Tuesday Update on My Identity 13th July 2021


Tuesday Update on My Identity 13th July 2021

Samrat what is he doing. He says its unidentified letter, we shouldn’t touch this, it can have Anthrax too, it will affect lungs and skin. She says this can’t have it, trust me, no one wants to remember us. He asks her to atleast wear gloves. She wears gloves. She reads the letter. She reads you saw a new hope in these children, so you forgot illegitimate children like you don’t get a clean good life, you want to make a life with them, I will destroy you and them. She gets tensed. Samrat plays the DVD. They see a goon apologizing to some woman.

Avni thinks if Dayaben alive. Samrat reads the letter and asks what happened, are you okay, why do they want to scare us. She says promise me, you won’t tell anyone till we know who are they. He says I promise, I think this is dangerous than those goons, any enemy, who hates us so much. She says don’t know, we will have to tell Mitali, she will help us, we have to keep everyone safe. He agrees.

Shweta says I m seeing your smile reaching your eyes after such a long time. Neil asks how do you get these filmi lines. She says I like Mitali a lot, her good behavior compensates everything, Prakash likes her, Bebe will do some drama, but after marriage… He asks how can you think this, I can’t love anyone else, I can’t remarry, Mitali and I are just good friends. She says I m your mum, and know when you are happy or sad, after ten years, I saw happiness on your face, since you came here, you changed, I want to know who is she. He says I just know I m happy after coming here. She says fine, we will go for sightseeing. He says okay but first I need to go for a shower. He goes. He gets a diary from his bag and goes to washroom.

Shweta talks to Prakash and asks him not to worry, Neil is with her, have medicines on time. Neil starts the shower. He says I don’t work in police force now, but I didn’t change my habits, I m peeking in other’s stuff and hidden emotions, this diary can tell me about Nilanjana, I caught up Ananya’s lie and helped her, maybe I unknowingly help this Jaan didi. Mitali asks Avni is she confident that her secret is safe. Avni says yes, I know, just Tara, Sitara, Sunehri and you know this truth, I can’t even hire a lawyer. Mitali says don’t worry, I will find out who has sent this DVD and letter.

Neil reads the diary… Avni writes she can’t look back and have to move on to give a good life to these illegitimate kids, she wishes to why her past and present can’t be together. Neil thinks what did this girl leave behind. Mitali asks Avni not to worry. Avni writes its tough to see love in pain, sometimes its necessary to make someone cry to make someone smile. Neil says from whom is she running away, what is she hiding.

Shweta says I want to know who is it because of whom Neil is happy. KK says these are the girls who were around Neil, except Nilanjana, she is Saisha’s mom, she doesn’t like getting pics clicked, she is amazing, what a voice, she sings so well, she runs orphanage alone, she is from a big house but very grounded. She asks if she is rich, why did she give the place for shooting. KK says none can refuse to my offer. She says I don’t like Neil and Nilanjana together. He says no way, her husband is a cop in Mumbai. She asks surname. KK says don’t know, I didn’t ask. She asks DD to find about Nilanjana and her husband.

Avni says shoot won’t happen here now. Saisha says KK has an amazing family, his dad is a producer, his mum is from an elite family, I don’t know about my family, my parents… Avni recalls Juhi and Vidyut. Saisha asks Avni can she show the record book. She says I want to see my parents book, just curious to know. Avni says parents’ name doesn’t matter, your work will make your identity. Saisha says I know, but it looks odd when someone asks us and we have nothing to reply. Avni says it doesn’t matter, let people say anything, its your 18th birthday, enjoy your day. Saisha says you keep yourself locked in room, but I m a social creature, I want to know the answers about my family, what’s my parents’ name, my surname, I should know, you can never know this. Avni thinks I can understand what you are going through.

KK asks Saisha is everything fine. She says I m fine. He gifts her a chain. She says wow, its beautiful, I can’t accept this. He says don’t say its expensive, emotion matters here, not price, I will make you wear this. He makes her wear it. She smiles. She says I just loved it. He says if you really love it, I should get a return gift. She asks what do you want. He says you are my real superstar, so can I get an autograph. He forwards his hand. She smiles and writes Saisha. He asks that’s it, I mean your full name please, come on, I m waiting. She sees a newspaper kept there and reads news.

She writes Khanna… She says so wish you a very happy birthday superstar Saisha Khanna. He hugs her. Neil calls and talks like some kid. He asks for Mowgli. Tara asks who is it. Mowgli takes the phone and says its my friend’s call. Neil asks how are you, its time to fulfill your promise, won’t you make me meet Nilanjana. Mowgli says come home, I will take you to Nilanjana, Samrat isn’t at home, come soon buddy. Neil thinks you can’t hide anymore, I m coming to meet you.

