Tuesday Update on complicated Love 30th March 2021

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Tuesday Update on complicated Love 30th March 2021

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Pari was nervous as Mishti asks Pari what she was murmuring to herself. Pari stammers again, then makes Mishti sit. She tells Mishti there is something extremely important she wants to discuss. Before the talk, Arnav comes to the room and asks what the need for paper work is. He is ready to help them. Pari discuss with Mishti about making Arnav their business partner. Mishti was appreciative of Pari’s decision. She tells Arnav he will have to do the paper work if it has to be made official. She readily signs the papers. Arnav thanks Mishti. Mishti says they will make a great team, and their company will progress at a greater pace now. She goes to get some sweets. Pari welcomes Arnav to their team, and goes to get some sweet.

Mishti passes by Rohan’s room and thinks she never knew Rohan could be so stubborn. She comes to ask Pari about Rohan. Pari says he has left for work. Mishti asks if he was still upset, or did he eat something. Pari says they are also stubborn, and made him have breakfast. Mishti asks about the reason, Pari says he was detoxing. Mishti thinks Rohan’s anger isn’t done. She takes a leave. Arnav asks Pari why they were discussing Rohan’s meals. Pari says Rohan has been hungry since yesterday, and even Dadi was also worried. She managed to feed him something. Arnav asks Pari if Rohan proposed her. Pari says no, but Dadi found an ‘I love you’ card in his room. Dadi also knows about them now. Arnav takes a leave. Pari says they will visit registration office tomorrow.

In the hall, Radhika was excited and comes to speak to Mishti. Mishti was in a hurry and says she is extremely happy with Pari’s decision to make Arnav their third partner. Radhika thinks this means Mishti has broken another news to her. She anyways smiles cheerfully.

After the photo shoot, Alisha takes a leave. She tells Rohan not to be angry if he is angry with her, he must call her by himself. She leaves. Rohan thinks Mishti still didn’t call. Mishti comes to the hall and says she can’t work with an empty stomach, she won’t take her promise back. Rohan must clarify if he would withdraw from his hunger strike or not. A weak smile spreads Rohan’s face.

Pari comes to Rohan’s room and finds the car Radhika had been talking about. Radhika watches Pari read the car. Pari cries reading the car, and says I love you too Rohan. Radhika was happy for Pari then silently leaves from outside.
Mishti comes in the studio and hugs Rohan. She requests him to eat something, how much he intends to tease her. Rohan nods in agreement. Mishti brings food for him. Rohan gives the first bite to Misht, as she comes always before him. He bites her finger while she gives a bite to him, Mishti reciprocates playfully.

Veer stops his car at the signal. A flower vendor comes to sell some flower for his girlfriend. Veer purchases the bouquet but was haunted by Mishti’s memory. He throws the flower bunch outside. Pari’s words echo in Veer’s claims of love. Veer thinks Mishti broke his heart, and he also lost Rohan. Mishti doesn’t mean to him, but he can’t let her break his friendship with his childhood buddy Rohan.

Radhika speaks to Kunal’s photo that Pari is in love. She has grown up now. She was always afraid of commitment, but has fallen for Rohan. She asks Kunal to bless her, that Pari receives much greater amount of love than she does.

Mishti looks around the studio and exclaims this setting is perfectly beautiful and extremely romantic. Rohan asks why she didn’t call. Mishti says he must have found 15 missed calls of her. Rohan demands a promise that Mishti would never give up on him, she must have continued to call. Mishti says he can’t eat the cake and have it too, he must also call her. He can’t always be in a win-win situation. Rohan pulls Mishti closer and untie her hair. He gifts her the dress he had brought for her, and requests her to wear it now.

Mishti leaves. Rohan spreads rose petals over the floor, while bubbles were floated in the air. He was stunned to see Mishti appear in the dress. He kneels down to offer her a dance. Both dance intimately. He throws flower over her, kiss both her hands and cheeks now. Rohan asks Mishti to say what he has been longing to hear. Mishti says he is leaving for two days tomorrow, she will say it the first thing once he is back. She hears footsteps and runs inside to change. Veer stood at the door. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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