Tuesday Update on Cost of Love 16th February 2021


Tuesday Update on Cost of Love 16th February 2021

JD asking Pankti about the tune. She lies and says I have switched off the tv. He asks her to switch on tv, he wants to hear it. She says remote is not working. He asks her to sing. She cries. He insists. Sheetal comes to him. JD ends call. Pankti stands at the window. JD sees Ahaan in news. He gets shocked hearing about his concert. The man asks him not to worry, he started his work. JD thinks Ahaan and Pankti are in Mahabaleshwar, she reaches wrong place. He gets angry and goes.

Pankti is a shop. She buys some snacks. Ahaan gets prepared for his concert. Uday asks him to chill, Pankti will surely come, lets start the concert. He gives the guitar to Ahaan. He records Ahaan. Anita sees Ahaan’s concert news and asks about the concert title. JD slaps her and asks why did you not go there, go and guard my belonging, you get paid for this. He leaves.

Everyone at home sees Ahaan on tv. Manav says he could have told us, are we his enemy. Everyone talks about his concert. Pankti hears the girls. She gets Anita’s call. Anita asks her to go back to her resort and then come home. Pankti agrees. She hears Ahaan’s voice. Ahaan reads Pankti’s poetry. He starts singing at the concert. Pankti comes there and sees Ahaan singing.

Ahaan sees her and smiles. They look at each other and recall their earlier meets. He says maybe I have missed her by heart, so she has really come, everyone would be thinking of my concert title, the answer is this girl Pankti Sharma. Pankti gets shocked. She covers her face. Ahaan says she is my inspiration. She looks at him. He continues singing. Pankti gets leaving. Ahaan looks for her and gets down stage.

Aparna says what is he doing. Manav says he always break hopes. Aparna says maybe he is finding someone. Ahaan asks Pankti does he have habit to hide in darkness, she will get lights now. He goes to her and gets her in spotlight. He forwards hand and promises her. She looks at him. She turns to go. He holds her hand and stops. Kaira asks JD to come and see a surprise. JD is on call. Sheetal asks JD to see his timing, none can call their Ahaan a one time wonder now. Everyone smiles. JD turns to see Ahaan on tv. Ahaan says I hope my music was deserving of your lyrics, I have made this song by your lyrics, your place is on stage.

JD acts good and says I told you Manav, believe your son, superb, I knew this. Ahaan takes Pankti along. JD says whose hand is Ahaan holding. Uday gets a jerk and falls down. Police reaches there. The video goes. Inspector asks Uday to stop all this. Uday asks why, we have permission. Pankti recalls Anita’s words. She frees herself and goes. Ahaan calls out Pankti. He sees Uday with police. The man informs JD that work is done.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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