Tuesday Update on love or Poison 27th April 2021

Tuesday Update on love or Poison 27th April 2021

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Rajguru telling Vrind this isn’t her mother’s photo at all! Sitara calls it a lie. You are surely hiding something. He tells her she has no right to question him like this. Be in your limits. Saying so, he walks away. Sitara decides to find out what he is up to. I don’t know at what timing (planetary) she came here. Everything is going wrong since I have come here.

Nethra is happily watching TV. Samrat and his mother taunt her for not being around Viraj. We told you to find out everything about him while you are happily watching tv here. Nethra says I know his every favourite stuff. What else is there to know? Let me watch my movie carefully. Samrat says even the servants of the palace know it. Shall I get him married to them? You need to get closer to him. Nethra asks him if she should also become a servant and be around him all the time. He and his mother say yes in unison. His mother also tells Nethra to trap Viraj and make him dance to her tunes by the time they are married. Our plan wont be implemented till the time it happens! Nethra vows to cast her magic on Viraj right away. Samrat leaves reassured. Nethra sends a text to Viraj asking to meet her somewhere.

Samrat is angry with Sitara. She has become a danger to my life. I will have to take care of her! Vrinda looks at the handprint. This is our victory. All sisters join their hands to complete the remaining lines of Sitara’s hand. Vrinda chants a mantra repeatedly and lines begin to appear magically on the magic mirror.

Sitara follows Rajguru to the Kalbeli Basti. She wonders why he has come here. Few ladies are dancing. Rajguru keeps walking holding the photo in his hand. Sitara is following him at a distance.

Viraj comes to the location suggested by Nethra. He calls out her name and then sees the preps. He reads the card.

Sitara notices Rajguru looking closely at every lady. What is he looking for? Rajguru keeps looking at every woman and matches the face with the one in photo. Sitara loses sight of him as she ducks to avoid the colours thrown in air.

Vrinda and her sisters continue chanting.

Nethra dances seductively on Zara Zara Touch Me song around Viraj. He tells her to stop but in vain. He ends up pushing her away but then apologizes to her. She looks away feeling humiliated. He says I know we are engaged and are about to marry but it will be better if we wait a little. She nods. He walks away. Nethra throws away stuff angrily.

Rajguru asks a lady about the one in the photo. The lady points at a house. Rajguru goes to that particular house and collides with a woman. It is the same woman. They both look at each other.

Sitara begins to look around for Rajguru.

The chants continue.

The lady scolds Rajguru for not being careful. He looks at the photo and then at her. She asks him why he is staring at her like that. She looks at her from top to toe.

Most of the lines have been made. The sisters step back but Vrinda keeps chanting.

The lady asks Rajguru if he is deaf or dumb. Why are you so quiet? He calls her Rachna. This is your photo right? She agrees. He asks her if she is Sitara’s mother Rachna. She denies. He asks her why she is lying. The lady tells him that her name isn’t Rachna but Jamuna. I am no one’s mother! She calls out to her daughter Jhilmil asking her to bring her Paan. Her daughter brings it just then. Jamuna asks her to clean the mess.

Sitara asks a girl about Rajguru. The girl sends her in the direction of the same house.

Jamuna tells Rajguru that this is a 20 year old pic. I used to rule everyone’s heart but I dint make any mistake because of which I could be anyone’s mother. She shows her hand tattoo with her name to him. Rajguru recalls the photo drawn by Sitara. It means Kuldeep has been lying to us since so many years? Sitara is headed towards the house.

Vrinda does not stop. The remaining lines are also formed on the hand imprint. She keeps her hand over it and the lines are identical. Her sisters are amazed to see it.

Sitara steps over the colours. Jhilmil scolds her. Sitara apologizes to her for not being careful. That girl pointed to this house but Rajguru isn’t here. Where did he go?

Rajguru is walking. He recalls how he had freed Sitara today. Whose daughter is Sitara if not of Rachna? He notices a lady and her daughter talking to each other. The girl’s eyes are blue (not sure). Rajguru gets thinking.

Vrinda’s sisters say the lines fit perfectly. Vrinda says what I was feeling wasn’t wrong. I could hear her footsteps. I used to wonder what ties me to her. I wondered why I get emotional seeing her; why I feel pained whenever she gets hurt. I understood it today why that happened. She is my daughter! My daughter is alive!

Rajguru finally deduces that Sitara is Vrinda’s daughter. Kuldeep dint kill Vrinda’s daughter. She is alive in the form of Sitara who too is a Vishkanya!

Vrinda gets emotional. She is my daughter! She has my blood, my poison! She hugs the magical mirror. My daughter is alive! She smiles recalling her daughter’s face. Her sisters hug her.

