Tuesday Update on Cost of Love 29th June 2021


Tuesday Update on Cost of Love 29th June 2021

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Ahaan seeing Pankti and driving off. Pankti sings Tere liye…… Producer asks her to sing again, she is losing the rhythm. She sings again. Ahaan waits for her at the lovers spot. She signs Reyansh that she is getting late. He signs her to wait. Ahaan calls her. Reyansh disconnects and smiles. He replies cancel. Ahaan gets puzzled. Pankti says I can’t stay for more time, I need to go. Producer says we shall meet after the break. She says I have to meet Ahaan. Reyansh asks what Ahaan, what are you asking, you are not able to complete singing, ask your Romeo to apply some brakes on the romance, I m so upset that he couldn’t sing well. She says whatever happened, its all over, I have to go to meet him. He asks her to wait.

Monty waits for Poorva. She gets surrounded by some men. They tease her. She asks them to let her go. They laugh. Vikram comes there to save her. Pankti and Reyansh come to meet Ahaan. Ahaan thinks how did she come when she replied cancelled. She stumbles. Reyansh holds her. Ahaan looks on. He says you decided that you won’t come, why did you come. She says no. He says I m waiting here alone since evening, I m tired, I need rest. She says I missed your calls as phone was on silent, I didn’t cancel out date. He shows the message. She cries. Reyansh says maybe it happened by mistake, she was concentrating on singing. Ahaan says whatever, it was wrong. He leaves.

Kaira asks Monty to come and dine with her. She orders the food. She says I get out of control when it comes to food. She slips. He holds her. Music plays…. Kaira looks at him. Vikram beats the goons. A goon hurts him with a knife. Poorva gets shocked. Vikram screams. The goons run away. Poorva holds Vikram. Monty asks are you fine. Kaira says yes, I m fine.

Poorva asks Vikram to come to hospital. He refuses. She says at least come to hotel, we can get aid. He says no, I will manage myself. She says I will come with you and help. He smiles. Ahaan gets sad and thinks of Pankti. She calls him. She sends a message and calls again to apologize. He answers. He says I thought that moment will be just ours, but you got Reyansh. She says no, actually, Reyansh came there to drop me, lovers point was far, I promise this won’t happen again, our moments will be just ours, I m sorry. He says please don’t cry, else I will also cry.

Tere liye…..plays…..She says we will meet tomorrow, its Aparna’s birthday. Reyansh comes to Anita’s house. She asks who are you. He thinks its fun to see Anita’s expressions. He says Pankti forgot her bag, so I have come to return. She asks him to come in. She praises him to be Pankti’s good friend. He says I have come here to keep the same friendship, in fact I feel this friendship will be becoming much stronger, I know to put life at stake. He thinks she is impressing me knowing I m rich. He leaves. Pankti asks who was it. Anita says Reyansh had come to return your bag. Pankti asks at this time. She goes. Anita says an entry of a new friend and a series of accidents in London, are these things connected.

Reyansh saying I m not new here. Ahaan says we have a seven star room in our house, its of JD. Reyansh refuses. Manav says we insist. Reyansh thanks them and says I got a family here, very soon you will also feel you got a lost family member. Aparna shows him the room. Aparna and Ahaan ask him to settle down. They leave. Reyansh thinks of Pankti and Ahaan. He removes the mask. JD looks at himself in the mirror. He says I have come here and now I m waiting for Pankti, there will be not just love, but also bloodshed in this love story. He laughs.

Monty and Poorva check in the hotel. Poorva helps him and does the aid. He signs someone. He holds Poorva close. Someone clicks their pics. Aparna asks Kaira and Richa to get Reyansh. Ahaan and everyone come. They make Aparna sit. She asks what’s the matter. They swing the chair and sing happy birthday song. Aparna smiles.

Pankti comes and says this was a small surprise, real surprise is still there, happy birthday. She hugs Aparna and says I m a party planner too, you can ask Poorva, I have booked spa for Aparna, we will do all the preparations till she comes back. Reyansh looks on and wishes Aparna. Pankti asks everyone to get to work, else they shouldn’t complain about food. Ahaan says I will just have the cake. He goes. Ahaan helps Pankti. They laugh. Reyansh looks on angrily. He goes out. A guy comes to deliver the birthday cake ordered by Pankti. Reyansh says give it to me, I will give it.

Pankti gets the medicine bottle, used by Reyansh to drug the milk for Ahaan. She wonders what is it. Poorva calls Monty. Anita asks what’s the matter. Poorva says its not necessary that I tell you everything. Anita says fine, I don’t want to know. She goes. Monty rejects the calls. Vikram gets Anita’s call. Anita says you are just clever like JD, your plan worked out, Monty isn’t talking to Poorva. He says I will write their love story, but the end won’t be a happy one. He recalls paying goons to injure him. He recalls Poorva thanking him for saving her life. He says the attack and blood were fake, but the pain you experience will be real. Pankti gets a call. The man asks her to come and collect the cake.

Pankti sees Ahaan busy and goes. Reyansh says I will be ready with cake and candles, then this party…. you will celebrate with me. He throws the cake away. He follows Pankti to the store. Pankti asks for the cake. The man says the cake is delivered. She asks what, I got a call from you that I have to collect the cake. He says we didn’t make any call. She calls on the number. Reyansh removes the sim. Pankti asks the man to call the delivery boy. The man says sorry, there isn’t anyone here, shall I make another cake, it will take much time. She asks him to hurry up. Reyansh sees some pest control department officials coming.

Ahaan asks about Pankti. The servant says Pankti went somewhere by instructing us our work. Ahaan calls her. The official says its a govt. Order, we have come for pest control. The man gets the shop vacated. Pankti is in washroom. The store gets locked for the day. Ahaan asks servant where is Reyansh. Servant says I have seen him going out. Manav asks Ahaan where is Pankti, did she go to get the cake.

Ahaan says don’t know. Manav says don’t worry, she will come. Ahaan says Reyansh would be with her if she went for recording, she could have told me. Pankti asks where is everyone, is anyone here. The other store guy hears her knocking the door. He comes to check. She goes away from the door. She calls Ahaan. She fails to call from her phone and landline. She doesn’t see the landline’s wire cut. The power goes. She screams. Aparna comes downstairs.

Everyone sings happy birthday. Aparna asks about Pankti. Manav says maybe she went for recording. He compliments Aparna. Vikram wishes Aparna. She says I m missing Sheetal, she called me to wish. He says she will be released soon. Anita comes and compliments Aparna. Ahaan asks where is Pankti. Anita says I should ask this to you.

Ahaan says she has some imp work. Reyansh follows Pankti. He hides when she turns. Ahaan says I m calling her but its unreachable. Servant says I heard Reyansh is getting Pankti home. Ahaan gets jealous. Monty wishes Aparna. Vikram stares at Monty. Aparna asks Kaira to welcome her boss. Monty compliments Kaira. Poorva sees Monty and smiles. Vikram signs to Anita. Anita stops Poorva and says get a drink for me, Monty will wait for some time, he has just come, go.

Manav sees Kaira happily talking to Monty. He asks Kaira does she has to tell him something. She smiles and goes. Pankti sees someone’s reflection and shouts who is there. Reyansh hides. Pankti says I won’t be scared, come out in front of me, whoever you are. Reyansh thinks I m waiting for this moment Babu.