Tuesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 15th February 2022

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Tuesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 15th February 2022

Ashoka gains conscious. He is mesmerised seeing Kaurvi. She notices that he is up. She runs to inform others about Ashoka gaining conscious. Amadhya Raakshas comes there. Amadhya Raakshas asks Ashoka his name. Ashoka tells him his name. Amadhya Raakshas asks him his full name. Ashoka does not want to create any trouble for himself in this situation. I should not lie to a monk though. Other people come there by then. They want to know what had happened with him. Ashoka recalls it all. He cooks up a story. A ship next to me caught fire. They seemed like pirates. My ship caught fire before I could do something. Amadhya Raakshas points out at his wounds. Looks like someone attacked you. Ashoka lies. The hangar hurt me when the ship upturned. They all go out so he can rest. Ashoka and Kaurvi look at each other. Kaurvi also leaves finally. Ashoka is eagerly waiting to reach Takshshila so he can achieve his mission. He looks at the holy thread that his mother had tied on his hand. The news of my ship’s destruction would have reached Patliputra by now. Hope they also get to know that I am safe!

Kaurvi grinds some herbs. Ashoka comes there. He thanks her for saving his life. What are you grinding? She is mixing herbs to put at the wound. He is impressed that she knows so mch about herbs already. Are you a Vaid? She replies that she is an ordinary girl, who is going with monks to Takshshila. He feels there is something amiss about her story. I got confused seeing your clothes. She speaks about the rules that monks follow. I am no monk. What are you telling me? You call yourself a fisherman. The real reason behind a wound is knows to the one who is wounded or to the one who puts medicine on the wound. She also notices his bracelet. A normal fisherman cannot have it. He also notices something strange about her. He is sure she isn’t what she is appearing to be! Kaurvi goes all quiet.

Bindu wants to send someone to Takshshila in Ashoka’s absence. Someone will have to put all of Kichak’s barbarity to an end. Sushim offers to do it. I will fulfil my brother’s incomplete wish. Charu is shocked. Sushim says I was the one who was chosen by everyone to go to Takshshila initially. I couldn’t go earlier because of my weakness. Now I will go. I will choose the same route which Ashoka took. I will get everything in order in Takshshila. This will be my tribute to my brother. I want to spend some time alone. I want to free myself from this burden of my brother’s death. Why do we understand someone’s value after losing them? I did fight with Ashoka but we were tied with the bond of love. I had never imagined this for him. I feel guilty. Bindu is touched by his words. You should spend some time alone. Free yourself from sadness and guilt before going to Takshshila. Sushim thanks him. I will also plan how to defeat Kichak. I will leave for Takshshila then. Helena thinks Sushim is actually heading towards his death by trusting Raakshas.

Ashoka asks the people on ship to let him work as well. I want to get my mother treated. I want some money. Anything will help. The guy gives him a job. Kaurvi is impressed. You got yourself a job so soon? Don’t you want to go home? He reasons that he would need money to go home. Where is your home? He lies to her. She plays along understanding his trick. He too keeps cooking up stories. She finds the loopholes in his story. He still does not give up. She too mentally decides to get to know his reality soon. Ashoka does not want to lie to people anymore. I will tell everything the truth as soon as we reach Takshshila. A guy likes Kaurvi. He feels jealous seeing Kaurvi talking to Ashoka. Another guy adds fuel to the fire.

Kaurvi is looking for an old trader. No one has seen him. She gets sad. She changes her expressions upon noticing Amadhya Raakshas coming there. She hides her locket under a bedding. The same guy, who likes Kaurvi, picks it up as soon as she is gone.

Charumita questions Sushim on his decision. Ashoka was killed on the same route. Kichak is a merciless killer. Why do you want to get into this trouble? He says nothing will happen to me. it is time to go to Takshshila. Anything can happen in the meanwhile. She knows he is hiding something from her. he tells her to trust him. I am doing it all to fulfil your wish. I will sit on the throne. For now, let me go to jungle and celebrate. He leaves. Mahamadhya notices the change in Sushim’s behaviour too. Charu is sure Sushim is hiding something from her. we have to find out his plan before he makes any mistake.

