Tuesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 4th February 2022


Tuesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 4th February 2022

The soldiers bring in a number of people who they are beating badly. They have been termed as rebels. They have been caught while they were trying to leave Takshshila. You still want to spare the life of those who will win in this game. We start the game now. kichak allows them. A circle of fire is lit around those people. The soldiers shoot at them. People scream in fear / for help. Kaurvi looks on sadly. Ashoka too joins the spectators. What’s happening? No one replies. They all are crying. Kaurvi asks Amatya why he is quiet even after seeing so much of violence around. Kichak enjoys the show. He and his sister bet at the guy who will be lucky out of the lot to survive. Ashoka looks pointedly at Kichak. Kichak does not mind whoever dies. Their blood if of no value / meaning. One guy is alive at the end. The soldiers catch hold of him and bring him to KIchak. The man pleads for mercy.

Kichak’s sister says Kichak is our Mahanayak. This man is really lucky. He was left alive from this painful punishment. The soldiers take to the execution point. Ashoka refuses to let anyone sacrifice a human being. I have to save this person. He picks up a stone. The soldier is about to cut that man’s throat when Ashoka throws the stone at his hand. The weapon drops from the soldier’s hand. His blood falls there. Kichak looks around in shock.

Kichak remarks that the guy is indeed lucky to be saved once again. The one, whose blood fell on that spot, will be sacrificed now. The man gets down. The commander kills that soldier. Kichak’s sister cheers for her brother. People follow in reluctantly. Kichak says the sacrifice is done, but who threw the stone. Ashoka recalls the way he has seen people getting tortured in Kichak’s reign. Ashoka moves in the front of the crowd. Kaurvi looks at him in shock. Kichak looks pointedly at Ashoka. There is a blast. People run helter-skelter. Ashoka glares at Kichak. Kichak orders his soldiers to catch Ashoka. His sister asks him to come. We aren’t safe here. We cannot put our lives in risk. She takes him with her. Meanwhile, someone throws a cloth on Ashoka.

Garbh Sanskar puja is happening at the palace. Purohit ji explains that this way they pray for the unborn baby’s well being and good thought process. Helena remarks that it isn’t easy to lose one son and be happy, yet you will have to remain calm for your unborn baby. You have to stay happy. Dharma replies that it is the biggest fear of a mother to bring her baby to a world which is corrupted, full of hypocrisy, and evil people. The world where a person like Acharya Chanakya is killed mercilessly; where fear rules; where people don’t trust one another! Forgive me Samrat. I am indeed happy to be a mother again. This is a very lucky thing for me. I still have a faith that even a small lamp is enough to end the dark. I welcome my second son with the hope that he will become the part of the change that will bring about peace in the world. Bindu looks at her proudly as everyone cheers for her.

Kaurvi questions Ashoka about his intentions. What were you trying to prove by pelting a stone at Kichak? If we weren’t there then you would have been dead today. Ashoka is angry that he couldn’t tell teacher his reality. Why do you always interfere? Did I ask you for it? She is amazed that instead of thanking her he is actually scolding her. Ashoka refuses to seek anyone’s help. I can fight my own war. Amatya asks him what he thinks of himself. How will you fight alone with a powerful man like Kichak? He will kill you in a split second. Too many warriors tried but failed. What’s so special in you? Kaurvi replies that his arrogance / ego is what’s special about him. You saved a ship from the storm and you think you can do anything? Don’t forget that you are an ordinary son of a fisherman. This isn’t sea where we will listen to whatever you will say. They divide in different directions as they hear the sound of the soldiers approaching. The soldiers find the same cloth lying there. He must be around only.

The soldiers stop Ashoka and Kaurvi’s way. Kaurvi very smartly throws chilli powder in their eyes. They both run away. Kaurvi tells Ashoka she saved his life again today. You cannot even thank me. More soldiers surround them. Ashoka and Kaurvu yet again manage to flee from there.

In the court, Kichak stares angrily at the stone that Ashoka had thrown. His sister knows he is angry. This stone might have hurt you. It is just a kid. Why waste your energy on a kid? Agnibahu advises Kichak to think not from heart but from mind. You have killed greatest warriors. This is just a kid. Kichak’s sister seconds him. Kichak agrees he has killed great warriors before. This is also truth that a kid dared to attack me today! I could have killed him just like that but his eyes had no fear. They spoke of challenge! It was not a good sign. I have to stop this fire before it spreads around. Get me that kid! Kichak’s sister says we will sacrifice that kid. My brother’s name will be cheered. Bhami speaks up. What is the meaning of having a ruler who kills so many innocent people just so one can rule? Till when will these tortures continue? One day will come when! Kichak warns her to be quiet. I would have killed you on the spot if that man had not predicted about our son. Don’t talk to my sister like this ever again! You are only here to give me my successor! Don’t give any more importance to you than this! Go away. Bhami sadly leaves from there.

