Tuesday Update on Cost of Love 6th April 2021

Tuesday Update on Cost of Love 6th April 2021

Aparna confronting JD. She says Pankti is bought by you, fine you can do anything with her, you can behave badly, and you hate Ahaan, but what about Sheetal, she loves you a lot, if I didn’t worry for Sheetal, I would have exposed you today itself, you could have tried everything, I would have not left you. JD stares at her. She says its fine, that day will come soon, you will get that day yourself, you know why, because when sin crosses limit, it comes out on its own, when a dad involves a son in his wrong doings, he should know about risking her son’s life, I have made a video to make you realize it. She says I regret that you don’t love Ahaan as much as you love Vikram, its fine, Ahaan has his mum with him.

She warns him. She says my heart always tells me that Ahaan will win, I always knew that you are a cheap plan when I had no reason, see you have proved this today, after 6 days, Ahaan will prove you wrong. She goes. JD comes to Vikram and drinks along. Vikram says thank God, Aparna came on right time else… JD asks Aparna? Vikram says yes, we panicked when you said police has come, she has handled everything, she is an angel. JD smiles.

He shows him the video. Vikram gets shocked. He asks who made this video. JD says your angel, Aparna, she was preparing to trap you, else why would she make this video. Vikram recalls Aparna. Ahaan gets angry thinking about JD. Aparna comes and asks what is he thinking. Ahaan says who can do this except JD, he has done this. Aparna says how does it matter, think it was some bad time. She pacifies him. She asks him to work hard and leave everything on Mata Rani.

Police comes and arrests Ahaan. Ahaan says I didn’t do anything. Inspector slaps him. Aparna asks them to leave Ahaan. Ahaan gets hit. Pankti wakes up from sleep and gets hurt. She gets sad and says its Ahaan’s fight for my freedom and his freedom too, I promise I will always support him. Its morning, Vikram looks for something. He gets Aparna’s phone and checks the videos. Aparna comes there. He looks at her. He says I was finding my phone. She says fine, find it, what happened. He gets a message. She looks at him.

She says I know what you were finding, my phone, so that you can delete that drugs’ video, I have already deleted that video, I made that to teach you a lesson, not to get you punished, think why did your dad tell his secrets, why does he feel you can hide his doings and support him, we all have two voices, good and bad, you have to decide which voice you have to follow. She goes.

Everyone sits to dine. Manav asks Aparna to pray for Ahaan to get senses. Aparna taunts JD and Vikram. She gives prasad to JD. She says Ahaan has gone out. JD asks where did he go at this time. She says when the challenge is big, one has to sacrifice their fav things. JD says I wish I could do something for him. She says you have done everything, he manages himself because of your support, he never loses, your wishes will make him win, I promise he will not disappoint you this time. He gets angry.


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