Tuesday Update on Love or Poison 29th June 2021


Tuesday Update on Love or Poison 29th June 2021

Vrinda attacks Haryali. She screams in pain. Viraj manages to throw the cloth away. Now Haryali attacks the Vishkanya’s. Vrinda asks her sisters to stand behind her. They get caught in Haryali’s branch. Vrinda and Haryali glare at each other.

Haryali brings Vishkanya’s to Vishloka and leaves them tied there in one of her branches. The door closes from outside. Surili asks her sister to save them from Haryali. Outside, Haryali covers the door with her mesh. Viraj is standing in a corner. She gets concerned seeing his wounds and heals them automatically. Even her wounds disappear.

Viraj looks at her in surprise. She also puts a flower in her crown. He asks her how she remains cool even when there is so much going on around her. She calls it her personal secret. I will tell you if you stay with me. He calls her antique. She puts her arms around him. You can tell me if you are trying to find excuses to keep me closer to you. He moves her hands away and jokes that she is hopeless. Haryali thinks her actions bring smile on his face but what you will do when I tell you my second condition. The time to tell you my second condition is coming closer.

Haryali is healing Sitara. Her head and hand movement brings a smile on Viraj’s face. You are perfectly fine now. Sitara smiles at him. They share a hug. Haryali looks on unhappily. She will fall ill again if you will love her so much. Viraj says I wont let anything happen to her now. Let’s go. Haryali reasons that she is weak. She will take time to stand on her feet. She needs to regain strength. You cannot take her out in front of anyone. He kisses Sitara on her forehead and then helps her lie down.

Haryali tells Viraj to enjoy her company for now. Viraj and Sitara smile. Haryali asks Viraj to come. Let Sitara rest. He wants to spend time with Sitara but she does not let him stay. She holds Viraj’s hand and sends him outside. Haryali looks at SItara pointedly.

Albeli fails in opening the mystery door. Surili wonders who Haryali is and where she has come from. What’s her connection with Viraj and Sitara? Why is she after our life? She has become Viraj’s shield just like Sitara? Vrinda nods. She protects Viraj just like Sitara. I saw the same love in her eyes that I have seen in Sitara’s eyes. When we were trying to stop them in the jungle, Haryali was saving Viraj time and again. She kept staring at him without blinking her eyes. Surili says why she is protecting Sitara then. Albeli calls her saint. Didi is right. Viraj and Haryali share something. Surili reasons that if it is true then Viraj will go to Sitara once she is fine. Haryali’s love will be incomplete. Why will Haryali doing this to herself then? Albeli seconds her. Vrinda is in thoughts. This is what we have to find out and to know that, we should know more about Haryali’s background.

Viraj is happily humming to himself as he sits next to Haryali. He finds her lost and asks her why she is sitting like a statue. She says I was thinking you will forget me the moment Sitara will recover. Viraj says you are not someone who can be forgotten. I will remember you for life. You have done a favor on me for lifetime. You have given us a new birth by reviving Sitara. I told you, you are no less than God for me. He looks at his wedding photo. Sitara completes me. I wont be there if she wont be there! Haryali asks him if he will forget his deal because of his love. He denies. You can even ask for my life. I wont say no. She tells him that what she wants is no less than his life. He asks her what she wants. She asks him to throw Sitara out of his life for forever. Remove her name from your life and heart.

Sitara is getting ready. Where is Viraj? Why hasn’t he come till now? She decides to check on him herself and goes out of that room.

Downstairs, Vrinda experiences that Sitara has recovered. She has just passed from the corridor above us. Her sisters suggest killing her before she reaches Viraj. Vrinda denies. If what I am thinking turns out to be true then we don’t need to do anything! She is holding a snake in her hand which will collect proofs for them. The snake follows Sitara at a distance.

Viraj asks Haryali what she is saying. You know how much I love Sitara. I cannot live without her. What will you gain by separating us? She tells him it does not matter to him. You promised me you will fulfil my both conditions. I want your relation with Sitara to end. He demands to know the reason. Will you misuse the promise like this? Please don’t do this. I beg you. I will do whatever you will ask me to. Just don’t separate me from Sitara. She tells him that he cannot back out on his words. Don’t forget that I can kill Sitara too if I can save her. He is taken aback. How dare you? What did you say? She repeats her words. I will kill Sitara if you don’t fulfil my condition.

Sitara notices a kid playing downstairs. The snake inches closer to the kid from behind. She uses her powers to attack the snake but in vain. She wonders why her powers aren’t working. She ends up picking the snake which bites her. Her arm turns blue immediately because of the poison. She winces in pain. How can a snake bite affect me? Why is it paining so much? She passes out on the floor.