Vrinda gets emotional. She is my daughter! She has my blood, my poison! She hugs the magical mirror. My daughter is alive! She smiles recalling her daughter’s face. Her sisters hug her. We are going to be free from these chants and chains very soon. My daughter will come to free us! Albeli says did you notice the similarities she shares with you. Vrinda nods. She is powerful as well. She has the fifth element that will complete us. Royal family is celebrating as of now but they will shed tears of blood real soon! My daughter will fulfil my revenge now. She is half human and half Vishkanya.

The day she kills them, they will find out that my 20 year old revenge is complete! She asks her sisters to make a star. They comply. Vrinda smiles as it isn’t complete. It puzzles her sisters but Vrinda explains that the fifth element needed to make it is in my daughter. Nothing will be able to defeat us once she joins us. We will become most powerful in the world. She next asks Surili to decorate the Vish Loka. Surili gladly fulfils her wish.

Vrinda remarks that these walls saw a mother and daughter part ways 20 years ago. They saw them yearning for each other. Now the same walls will witness their unison. She creates a storm. This Vish Loka has been waiting for its rightful heir and our freedom. The day isn’t far though! Now I will fulfil my revenge with my daughter’s help. Her poison will kill the entire royal family!

Rajguru says the destruction will be unavoidable if the mother and daughter unite. Why did you (Kuldeep) cheat us? Was this secret hidden from Vrinda too? I have to find it out very soon. I will have to then kill Sitara asap. If it does not happen then the day isn’t far when the royal family will be doomed! I must tell Raja Hukum (Ratan) everything. It wont be right to hide it from him. Servant comes to call him for puja. Rajguru wonders that the wedding cannot happen without the puja. The mahurat is today. It wont be right to tell Ratan anything. I will talk to him once the puja is complete.

Aryan looks at his gun. Let’s abduct Chanda and kill her! Samrat knows Viraj will dig out the truth at any cost. Aryan asks him what they should do. Samrat says it shouldn’t look like an attack. Nethra says it should look like a natural death. She shows an injection to them. Chanda will be unconscious for long and wont be able to tell anyone anything! No one will doubt her. Everyone will think that she got panicked because of some Vishkanya and died out of fear. Samrat asks her if this injection will work. Nethra affirms. Aryan takes charge of implementing the task. Samrat tells him to make sure Chanda dies. Aryan nods. They hear a sound and head for the puja.

Kuldeep is looking after the preps. Sitara is making garlands. Ratan tells Kuldeep that his daughter has taken after him. She is diligent and nice just like. Maharani cannot stop herself from praising her. Kuldeep thanks him. Rani Sa asks them to come for puja. Sitara wonders why Rajguru is late for the puja today. He went to the Kalbelia Basti holding my mother’s photo and is late for the puja now. This has never happened before! What is bothering him?

Vishkanya’s hear the sounds too. What is it about? Vrinda says they are a mark of celebration. They do not realise that they may try to hold onto their happiness for too long but it wont last now as her daughter is here! Chabeeli says Kuldeep has raised your daughter. We don’t know if she even knows about you or not. What if she does not support us in future? Vrinda is positive that her blood will prove out to be stronger than her upbringing. I know she will only support me the day I need her. She has my blood, my poison inside her! She is my shadows! Surili seconds her. They decide to add their special touch in the puja. Vrinda says one end of their preps is very near us. If we unite our powers today then we will be able to kill the royal blood (Viraj). If I am correct then they will surely be making him do the puja today. Her sisters ask her what the plan is.

Viraj makes fun of Sitara as the petals are stuck in her hair. She asks him what happened but he makes her look at the mirror. She complains that it is badly stuck. My hairstyle will be messed up if I try to take it out! Viraj helps her. Rajguru looks at them. Their friendship might spread poison in the royal family once again. He begins to go towards them when Ratan calls out to him. Sitara realises that he is back. Viraj asks her about it but she sends him for the puja and goes to bring Prasad.

Vrinda has made a replica of a pillar and a man. The mantras and powers wont survive today in front of us. Once we make this replica fall, the real pillar will fall in reality. They aim their powers at the replica (of pillar).

Rajguru greets everyone except Kuldeep. He wonders if Rajguru is upset with him. He is acting strange. I will talk to him after puja. Sitara decides not to question Rajguru. No one can question him here. Kuldeep asks her what she is thinking but she dismisses the idea. Sitara greets Rajguru. He instead asks for Nethra. Kanchi (Nethra’s mother) replies that she will come anytime. Nethra greets everyone just then. Sitara walks towards Rani Sa to give her the special garland but Rajguru stops her. Ratan asks him if Sitara made a mistake. Rajguru calls her a big mistake. I cannot allow her to be present in the puja.