Tuesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 14th June 2022


Tuesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 14th June 2022

Rajmata steps out of a hidden way just then. Everyone looks on stunned. Helena too is tensed. Ashoka tells her to be careful. You might need help.

Siamak waits for Helena. The lady asks him about Rajmata but he has no clue. She points out that she was walking ahead her. Flashback shows the lady thinking of her convo with Ashoka. I don’t want Siamak or anyone to doubt that you are with me in this. I will speak against you whereas Sushim will support you. Samrat will ask for time to make a decision. You will spend that time here. In the meantime, you will have to seduce Siamak. The lady assures her not many can escape her beauty. Kaurvaki says you might trap Siamak but not Rajmata. She is always extra careful. How will you win her trust? The lady shows the letter written to the present king of Unan by Helena. I got hold of it. They read the letter. Ashoka smiles. Great! Once Rajmata believes you then you will have to force Siamak to wait at the other end of the tunnel. You will go in the tunnel with Rajmata and give her this dagger. The lady says for why.

Ashoka says to win her trust. She will feel secured. She will then agree to walk ahead you. If that happens then! Helena walks ahead the lady. She tells Helena to keep walking. Siamak will be waiting for you at the other side of the tunnel. Helena resumes walking. Another lady was already waiting there. She begins to go after Helena while the lady from Unan goes in another direction. Helena stops for a second but then goes ahead. Flashback ends. The tunnel was dark. Surely Ashoka has cheated us somehow. Something is wrong. Let’s go to palace. Siamak heads to palace. The lady smirks. no one can save Helena aka Gondna from dying.

Ashoka says it seems like you all cannot recognize her. I will help you. He removes the hood from Helena’s head. Everyone is shocked to see Rajmata. Helena looks pointedly at everyone. Bindut thinks of her last wish ten years back and the skeleton they recovered. It means my son was right. I made a mistake in understanding him. I made such a big mistake by not trusting him. He kept saying it but my experience made me believe that this Dharma-putra is lying. He was saying the impossible. Helena vows to kill Ashoka, calling him a Daasi-putra. Bindu calls her by her name shocking her and many other people there. Don’t forget that you are the culprit of this Magadh, Dharma is the queen and Ashoka is Magadh’s son. No one can insult my wife and husband in my courtroom only! Helena says I can never forgert Ashoka. I was punished 10 years ago here because of him only. The Helena, who killed Ashoka!

She was defeated by the discovery of a 14 year old. I planned my death to kill Ashoka. I took the medicine which lowers the heartbeat to a minimum. I dint die. Ashoka got to know the truth. He turned into Chand. I pretended to die and lied to you that I dint say anything to Ashoka. You trusted your step mother who was taking her last breaths. You couldn’t trust your beloved son! Bindu thinks of the same. Helena says you banished Ashoka for 10 years from Magadh. He got punished and stayed anonymously. I slowly gave myself a new identity. I turned into Gondna. There was no one who could stop me. I spread terror right under your nose. I made people pay Gondna tax and used people like Nirankush. You were unaware of it all. My power, my money, my army was growing so much that if it wasn’t for Ashoka then I would have been sitting on the throne right now. Ashoka wasn’t wrong in saying that you are a weak ruler. But this Ashoka came back! As soon as he entered here in Patliputra he broke my world. He caught the tax collector first of all which made my rule weak. He got to know my allies name – Uttar and Dakshin.

