing like that, you need rest. Ravish asks don’t you believe Vividha, you feel Vividha loves me, right.

Atharv smiles and says amazing, army gave you mind reading training too. Ravish says so you confirmed what I m thinking is right, you think Vividha loves me. Atharv says what I m thinking, I m seeing, and what I m seeing, I m just understanding that. Ravish says it means Vividha loves me, that means I m a big fool to let Vividha go away, any big fool can do this mistake to let a girl like her go, now I m that fool, I broke her bangles, wipes her sindoor and took her mangalsutra back, I did big mistake, if you think she loves me, I should have stopped her, nothing spoiled, she can still stay here as my wife.

He says Atharv, I feel very sad for you, but what can be done, there is nothing in our hands, I want to clear one thing, today’s girls are practical, its easy for them to slip in any new relation, they evaluate which relation will give them luxuries, first it was you and now its me, relations are just promises and talks, Vividha is also such girl, don’t worry, you will get someone else. Atharv says Vividha is not like that, she knows to value people and emotions, she understands relations and knows to keep it, you are valuing Vividha, likewise she also does. Ravish says thank you, I wanted to hear this, you know Vividha and her love, love does not leave any space between hearts, how did doubt get a place.

Atharv says I m not doubting, I can’t deny what I see. Ravish says I heard people become shayar/poet being in love, I m seeing anyone becoming shayar being in doubt, can you tell me that reason which made you doubt on Vividha. Atharv looks at him.

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