Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 20th October 2020

Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 20th October 2020

Nandini helps Kunal walk out of hospital room, his arm resting over her shoulder.
Mauli wonders when Nandini fell in such much love with Kunal, she always thought no one can love Kunal like she does. Kunal and Nandini walk past Mauli while she still sat on the bench. A nurse converse with Nandini as Mrs. Kunal Malhotra and gives her the prescription. Mauli watch them leave hospital.
At night, Nandini prepares soup for Kunal. Kunal lay in the bedroom still recalling Mauli’s face and his decision of leaving the house. Nandini helps him sit up and gives spoonful of soup, requesting him to have a little.

At home, Mauli sat on dining table with Mamma and Dida. Nandini’s words still echoed in her mind. She tells Dida that Kunal is fine, Nandini has taken him along. Mamma watch Mauli’s hand tremble while she eats her meal; tears fell off her eyes as she sobs badly. Dida cried silently. Mauli stuffs her mouth with bites of meal.
Kunal gulps the medicine. Nandini applies the ointment on his face.
Mauli comes to the room. A photo of her and Kunal fell off as she forces the door shut. She holds the frame and cries hugging it. Nandini helps Kunal lay back on his pillow.
Mauli goes into the washroom. Nandini turns the light of the room off when Kunal had fallen asleep and walks outside.

Mamma comes to Mauli’s room and hears as she sobbed in the washroom.
Later, Nandini return to Kunal’s room and sit beside him. She caress Kunal’s hair as he was asleep. Kunal dreams about being with Mauli and sits up at once. He was shocked to see Nandini sitting with him, she hands him a glass of water saying it was only a dream. Tear fells off Kunal’s eyes as he lay down again.

The next morning, Nandini was in the kitchen. She thinks Kunal would never say no to kheer. Kunal’s phone bell rings, it was Mauli. Kunal takes the call at once. Mauli speaks in a composed voice that she wants to meet him. He confirms if she is fine? Mauli asks him to meet in an hour. Kunal was ready to come at her said venue. Nandini comes to the room and asks if Kunal is going somewhere? Kunal says it’s important. Nandini asks him to eat something before leaving. He promises to be back soon.
Mauli calls Pramilla for a glass of juice as she comes out of the room ready. Mamma was happy that she is returning to life. Dida says Mauli could have taken an off for a few more days, but Mamma stops Dida as this way Mauli would be busy.

Rajdeep and Jyoti were in the same car. They watch Kunal leave Nandini’s apartment. Rajdeep smirks that this day would cost heavy on Nandini, he has got someone who thinks just like him. Jyoti and Rajdeep were both determined not to spare Nandini.
Nandini finds Kunal’s watch on the side table. The doorbell rings then, Nandini opens the door thinking it must be Kunal. She was shocked to see a bunch of ladies stand outside with Rajdeep and Jyoti. Jyoti blames Nandini of being characterless and trying to trap husbands of other women.


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