He killed Dakshin and took my treasury will me. he left me with nothing yet he wasn’t satisfied. He forcibly held Nirankush as the hostage to make him speak truth. He made him flee from here so he could follow him to me. Ashoka would have caught me that day itself if it wasn’t for Uttar. He had seen a glimpse of Gondna. He knew Gondna was a woman! When Uttar accepted being Gondna in the court then everyone except Ashoka trusted him. Ashoka used my plan against me only. He hanged Uttar’s dead body on the road and set him afire. It ended the fear in the people. I neither had money nor people. He reached Virat. He came to know from Nirankush that I am alive. I knew I had to stop him from reaching me somehow. I used Sushim’s soldiers to blast everyone from Maurya lineage. But fate supported him like always. Nayak sacrificed his life ruining my plan. Acharya Chanakya wasn’t called a foresighted for no reason. His foresight was right. Fate only has chosen him. he is the lucky one. Everything that I did to ruin him failed. I tried putting him in dirt all the time not realising that he is a seed who will only grow back higher than before. I had to reach Unan safely. Ashoka defeated me this time as well. I don’t know how!

Ashoka says I knew you were hiding like a mouse and will try to run like a mouse only. I intentionally dug that tunnel, dint put soldiers there and left it empty. I tempted you to take that way. You did that only. You ran like a coward. You dint know I changed the direction and you ended up coming here Rajmata Helena. Helena acts to cry. It is enough. I am tired. I cannot take it anymore. Free me from this hell. Ashoka says your wish will soon come true. You will surely be punished for being the biggest traitor of Magadh. This time I will make sure your death isn’t fake but true.

Siamak reaches courtroom. He is shocked to see Helena there. I wont leave Ashoka. I have to do something before he does something to Helena. The lady tells him not to act foolish. Helena was a burden for us only. You will lose your chance for the throne

Helena says I very well know my fate wont change if I say or do anything. My death is certain. I neither have strength nor willpower. I want to say something before dying. She begins to cough badly. She says son. Bindu too gets emotional and calls her Ma. He goes to her noticing her bad health. Helena takes out her dagger and points it at him. everyone looks on in shock. Siamak holds her hand shocking Helena and her allies. Ashoka thinks of his plan. Helena will surely try to kill Samrat if she has this dagger. I want Siamak to enter right then and kill her. you will force her to die. The lady says Helena has to die. You will be able to do it too. Why give this chance to Siamak? Kaurvaki seconds her. Ashoka wants Helena to realise how it feels when the one she sacrificed her life for cheats her. I want her to feel what she did to me. the world should know that Unan’s don’t back off even if they have to sacrifice the lives of their loved ones. It will be complete justice to my Guru’s death!

Siamak thinks of the lady’s words. Show your loyalty by killing rajmata. She too did the same by killing Justin. Make Bindu believe on you. You will then only be considered as an equal partaker of the throne. Flashback ends. Helena cries. You cannot kill me. I am your! He slits her throat right then leaving everyone stunned. Siamak looks at her. What did I do! She did so much for me. She raised me up like a mother after my mother’s death. She taught me how to live and trained me. she was the only one who cared for me. She was my Dadi. How can I kill my Dadi? What did I do? Sushim thinks hope he does not say something else being swayed in emotions. Bindu makes him stand. You can have only one relation with traitor – enmity! You did the right thing. she deserved this only. It is easy to fight with enemies but it is really difficult to fight with your loved ones. You dint let any thought come in your head while punishing her. you forgot that she is your Dadi who raised you up like her own son. I am proud of you son. you have supported dharma. You did your Raj-dharma.

This is the quality of a good king. A traitor might have raised you but you are loyal to your state. You have proved it that justice is before relations. This has been our tradition. Say what you want. I promise you today that you will get whatever you will ask for. Siamak thinks of the lady’s words. To keep your parents’ and Helena’s dreams alive you have to kill Helena. When you will do it, Bindu will feel you have killed a traitor. He would like to give you a prize but he will think you wont ask for anything like always being hesitant. You will ask for that this time that no one could have thought of. Flashback ends. Siamak asks for permission to go away from Patliputra. I have spoken to you on this before too. I don’t feel at home here. After what I did here today I wont like to stay here. It might be right but I wont be able to forget my loss. I wont be able to forget the memories. It will become difficult for me to stay here. Allow me to go to Takshshila. Bless me that I can serve my land even after being away from here. I want to be Takshshila’s caretaker (Prantpal). Everyone looks surprised.