Ashoka and Kaurvaki (sorry for the typo guys) flee to safety once again. He tells Kaurvaki that now they are equal. We both helped each other once. They bicker over which direction to go in now. She heads left. He goes in the right direction.

Kaurvaki mutters to herself. You always help people by getting emotional. Let him go in that direction. He will think of me when he lands in some problem. She encounters soldiers. Ashoka was right. I should have taken right. She looks tensed at the soldiers surrounding her from all the sides. Ashoka hits them using a slingshot. Kaurvaki says some good people do turn up to help other good people. Ashoka pulls her aside in time before more soldiers find her. They go ahead. Ashoka brings Kaurvaki to another safe corner. The soldiers leave from that area. Ashoka lets go of Kaurvaki’s hand. They are about to go when they find a family standing there.

The soldiers tell their commander about the girl helping the boy in escaping. Commander asks them to find them asap. They might be hiding in a house here. Look for them.

The man asks Kaurvaki and Ashoka why they are hiding themselves from the soldiers. Tell me who you are and please leave. Kichak will kill all of us because of you otherwise.

Bindu says Radha Gupta went long ago. There has been no news so far. I feel the condition of Takshshila is worsening day by day. It will be wrong to wait. We should send Sushim soon. Mahamatya talks against it. It is a big place and too far from here. We have lost Ashoka already. We should take all the precautions, time and then do something. Radha Gupta is Chanakya’s disciple. He will certainly return with some info to us. Let us wait for more time. That info will help us in planning a strategy to attack on Takshshila and to keep Sushim safe. I will try my best to connect to Radha Gupta. Bindu agrees. Mahamatya leaves. Bindu apologizes to Ashoka. You would have been alive today had I planned something similar before sending you there. He misses Ashoka. Your father failed in protecting you.

Kaurvaki says there can be only two people in a place like Takshshila. One, those who do injustice; and two, who bear those injustices! The man points out that they both don’t look from here. You don’t bear injustice too. Are you the one who threw the stone today? Ashoka agrees. It was I. I was only trying to save an innocent man. If she was not with me then I would not have let you come in any problem. I don’t want her to fall in any problem because of me. There is a knock on the door. The family gets scared. It must be the soldiers. They are about to break open the door when the guy opens the door. The soldiers check the house thoroughly. Ashoka and Kaurvaki are hiding in the storeroom. The soldiers don’t find them inside. Commander looks suspiciously at the man as he breathes a sigh of relief. They turn to go but the commander finds something wrong. He comes back inside. What work do you do? The guy says I am a milkman. Inside, Ashoka looks at Kaurvaki. The guy offers milk to the commander. He sends their son outside. The commander asks the couple to say something good about Mahanayak Kichak. The commander is convinced by their words. Mahanayak’s speciality is nothing can be hidden from him, neither rebels nor cheating. Kaurvaki’s bangle makes some noise. The commander gets distracted from a second. He next hints the couple not to shelter the rebels. We hate traitors equally. The guy speaks in a similar manner. The commander agrees to remember him and his welcome. He finally leaves. Ashoka covers Kaurvaki’s mouth as she was about to sneeze.

The lady feels the soldiers will return. Ashoka and Kaurvaki thank them for saving them. We apologize to you for causing trouble for you. We shall leave now. The couple requests them to eat something before leaving. Ashoka and Kaurvaki agree.

Siamak explains to his father about poor, medium and high class people. Bindu is impressed by his research. You are so young. Siamak says age is no bar for knowledge. If that was the case then Chandragupta Maurya had not won. Ma wanted you to realise the same thing. She chose a wrong path though. I will never disappoint you. Bindu has full faith in him for the same. I know you will never take a wrong path. You are my son, a Maurya-vanshi. I am sure you will never cheat Magadh. He hugs Siamak. Sushim thinks Ashoka just got out of their way. Now I will have to get Siamak out of my way!

The kid (Som) is enjoying horse ride on his father’s back. Kaurvaki happily looks on. She gets emotional seeing their bond. Ashoka observes her. That day isn’t far when Kichak’s tortures will end. People will freely roam around with their head held high then. Kaurvaki adds that that day wont come till Samrat Bindusar will rule on Magadh! Ashoka is taken aback. He tries to explain that she might be justified in her anger but maybe he isn’t directly responsible for it. Why do you hate Samrat Bindusar so much? She replies that she hates not just Samrat Bindu but every person who is related to him in any way. You would have understood my point if you were in my place. Ashoka wonders what happened with Kaurvaki that she hates his father so much.

Som is hungry. The couple gives him some drink after drinking which one gets energy and feels no hunger. The couple sadly looks at their son.

