Tuesday Update on My Identity 27th July 2021


Tuesday Update on My Identity 27th July 2021

Neil saying I don’t want any pain in my life, I want to stay happy, I want to marry you, I know you can keep me happy. Mitali says I don’t think you are sure about this. He says I won’t move back from my decision. They cry. Prakash comes and says Shweta is calling you Mitali. She goes. Neil says Avni kept me away from my son for ten years, I won’t let her win, I decided to marry Mitali. Prakash says think being practical, not emotional, think about Mowgli, he needs a family. Neil asks family? She doesn’t know a meaning of family. Prakash says you can’t hurt Mowgli to make Avni away.

Avni sees little Avni. Little Avni says Mowgli just wants to hear the truth, you stayed away for 10 years and had to come back, now Mowgli is with you, he is just like you. Avni asks what shall I do, I want to see Neil happy. Little Avni asks where will Neil go, his world is with you two. Avni says I should have told truth to Neil before, he hates me. Little Avni says you are giving same pain to Mowgli, his drawing for his dad, Neil’s family will be his priority. Prakash says Mowgli will be living as orphan. Neil says I will punish Avni for her deeds.

Prakash says your anger got high, you don’t know what you are saying, Avni is Mowgli’s mum, how can he stay away. Neil says if he can stay away from dad, he can stay away from mum, Mitali can take his responsibility, engagement will happen today. Neil goes. Shweta gives them rings. Neil and Mitali exchange rings. Everyone claps. They cut a cake and feed each other. Neil says I m very lucky, I m getting engaged to my best friend, friendship and love is honest like Mitali. He says Mitali, very sorry, I couldn’t give you your wishful engagement. Mitali says you are hiding your pain behind this smile, I hope you are taking this decision, not your pain, else you will regret later. He says I will never regret for this, trust me, we will always stay happy.

Avni comes to Mowgli. She gets food. He turns away. She asks till when will you stay annoyed. He asks why can’t I stay in normal family. She recalls her words. She says its nothing like that. She cries. He says I know Neil shouted on you, I heard him, I hate him. She says no, your Papa is really good, finish the food. She cries in her room. Little Avni comes. Avni asks why can’t Mowgli get a normal family, I can never have this answer, I was wrong, what shall I do, he has to go through the same pain, its not right, what shall I do, maybe I can’t do anything. She hugs little Avni and cries. Aye zindagi….plays…..

Sunehri and Avni talk to lawyer. He says adoption is confirmed, everything is proper, check this, social worker gave approval. Neil comes there. He says its court orders for my son’s legal custody, I have filed a case. She gets shocked and checks the papers. She says Mowgli… He says I want you to read papers well, so that there is no confusion later. He gives her divorce papers and says you wanted freedom, wish granted, have these divorce papers. Avni cries and says don’t make Mowgli away. He says I want to end this matter legally, so that I can live with Mitali. She says he is my son, don’t do this. He says he is my son too, now court will decide his custody. Lawyer gives the court summon. Neil says don’t think of running, please be on time. He goes.

She asks him to listen once. Mitali asks Neil where was he, she was waiting. He says I went to meet Avni, I gave her divorce papers, I want Mowgli’s custody. She asks what. He says Mowgli can’t get a better mum, you can give her security and love, Avni can meet him in allotted time, I know Mowgli loves me. She says he loves his superman, he will not love you when you separate him from his mum. He says when I took a step, why don’t everyone understand that I m thinking best for Mowgli, am I doing wrong, I don’t think so. He goes. Avni sees Mowgli and cries.

Avni hearing Mowgli. He asks her for her magical kiss. She kisses the game card. He goes and plays with that card. Sunehri says that couple has come to adopt Jeetu. Avni asks Jeetu not to bother anyone, he got a good family, make them feel proud. Jeetu meets everyone and goes. Avni thinks I can’t lose you Mowgli. Lawyer calls Kamini. He says your job is done. Kamini says good, now finish this job soon, Avni will be destroyed, whatever, those people don’t know me, I had warned them, I m not going to spare her. Saisha looks on. Avni asks Saisha about KK. Saisha nods. Avni asks is she happy there. Saisha says actually…. Mowgli comes and meets Saisha.

Saisha gives him chocolates. Mowgli asks are you missing Jeetu, don’t worry, I will always stay with you mumma. Avni thinks of Neil’s words. Saisha says I need to tell something imp, I m sure Kamini is planning against you. Saisha asks where is your focus. Avni says just be positive, take care. Kids take Saisha with them. Avni checks the papers and cries thinking of Neil. Sunehri comes. Avni says how shall I fight with Neil who always fought with me, Neil wants to snatch my son, we neither have a lawyer nor money. Lawyer comes to meet Avni. She asks who are you. He says I m advocate Vishesh, relax, I m here to fight your son’s custody case from your side, maybe your well wisher wants you to stay with your son, I can’t tell anything more, we will meet tomorrow in the court. She says who is this well wisher.

Its morning, Avni comes to court. She sees Neil. The custody case begins. The judge says you both can state your opinions. Neil’s lawyer says Avni didn’t tell Neil about his son, I would like Neil to present his opinion. Neil says I just want my son back, I had a chance to spend time with my son, Avni snatched that chance, I have all the things required for a child’s upbringing, Avni has raised my son like an orphan since ten years.

Avni’s lawyer says Avni will state her facts, so that she can tell it better by a mother’s point of view. Avni says I know I m responsible for this, Neil has gone through a bad phase, Mowgli needs his mum, I kept him with much love, I never let him feel anything less, he is smart and has good values, I have raised him well and I will continue the same, he is used to my presence, he can’t live without me, I understand him, how will he adjust. Neil says you want my son to live as an orphan, what right does she have.

He asks Avni to answer if she can. Neil and Avni argue. Judge asks them to be quiet. Avni says how will Neil give a normal childhood to Mowgli, he will go in trauma. Neil asks is this your justification, you don’t know when you are right and when you are wrong. She says I couldn’t tell you as I was helpless. Neil says her conduct is dishonest, she can lie expertly, she cheated without realizing his effect on others. Avni says I have not lied, I didn’t cheat. Judge says you are standing in the court, we heard your opinions, court proceeding will start tomorrow, the court is adjourned until tomorrow.

Avni runs to Neil and says please listen to me, I was helpless, don’t snatch Mowgli from me. Neil says you snatched him from me and family, you aren’t worthy to keep relations with my son. Prakash says calm down, Avni isn’t wrong. Shweta asks is Neil wrong, what are you saying, Avni has hid a big truth, she raised our grandson like an orphan, whose fault is it. Bebe says be quiet Shweta, why are we discussing this here, lets go now. Avni says our fight will badly affect Mowgli, we can find a middle way, we can raise Mowgli together. Neil says the court will have a solution for this, I feel I don’t know you, how can I share my son’s custody with a strange, please don’t.

She cries. Sunehri gets coffee for Avni and asks her not to take tension, we didn’t think Neil will do this. Mowgli shows his drawing to Avni. She cries. He says this is me and this is you. Sunehri says wow. Avni says its really good. He goes. Avni says Neil hates me, he will take revenge, no matter how bad it gets. Neil comes there. He gives court orders to Avni and says I got permission to spend a day with Mowgli, so I have come to take him home. Avni says you don’t need to go court for everything, you could have asked me, Mowgli won’t be comfortable, this won’t be good for him. He says I think he should face the life’s reality, he shouldn’t lie like his mum, I don’t need permission to take him. Avni asks Mowgli to go with Neil to his house. Mowgli says no, I don’t want to go.