Avni getting ready to leave. Kids lock her. Mowgli asks Neil to come and meet Nilanjana. Neil says today finally I will meet her. The girl gives him the keys. Neil says she won’t go anything, wait here, I will be back. Avni hears him. Neil opens the lock and gets in. He finds her sleeping and says excuse me Jaan ji…. He holds the sheet and finds the pillow. He looks for her and sees the window. He thinks just a criminal runs like this, or someone hiding a big secret. He says your Jaan didi is sleeping, you guys go, I will come in a minute.

Avni says I have written this letter to the goons to know what they want, I wrote everything as you told me, you have to take Neil away from here, please Mitali. Mitali says don’t worry, once Shweta goes, I will solve this problem. DD goes to Samrat and asks him to answer his questions by keeping his hand on the book of Einsten. Samrat agrees. DD says this is a private investigation, I want to know the truth of Nilanjana, what does she do. Samrat says she is my Jaan didi, she is wonder woman, an inspiration, our guide, she gives tuition to kids and also gives times to her singing hobby. DD asks what does she do actually. Samrat says you have to interrogate me when my guardian is around. DD says even Einsten can’t win over you, sorry, go. Mitali says we will trap the goons by this letter, then I will tell you what to do. She gets a call and asks what, did you spot those goons on forest road, stay there, I will meet you there.

Avni leaves for forest road. She says Dayaben is dead, if they are the same goons, I have to see them, I can’t let anything happen to the kids. She reaches there and looks around. She sees tyre marks and says maybe Mitali is around. She hears Dayaben laughing and thinks this can’t be you, you died in front of me. Some people pass by in a procession. Avni stares at the women and gets back. She recalls Dayaben.

She cries and says no, Dayaben can’t be here, I have to find Mitali soon. Tara and Sitara say we have to return the cheque, Nilanjana said shoot can’t happen. Saisha says don’t do anything, let me talk to her once. Neil asks Mowgli what’s Nilanjana’s problem, why does she want to return cheque. Saisha calls Avni. Avni sees some woman going in the jungle. She follows. The woman with her goons reaches the car. The woman pays the money and leaves. Avni sees her burnt hand and recalls Dayaben. She thinks Dayaben can’t be alive. She asks goons to stop. They leave in their jeep. Avni runs after them. She finds the blood stained rod and worries.

Avni looks for Mitali and finds her fallen. She asks her to wake up. Mitali opens eyes and says Avni. She gets up. Avni asks how did this happen. Mitali says don’t know, someone has attacked from behind, I felt someone dragged me here. Avni says no, Dayaben can’t be alive. Neil says I know its unprofessional, but if house owner decided that shooting won’t happen here, it won’t happen, she returned the cheque as well, we have to go. Saisha sees KK and cries. She thinks why is Jaan didi becoming a villain in my life. Mitali asks are you sure you have seen her hand burnt, don’t worry I will investigate the matter, I will find Dayaben. Avni says those goons have attacked on you. Mitali says I wasn’t prepared, if I had known this, I would have been prepared.

KK asks are you okay. Saisha says yes. He says I will miss you, we will meet after the shoot, say thanks to your mom, just because of her, I have met the prettiest girl of the world. He goes. Saisha thinks Jaan didi you have left no choice for me, you don’t care what I want, I will do everything as per my wish, after all I m 18 now. Saisha hides in KK’s car dicky. Neil comes there. He gives chocolates to Tara and Sitara. He signs a cheque and gives them. He says give this to your jaan didi. He reads the note…. Jaan Ma’am, this cheque is for the kids, please accept this, thanks, here is a thought for you, the path is difficult, my steps are weakening, its getting late and the goal is far, if there is any friend along, we will find a destination for sure. He gives the note. Tere dar par….plays…. Mowgli cries and hugs him.

Neil says I will be back, I m not going anywhere, you are strong, don’t cry. He asks where is Saisha, I guess she is upset, I will call her, see you. KK says bro, you look tense. Neil says I don’t wish to leave from here, I feel someone dear is left behind. KK says chill bro, this is what happens with us, we spread love wherever we go, you will find what you seek in Mahabaleshwar. KK meets everyone and leaves in his car.

Mitali says I don’t think its simple case of land grabbing. Dayaben can go to any extent and can get after you, I think you and kids should leave from here, don’t worry, I will handle everything, I will crack this case in your absence, I promise you. Avni says yes, I have to take the kids with me and leave. Mitali says trust me, we won’t stop this fight. Avni hugs her and cries. Neil leaves in his car. Avni reaches home. Kids take her. Samrat says your chickenpox has gone overnight. Avni says I didn’t had it. Tara says film crew left and took the cheque. Avni asks Samrat to call Saisha and Sunehri fast, they have to leave.

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