Tuesday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 17th August 2021


Tuesday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 17th August 2021

Mariam feeling guilty. Everyone sees Majaaz and gets recalling his words. Majaaz gets critical. They get shocked. Wasim scolds Rifat for attempting to kill Majaaz and making Madiha a widow. She puts all the blame on Sarfaraz. Sarfaraz comes and says you told me to do anything to get papers, I wish Aijaz was there instead Majaaz, my brother got missing because of Aijaz, I will take revenge. Wasim says you lost senses in anger, if anything happens to Majaaz, we will get stuck in mess. Rifat says I should have got the papers, just pray Majaaz gets saved. Mariam thinks of Majaaz and goes to the Dargah to pray for him. Rang de…..plays….

She apologizes and asks Lord to accept her prayers. Majaaz gets treated. Lallu comes and says your dad…. Mariam runs to see Majaaz at the hospital. She gets tensed seeing everyone with Majaaz. She sees Majaaz conscious and hugs him. She says sorry, this happened because of me, I will never click pics. Majaaz says no, you have clicked pics and helped me. She cries. He asks her not to blame herself. Meher says we won’t leave them, its a criminal offence. Majaaz sees Madiha and says I don’t want to take any action against them, they are our people too. Madiha signs Meher.

Doctor checks Majaaz. Majaaz says I m feeling better. Doctor says all reports are normal, but he should be kept under observation. Mariam and her friends come. Mariam asks will he get fine till Eid. Doctor says why not, if you take care of him. Akshay asks who will take care of Madiha now, don’t worry, I m there for her. Majaaz laughs. Mariam hears some ward boys talking about ending someone’s matter at night. She thinks to find out. She sees a reporter on tv and calls him. The reporter comes and says we have come here where someone’s murder is planned. Madiha says this is the same hospital, are the goons coming here. Majaaz says don’t worry.

Reporter says Mariam Khan has revealed this murder plotting. They see Mariam on tv. Reporter says Mariam gave us the clues, we will take you to the crime spot, see this….. They see the ward boys and asks where are the weapons. Mariam says I heard them, they said they will finish some work. The ward boy says we are killing cockroaches. Majaaz laughs. Madiha says what will I do of this girl. Reporter says is this the revelation, I wanted a scoop. Mariam says you will get icecream scoop in canteen. He thinks to get a scoop in canteen and thanks her.

Mariam comes to Majaaz and asks what’s the scoop. Majaaz says a scoop is a news which changes a journalist’s life, some times you get the scoop on own. Mariam asks if I don’t become a journalist, will you get annoyed. He says no, you can become whatever you want, you will make my name shine some day. Mariam takes chicken for Majaaz. Madiha stares. He returns the plate. Days pass. Majaaz comes home. Everyone welcomes him well. He smiles and hugs them.

Mariam getting camera. Majaaz smiles. Mariam recalls her promise and asks Mahira to click their pic. She hugs Majaaz. Mahira clicks the pic. Mariam goes to wake up Aijaz and says its chaand raat today, wake up. She wakes him up and runs. Mahira and Meher run after Mariam. Majaaz says you guys got fooled and laughs. He hugs Mariam. Mahira says this is cheating. Madiha comes and sees them. She asks what’s this noise, you should explain them. Majaaz says I won’t get time with them once I get fine. Mariam says I will also take a leave, I didn’t get my scoop. He says you said you won’t become a journalist, why do you want a scoop.

Madiha takes the girls along. Rihaan comes to Mahira and shuts the classroom’s door. She asks what are you doing here. He says I m trying to talk. She asks him to go. He says you are ignoring me a lot. He holds her and says I kept a fast for you, I will end this fast when you feed me by your hands, I will wait for you, else I won’t break my fast. He says this drama won’t affect me. She goes. He smiles. Servant opens the storeroom. Madiha asks what are you doing. He says I came to take some stuff. She says if Aijaz knows this, he will not leave you, how did you open this room. Aijaz coms and asks what’s happening there. He gets shocked seeing the room open. He asks who opened this room. Servant says its my mistake. Aijaz scolds him.

He says it will be better if the secret stays inside this room. Mariam comes and says its holiday for Eid tomorrow. She sees the room and asks what’s inside, why is this room always locked. Aijaz says nothing, there are just few old things left inside. He shuts the door and locks it. Madiha takes Mariam. Everyone breaks the fast. Mahira thinks of Rihaan. Mahira goes. Mariam asks where is Mahira going, did I get a scoop. She goes with her friends. Mariam says we shall go there. Rihaan pulls Mahira inside the room. She asks what if anyone sees us. She breaks his fast. They hug. Mariam and her friends get in. Mahira and Rihaan hide. Mariam doesn’t see them.

Mariam says Aijaz scolded mum, we should leave. They ask whose room is it. Mariam says its storeroom. They see a pic. Mariam gets shocked and sees her pic. She says when did I get my pic clicked. Lallu asks who is with you, do you know him. Mariam signs no. Akshay says Majaaz would know about it. They go to see the moon. Mahira and Rihaan leave. Everyone sees the moon and greet each other. Meher asks where were you till now. Mahira says I was around. Mariam says I saw you in storeroom. Mahira says I m here.

Mariam says I got this pic too. Mahira hugs and wishes her. They all pray. Rifat thinks of Zain’s marriage. Majaaz asks Mariam to pray to Lord, Lord will fulfill her prayers. Rifat asks Wasim to take her to market. Mariam wishes Majaaz gets super powers so that he can always win, Meher gets married and she gets some scoop. She wishes her pic was the scoop.