Tuesday Update on Lockdown Love Story 15th February 2022

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Tuesday Update on Lockdown Love Story 15th February 2022

Sonam with Ankita walks into kitchen to prepare tea. She asks Ankita if she can call her bhabs instead of bhabi. Ankita says yes and shows her tea ingredients saying Dhruv had signaled her that Sonam doesn’t know to prepare tea. Sonam says thank god Dhruv at least told truth here, she prepares tasty noodles though which everyone like including Dhruv. Ankita starts preparing tea. Sonam asks Ankita where is she from. Ankita says Banaras. Sonam asks if its her arranged or love marriage, must be love marriage as bhaiya was looking at her adorably. Ankita says even she didn’t know to cook properly and learnt slowly after marriage. Nutan walks in and asks if she prepared tea or not and what is she doing here. Ankita says she was showing ingredients to Sonam and tea will be ready in 3-4 minutes. Nutan takes her along.

Everyone wait for Sonam’s tea eagerly. Babban repairs AC and is about to leave when Shasikant asks him to have Sonam’s prepared tea and go. Babban jokes if bhauji really knows to prepare tea. Dhruv warns him to shut up. Bua throws tantrum that she is getting headache waiting for tea. Sonam gets a call from her material supplier who says he can’t supply her material due to lockdown, etc. She gets busy on phone while Nutan also starts commenting. Sonam picks tea vessel with bare hands and gets hurt. She shouts and coming out informs that she spill away all the tea. Dhruv concerned checks her hands and rubs them. Shasikant says its okay and asks Ankita to prepare tea. Nutan insists that Sonam will prepare tea, let her see how it tastes. Sonam accepts that Ankita prepared tea, she doesn’t know to prepare tea or cook, she doesn’t like lying, and if she does, she gets stomach ache. Bua taunts Nutan that she got a wonderful bahu who doesn’t know anything. Pratham says his daughter doesn’t have to cook as he has maids, if he knew Nutan is testing his daughter, even he would have tested Dhruv. Nutan says he can surely do, her son is a topper in whole Prayagraj and she taught him cooking well.

She asks if daughter goes to her sasural, doesn’t she have to cook. Sumitra says she is right, just like having food, one has to prepare it; its not Sonam’s but her mistake that she didn’t teach Sonam cooking as she was busy in her work and Sonam got busy studying and then her job. Sonam says she will learn cooking from amamji/Nutan and will cook tasty food with Dhruv. Shashikant says there is no need to make it an issue as Mumbai is a busy city, so Sonam is also a busy girl and didn’t learn cooking. He reminds Nutan that when she got married, she served spoilt milk tea to his mother. Nutan says for that ammaji threw her in cowshed until she learnt difference between milk, she did right, else she wouldn’t have learnt cooking. Amber listening to music asks if tea is prepared.

Nutan gets into her room and throws utensil. Elder son reminds Shashikant that amma is calling him. He walks into room and sees Nutun ironing clothes. She says she ironed her clothes, he has to iron his clothes. He asks what. She says she will not say this, but his bahu will tell this Dhruv; he succeed in his business as she took care of all household chores, he can’t even switch on fan. He says time has changed, he is happy in his life and Dhruv is happy in his life, if Dhruv doesn’t mind helping his wife, even she shouldn’t mind, etc.

Sonam goes to kitchen with Dhruv to prepare tea. Dhruv gets romantic. Sonia sitting nearby asks him to teach her evolution. Sonam says she will and jokes that Dhruv was a monkey without any culture, she came into his life and made him a man. Dhruv gets angry. Sonia says she is wrong, bhaiya is still a monkey. Dhruv runs behind her angrily. They all 3 run around laughing. Babban peeps in. Shashikant catches him and asks doesn’t he know that he shouldn’t peep into someone’s house. Babban smirks. Shashikant gives him money and asks him not to inform anyone that Sonam doesn’t know to cook or prepare tea. He says why will he and returns money asking him to give it to Sonam as muh dikhayi shagun.

Nutan in her room continues to fume with Bua saying what if neighbors know that her bahu cannot even cook. Bua suggests her to take incharge in her hands before its too late. Sonam brings tea saying she prepared it and Pa/Shashikant said its amrith, even they should drink and give their feedback. Once she leaves, Bua continues brainwashing Nutan.

Sheetal Bua tells that when they performed all the important rituals their whole life only after consulting pandit, why should they skip Dhruv’s wedding and invite auspiciousness. Dhruv says they were just trying for an alternative. Nutan backs Sheetal and smirks at her. Pratham says she is right, even he doesn’t do any important work without muhurath, after all it is his daughter’s wedding, so its better they postpone wedding. Nutan tells Sonam that her pa, maaji, mummy, pappa, nobody can do anything in this. Sonam gets teary eyed and tells Dhruv that she had carefully planned her wedding in 2020, he also didn’t let her do what she wanted to do before marriage. Everyone look at her suspiciously. Subhadra nervously asks what is she saying. Sonam says she wanted to go to Switzerland on a holiday, but Dhruv insisted that they will go after marriage. Shashikant says let us everyone go and rest and wake up in the morning early. Everyone disperse.

Sheetal bua with Nutan walks into her room and excitedly says Nanad-Bhauji’s jodi can do anything impossible. Nutan says she was feeling lonely without her as whenever she used to speak, Sonam used to shoot via Dhruv and Shashikan’t shoulder. Bua assures not to worry when she is with her.

Subhadra confronts Pratham for lying about doing everything by checking muhurath and trying to postpone wedding, at least he should hide his happiness. He asks what is wrong in it. She says at least he should have thought about Sonam’s happiness, he ruined their happiness and they are on the verge of divorce and living separately since 1 year.

Next morning, Ankita performs pooja and gives aarti to Shashikant first, then tries to feed prasad to her husband romantically, but he extends hand unromantically. Dhruv then walks to her and touches her feet. Ankita asks him why is he coming alone without his partner and asks to receive aarti only with Sonam. Dhruv excitedly walks to Sonam’s room. Sonam is busy chatting with her friend, she says she will send her wedding dress once courier services start, asks even if her wedding is postponed. Friend says her wedding is after 21-day lockdown and anyways she just have to wear the gown and get married in Church without any hassle of rituals. Sonam gets an idea. Dhruv walks in. Sonam excitedly says she got an idea to perform wedding on date.

Dhruv nervously asks her to discuss it with him first, but she drags him down and gathering whole family says she got an excellent idea which everyone would be proud of. She tells Nutan that she will be very proud of her intelligent bahu. Nutan asks what is it. She says her Christian friend is getting married in a church without any rituals or hassles, even she will do same, she just have to get a white dress. Nutan gets very angry hearing that and shouts she got Dhruv after a lot of prays and Sonam wants them to change their religion just for her wedding. She continues her drama and yelling at Sonam’s idea. Tanya tries to support Sonam, but Nutan doesn’t spare even her. Shashikant asks Ankita to get cold water and feed her saas to cool her mind. He says staying alive is more important than fighting for the religion, Sonam is a kid and spoke without thinking, but she should maintain her calm. He asks Nutan to calm down and go to her room. Nutan angrily leaves to her room. Shashikant then says Nutan is a village woman and blurts out what is in her heart without thinking, she is good at heart though, so they shouldn’t bother about her bitter words, etc.