Sushim wonders why Siamak wants to run away from here. Ashoka speaks against it. Unani army will come inside our state without any worry. One can enter inside India and Patliputra through Takshshila. Bindu says what you are saying. What does Siamak have to do with Unani? He has nothing to do with them. Ashoka reasons that it is a very deep connection. Dharma tells him to think before saying anything. It might hurt someone. Ashoka thinks of Siamak’s truth and how his mother had advised him against it ten years ago. He tells his mother he is saying this to save them from harm. He turns to his father. rajmata stayed here for 10 years. She induced fear in people as Gondna. I cannot understand how she could do this without any support. Rajmata did it as Siamak, Sushim, Mahamatya and Charu were supporting her. Bindu is irked to see his Chand avatar once again. stop it. Siamak acts to be hurt. What has happened to you? I wouldn’t have killed Rajmata if I had to support Unani. Ashoka says she too loved her son but she killed him before us all to make us trust her. You are her disciple only. You followed her path. You acted to be the saviour here. He says this is why I don’t wish to be here. I want to stay away from the luxuries, away from plotting and planning.

Ashoka is giving an altogether different meaning to my words. Maybe he plans before doing something but not everyone thinks like you. everyone has different outlook. At times, what we see isn’t there and we don’t see what is actually there. I request you not to say so. I only wish to serve my motherland, nothing else. Ashoka is about to retort when Bindu says enough. I am Magadh’s Samrat. I too have mind to think. Siamak is my son. He has asked for it upon my assurance. I don’t need anyone’s suggestion. I have decided that Siamak will go to Takshshila after Sushim and Ashoka’s marriage. He will be the caretaker of Takshshila.

Ashoka begins to go when Kaurvaki asks him to stop. She apologises to Bindu for her mistake. I couldn’t keep quiet seeing injustice. Nothing has changed in 10 years. His truth wasn’t trusted back then and today too when he has proved it. we should realise he wouldn’t say it without any reason. it was him only who spoke of Gondna. If it wasn’t for him then Helena would have succeeded in her endeavours today. there would have been a war here right now. He has proved it many times already. Is it not enough that he has proved himself time and again? Why isn’t he trusted time and again? Why do we question him every other time when we know that he wont say anything without any reason? Siamak only did the last bit but the one who planned it all is Ashoka. We should be thankful to him. when he is saying that there were more than 1 people in this then? Nothing has changed in 10 years.

Bindu cuts her off. You are right. Nothing has changed in 10 years ago. You are still manner less. Who gave you the right to speak in between royal court when you hid your identity before everyone here? You have lied so many times already. You think I will make you marry my son after all this? Dharma tries to say something but Bindu does not let her talk. My son’s wife would be the queen of this state after marriage. I cannot hand that future in the hands of my enemy’s daughter. Kaurvaki does not deserve to be the DIL of this family. Kaurvaki, Dharma, Vit, Ashoka and Devi are taken aback. Kaurvaki apologizes to him for his views about her. I will do repentance for what I did. I will leave this competition and palace right away. Bindu declines. You wont go anywhere. You will stay here till the end of this competition. You will see Ashoka becoming someone else’s right before your eyes! Ashoka says pardon me but. Bindu announces it to be his last decision. I will decide who my sons will marry. Till the time I don’t come to any conclusion no one will go anywhere or meet anyone. Everyone will head to their particular rooms from here. I also want no one to discuss on anything now. Enough of differences, not anymore! He asks Mahamatya to make preps for the last rites. I want to see my enemy dying right before my eyes this time.

Siamak thinks of all his past memories with his Pitamahim (Helena). He pays his last respects to her. Bindu sets fire to the pyre thinking about all her planning against them till date. Ashoka thinks he wont sit peacefully till he destroys each of his enemy. The dream of united India will not be complete till then. Neither will the India be made which Guru had planned for, for the good future of people.

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