Hariyali asks Viraj to throw Sitara out of his heart and life for forever. Remove her name from everywhere. Viraj is in disbelief. I thought you are my friend but you are worse than enemies. You are against my love! She tells him that Sitara is cheating him. She is an emblem of lies. He tells her to shut up. She has never lied to me. She loves me very much. Hariyali laughs. VIraj asks her if she thinks it to be a joke. She nods. You have no idea how she has fooled you. She pretended she loves you but never told you her truth. Viraj asks her about it. Hariyali decides to show it to him using her powers as he wont believe her otherwise.

Hariyali is holding a book. It speaks of Vishkanya’s. He tells her that he knows it already. She opens a page. Do you know this? He is shocked to see Sitara’s photo in the book.

Padmini rushes to Sitara and tries to wake her up. She also notices the blue mark on Sitara’s arm. She calls out to guards for help.

Hariyali tells Viraj to recall how he tried to come closer to Sitara after their marriage but she kept going away from him. Viraj recalls it. Hariyali adds that Sitara never let them consummate their marriage as she knew that it will put your life in risk. Sitara’s mission would have incomplete otherwise. She is only after your money! She was pretending to fight against the Vishkanya’s so you could name everything after her.

Surili and Albeli are puzzled as to how Sitara got affected by the snake bite. Vrinda shares that Sitara is no longer a Vishkanya. She is an ordinary human being now!

Viraj is in shock. Sitara is a Vishkanya? Hariyali smiles.

Sitara has gained conscious. Padmini advises her to rest a little longer but she finds Sitara lost in thoughts. Sitara shares that she feels as if her life is over but she is alive as she is destined to be in someone’s life. I escaped death for the third time. Hariyali saved me the second time and you saved me today! Padmini is about to ask more about Hariyali when Rani Sa enters. She is shocked to see Sitara there. Why is your arm blue? Padmini shares that snake bit her hand. Doc has advised medicine. It will go away in sometime. Rani Sa is also boggled as to how Sitara can be affected by a snake bite as she is a Vishkanya.

Padmini realises it too. Even Sitara is thinking on the same lines. I tried to kill the snake but failed. I don’t know what happened. Padmini finds it good a sign. Maybe the poison inside you has finished. You yourself said that you defeated death twice. It can happen. Rani Sa disagrees. She picks a knife and slits her palm shocking the ladies in the room. Sitara asks her why she did this. She next cuts Sitara’s palm. Their blood droplets fall on the table.

Rani Sa says the blood will turn blue if you are a Vishkanya. They are stunned to see it red. Rani Sa says it means Sitara is no longer a Vishkanya. Sitara smiles in relief. Rani Sa hugs her. Please forgive me for taking your test like this. Padmini and Rani Sa do her first aid. Sitara is touched by Rani Sa’s concern. Rani Sa apologizes to her. You have been an ideal DIL and wife but I couldn’t give you your right as you were a Vishkanya. I am lucky that I got a DIL like you yet I couldn’t give you that right but I accept you as my DIL with all due love and respect! They share a hug.

Hariyali comes to Vishloka. Vrinda says seems like everything is over in your life so you walked up to your death yourself. Hariyali smiles. You are lecturing me after losing out to me twice! Vrinda says losers hide their loss in their smile. Laugh as much as you want as you have nothing else left in your life, not even Viraj! Hariyali is impressed by her. You would know my truth now that you know so much. Vrinda asks her if she thought Viraj will be hers if she saves Sitara’s life. I bet he can never be yours even if you go to any extent! I suggest you to leave quietly or your weak heart will shatter into pieces! Hariyali tells her that her innocent face has ruined many lives. Viraj is mine and I will get him at any cost!

Sitara comes to her room and looks at the decor. Viraj is standing near the window. She hugs Viraj from behind. I am perfectly fine now. Everything is fine. I promise you we will never part ways! We will start afresh and take our relation further. She kisses him on his forehead. I love you very much. I wont let you go away from me ever! She kisses him on his cheeks and is about to kiss him. He thinks of the past when she had shrugged him away and moves her hands off him. Not interested!

She is taken aback. She hugs him again. Are you upset with me? He asks her if he has this right. He moves her away. Do you wish to kill me with your poison? She stares at him in shock. He asks her if she thought he will never find out anything. You think you can fool me the entire life? She tries to explain but he refuses to hear anything. I am not interested! I will not bear another lie!