Tuesday Update on Cost of Love 23rd February 2021

Tuesday Update on Cost of Love 23rd February 2021

Vikram and Ahaan getting the drone. Vikram sings drone jaa jaa….. Ahaan flies the drone inside the house to Pankti’s room. He smiles seeing her and says follow me, see the card. She sees the card and follows the drone. She tells Purva that she is going to water plants. Uday says I m scared. Vikram takes him. Pankti comes out and sees Ahaan smiling. He wishes her good morning. She asks him to please go. He holds her hand and stops her. He asks her to give left hand. She asks why. He ties rakshasutra to her hand. She looks at him. He smiles.

She asks what’s this. He says my mum has sent this rakshasutra for you, I told her how you always stay scared and don’t smile, you have some fear, I keep thinking of it, maybe there is some connection, she said this will protect you, this will give you peace and your fear will get less. She says if this was true, I would have tied it before. He holds her hand and says my mum has sent this with belief, if you wear it with belief, I m sure it will affect, if there is no belief, keep it as friendship band, happy diwali. She wishes him the same.

He says you will meet my mom in marriage, complain her that the rakshasutra didn’t affect. She refuses to come in marriage. He says fine, I will tell Richa, we kept diwali party today, I came to invite you, you don’t listen. He says I want to celebrate diwali with you. She asks why. He says because you are my friend. She says we are not friends, I didn’t make any promise, I can’t come sorry. He says you will come. She says I won’t. He says you won’t come. She says I will come. He smiles. She goes. Richa asks Ahaan is he meeting Pankti. Ahaan says yes, I tied her rakshasutra and convinced her to come in marriage, don’t know she can refuse at last moment, I m worried. Richa says she is like you.

Pankti comes to her room. She recalls Ahaan. She sees the card. Richa and Vikram make invites. Sheetal talks to Richa’s parents. JD says everything will happen, happy diwali, I will surely come in party. Richa shows the wedding card and shows the card with Pankti’s name. She tells about her long lost friend. Ahaan calls him. JD doesn’t see the card and goes with him.

Richa’s dad says we will leave now, show the card to JD. JD asks Ahaan what does he has to say. Ahaan says I have signed contract and torn it, I just couldn’t do it. JD smiles and says what’s this. Sheetal says its big thing, you should thank Ahaan, our company will launch Ahaan again with a new album. Ahaan gets happy. JD says sure, we will launch Ahaan after Vikram and Richa’s marriage. Ahaan thanks and hugs them. He goes.

Sheetal says Ahaan has kept our company respect, we just want talent, and its here. JD says yes, now the right time has come. She goes.


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