Amatya and the monk come to the Takshshila Vishwavidyala in Takshshila. Kichak has got it closed as he fears people will understand the difference of right and wrong if they get educated. The monk speaks against Kichak. Such a ruler is the biggest enemy of the citizens. Amatya had come here to find a way to meet Kichak. Without meeting him, I cannot tell him that it was I who sent that letter to him and not Sushim. The monk asks him what he is thinking. Amatya decides to make sure he makes Kichak meet him anyhow if he cannot reach him.

Next morning, Ashoka gets up. He notices Kaurvaki feeling discomfort in sleeping as the sunlight falls on her. He smiles. He removes the cloth tied around his wound. He hangs it on the rope before the window. She sleeps peacefully. He goes outside.

Ashoka notices the man looking at the gold coin. Som says I got it as it fell from this Bhaiya’s bag while he slept. The man asks Ashoka if this is his. Ashoka nods. The man points out at the royal stamp on it. How did you get it? Ashoka shares that he is Magadh’s prince Ashoka! The couple look at him in surprise.

Kaurvaki wakes up too. She wonders where Ashoka went. He dint even wake me up.

The couple kneels down before Ashoka. Ashoka makes them get up. He looks at Som. Your place is in my heart. Your bavery and unison is our strength and hope to spread peace in Takshshila. The man says everyone thinks you died on the ship. Kaurvaki is still on her way till outside. Ashoka tells the couple that he got lucky to have help from the other ship. It was important for my mission’s success to keep my identity hidden. The man assures him no one will get to know of this. Som calls out for Kaurvaki Didi. Everyone goes quiet. Ashoka and the man talk about how to meet Kichak. Ashoka gets to know that the previous ruler of Takshshila (Sudama) stays in some old ruins. Kaurvaki is irked as no one cared about any other state than Patliputra. Ashoka thinks to do something before his father’s name is maligned between the citizens.

A few ladies tell everyone in the palace about Narayan’s Narsimha Avatar. Bindu asks Drupad what he understood from the story. Drupad says God punishes bad people. Bindu is happy. He pays the ladies who had come to say the story. They leave. Dharma suggests inviting such ladies every day to the palace so their kids can get good lessons in life. We can end their problem by giving money to them. Charu says your suggestion is good but the treasury has other responsibilities too at the moment. Dharma nods. I have decided to give up my ornaments for the same so I can help them. Bindu leaves the responsibility on her to organise such meetings. You should rest now. I will drop you to your room. Charu is irked. She has become another problem for us after we got her son out of our way.

Kaurvaki thanks the couple for allowing them to stay there. Som hugs her. Som quietly whispers to Ashoka that he heard everything. I am sure you will bring food for me. Ashoka agrees. You have to hide it from everyone. Som agrees. I will also share my secret with you. I know the truth behind that water that my parents give me. I drink it to keep them happy. Ashoka agrees to keep it a secret. They leave.

Outside, Ashoka tells Kaurvaki that that will go to Takshshila Vishwavidyala now.

Amatya asks the teachers from where they will get stones to make statues. The monk (Anand) is confused. Amatya tells him to wait. You will know when it is time. Anand agrees to help him any way he can.

Ashoka and Kaurvaki look at Takshshila Vishwavidyala. He asks Kaurvaki to go inside as it is her destination. She suggests him to seek Bhanta Buddheshwar’s help. Ashoka remarks that he does not look like he says he is. She says a similar thing about him too. We start getting attached to people even after knowing this. I feel his life is somehow attached to ours. Life was not given to us to only live for ourselves. The end decision is yours. Only he can help you now though. It will be a help for you to reach your goal. She goes inside. Ashoka thinks she is right. I will need a place to stay till I find Sudama.

Kichak is angry at his commander and soldiers for being a failure. You could not find a kid! What will the people think? They wont fear me if you will continue doing so. His sister tells him not to be angry. We must think through. She orders the soldiers to find that kid. The commander leaves yet again with a few soldiers. Kichak is awaiting a message from Patliputra. Ashoka died so many days ago. This isn’t a good sign. I have to know what they are thinking.

Amatya tells Ashoka it is difficult for him to believe it that he is an ordinary kid after what he did. Ashoka says ordinary people also do big things when the situation becomes unbearable for them. Amatya thinks to use Ashoka to accomplish his mission. I am impressed by your thoughts. I want you to help me in spreading peace here. Ashoka agrees to help him any way he can. Amatya asks him to go to the old palace. Ashoka nods. We are hungry. Amatya gives him food. Ashoka and Kaurvaki go aside to eat it. Amatya thinks it will be good if Ashoka succeeds in reaching the old palace. If he is caught then I can get a chance to meet Kichak as a Bhante!