Ashoka feels pain in his wound as he does his work. He notices a dolphin playing in water nearby. Two sharks see the dolphin and eat it up. Ashoka thinks of the blast. Someone attacked me in a similar manner. How did they know about my arrival? How did this news reach Kichak? Someone in the palace wants me dead. I should keep my mission secretive. I will have no support now. He notices the same guy holding Kaurvi’s neckpiece. He asks for it. I want to give it to the person who it belongs to. Ashoka threatens to tell everyone their truth if he does not give it to him. The guy hits Ashoka. Ashoka says I don’t want to fight with you. I also cannot let injustice happen. The guy challenges Ashoka. Meet me downstairs later. We will see who is strong then!

Drupad’s mother feeds laddoos to Dharma. Charu joins them. She calls Dharma an inspiration. You have lost you son yet you look so strong already. Dharma says my son Ashoka is still alive. I may think for a second that he is no more but in the end it will be a proud thing only. If need be, I can even sacrifice my this baby for motherland too.

The guy is drinking when Ashoka comes there. He keeps the pot aside. The guy says you will have to win this from me. Kaurvi cannot find her neckpiece at the place where she had hidden it.

The guy hates oatmeal. He challenges Ashoka to eat it. The person who eats more of it is the winner. Even Ashoka dislikes the taste but he continues drinking it. Both the men are having difficulty gulping it. Ashoka finishes his pot. The guy speaks of more levels of competition. Karuvi worries that her secret might get out this way. Did someone steal it?

Ashoka wins in push-ups competition too. Blood is coming out of his wound but he does not stop. Everyone is impressed by his hard work and dedication. The other guy goes away coughing. The spectators cheer for Ashoka. Ashoka gets the neckpiece. People ask him why he bore this much pain. Ashoka replies that he did so for the person who saved my life. Ma says one should not think about their pain while helping someone. Kaurvi comes there just then. She notices her neckpiece in Ashoka’s hands. She mistakes him to be a thief. He shares that he won it from the real thief. You blamed me! She gets embarrassed. Ashoka refuses to give it to her now. He walks away. She calls after but in vain.

Kaurvi follows Ashoka. She pulls out her bracelet. I want my thing, only then will I return this to you. Amadhya Raakshas steps out too. a guy stops him. He seeks his advice. I get very angry these days. I feel like destroying the whole world. Amadhya Raakshas says your anger will only destroy you. Ashoka and Kaurvi exchange their things. She notices the bloodied bandage. Ashoka tells her not to worry for him. He falls down. Amadhya Raakshas holds him. The guy tells Ashoka to get back to his work. Kaurvi points out that Ashoka needs rest. Amadhya Raakshas seconds her. You need rest. You should get down at the next stop. Ashoka denies. It is very important for me to reach Takshshila.

Amadhya Raakshas gets curious. Why are you so anxious to go to Takshshila? You can work at any port being a fisherman. Ashoka nods. I can but there are many opportunities to grow my work in Takshshila. The sooner I earn money, the sooner I will return home. Amadhya Raakshas points out that people are actually leaving from there. There would be no money. Ashoka is sure there will be chances of his pay increasing in that situation. The guy tells Ashoka to get down at the next port only. I don’t want anyone to die on the boat. He and Amadhya Raakshas go from there. Ashoka looks tensed. I did so much to help her yet she put me in trouble!

Helena writes someone a letter. Sushim fell for Raakshas’s words. He will head to Takshshila after 13 days of mourning. I have to make sure Raakshas and Kichak plan the next step by then. The messenger leaves with the letter. Charu comes there just then. She asks Helena what they have to do about the baby in Dharma’s womb. The changes can be clearly seen in her already. Helena advises her to wait for the right time. We have to make it look like an accident. no one should doubt us.

Ashoka paces worriedly. He picks up a few papers that have fallen. He reads a book. When we start a work, we should not give up in the middle. The situation can be against you but you have to turn it into your strength. Amadhya Raakshas asks him what he is reading.