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Colors Tv Tamil April 17, 2018.

Maayra hug Maithili and samrat for accepting her proposal for child adoption, Maithili is still skeptical, samrat signs the papers, he ask Maithili to sign, Maithili signs, they look at maayra thankfully, maithil says congrats you both will be proud parents soon, she leaves, Maithili hugs samrat and cries, she says is tihis happening for real, samrat says it will happen in real, for sure.

maayra comes to her room, she calls adoption center and thanks them, she finds rohit angry and says when you do like this in nursery, you used to be cute but now you are a big boy, she says I am sorry, he says nothing happen with a simple sorry? maayra offers him chocolates, he says no, he says video message, only this idea will work, he says we are getting married, we will record message for our marriage, he records video with maayra, he says soon his room will be of married maayra mehra, this room is given by sumer to maayra, now this room is not of maayra’s as I am living here, we both are not living in one room, we are enjoying here. now I will show you wedding destination, he takes maayra to lounge of house, he says maayra now its your turn, record video now in lounge, maayra says hi, this is living room, its very well made and maintained, rohit says come one, you are not charged up at all, where is my naughty maayra, are you happy with this marriage? maayra says yes, she records video again, she says this is great ranawat mansion, she comes to kitchen and says here Maithili jija and shtabdi makes food, she eats mohini’s pickle and says its so spicy, koyal comes there and says after eating so much spice, maayra runs to washroom, maayra says naughty girl, she says meet this girl, she is very talkative and is younger sister of dhruv, maayra says what should we record now? she says yes, we will go upstairs, maayra starts recording on stairs and is about to slip but rudra comes nd holds her in meantime, they share an awkward eyelock, rohit looks at them, they maintain distance, rohit says now its time to make you(video) meet most special person of this house, rudra, rudra says shut it off, rohit ask maayra to request to rudra, maayr says rudra.. please, rudra agrees silently, rohit says this person is most courageous, most strong, the ex bsd officer and current obdy guard of maayra, rudra pratap ranawat, he is always angry, rohit ask rudra to invite all for our marriage, maayra is tensed, maayra says leave it, rohit says ok, rohit says now me and maayra will be in same frame, he ask rudra to record video, rohit puts hand on maayra’s shoulder and records that our bid day is coming when rohit will marry maayra, we all invite you all, maayra says I am thankful to the host of wedding, rohit ask are you happy maayra? maayra says yes ofcourse, I am happy, rudra ends video and leaves from there.

sumer comes to shtabdi’s room to steal recipe of pickle, he finds shtabdi in room, he starts romancing with shtabdi and ask how is preparation for competition, shtabdi says great, I will win it, sumer says how? what recipe you are using, shtabdi says its different from all, sumer says you should note down the recipe, shtabdi says I have taken it from recipe book only so I don’t need to write it down, sumer says you should protect the book, shtabditells him that I have already locked the book in cupboard, sumer ask shtabdi to do her work, she gets busy in her work, sumer goes towards cupboard.

rohit ask maayra that we should go out anf have fun, rudra comes there and says where you both are going? maayra says we are going nearby only, rudra says you didn’t find the need to tell me, rohit says we need your permission to go out? rudra says whatever, rohit says excuse me. rohit ask rudra that will you allow me and maayra to go out, rudra says you can go anywhere you want but not maayra, rohit says maayra got kidnap when you were her guard, maayra says it wasn’t rudra’s fault, It was my mistake, rohit says I don’t care, we are going out even if rudra doesn’t like it, rudra says ok but I will accompany you both, maayra says please, maayra says to rohit we will go tomorrow, rohit says no, we will go today only even if rudra doesn’t like it, rudra says maayra’s protection is my duty and I will come with her, rohit says I don’t need you, rudra says I am not talking about you, I am taling about maayra and she needs me, maayra looks at rudra, rohit says for your information that if you are her body guard then I am her fiancé and I know how to protect her, rudra says if you now how to take care of her then when she was kidnapped, you could have come here, you didn’t even call her, rohit says really, he holds maayra’s hand and takes maayra with him but rudra holds maayra’s other hand, maayra looks at him, she is torn between them. rudra says to maayra that decision is yours, are you safe with rohit, you have to decide it, rohit comes to rudra and ask him to leave maayra’s hand, maayra stops them both, rudra says I didn’t start it, maayra says we will go tomotrrow, also my mood is off and I cant shop for my marriage now, rohit angrily leaves from there, maayra says to rudra that you could have made rohit understand nicely, you were rude to him, rudra says being sweet is your nature not mine, maayra says how can you.. rudra says I did this for you.. I mean for your safety, maayra looks at him, rohit calls maayra, she leaves from there.

maayra comes to rohit and ask him to calm down, rohit says how can he be so rudra, maayra says when your the dead line for your project reaches, you also behave like this, you would want to only concentrate on your work, same case is with rudra, its his job to protect me so If I go out then he will accompany me, uncle has appointed him and we cant argue with uncle, rohit ask are you with rudra or me? rudra comes there and says I have called saree seller in house only, you both can shop from home only, maayra says to rohit that see, its great now. maayra leaves, rudra stops rohit and says I was just doing my job, rohit says its ok, rohit says I said in argument that I don’t like you, actually.. rudra says its not necessary that all like me, rohit says thanks and leaves from there.

saree seller comes in house, rohit and maayra comes to shop, rohit taunts that now can we start shopping mr.s body guard, rudra nods, maayra says rohit not do this, rohit says relax we have developed understanding, dhruv and koyal comes there, rudra ask dhruv to go and rest, maayra says he is in room for many days, let him be here, his mind will be fresh, rudra nods, all sit, rohit says hi to dhruv, dhruv talks with him, koyal says we didn’t like you earlier but now its ok because maayra promised us that she will talk to us daily, rohit says why you didn’t like me? koyal says because you are taking away maayra from here, rudra gets tensed listening this, rohit and maayra starts selecting sarees, dhruv selects one saree which is red, rohit likes it too, he places saree on maayra’s head and says you are looking like princess, dhruv says she always look like princess, dhruv tells rudra’s favorite color is blue, rohit says its my marriage, dhruv says I am allowing maayra to go from here so let me select saree, rohit says ok as you wish, he leaves from there, dhruv coughs, rudra sends kind upstairs to take rest, maayra looks at the red saree, rudra is sad and goes from there, maayra then takes blue saree and smiles.

sumer comes to shtabid and tries to romance with her, he holds her tightly, he says rohit and maayra are romancing too, sumer says you like rohit a lot, shtabdi says he is very cool, he calls maayra babe, sumer says I can also call you babe, he tickles her and takes recipe from her saree stealthily and says I forgot my phone, he leaves from there. he comes to mohini and gives her recipe and ask for money, mohini gives him money.

mohini comes to shtabdi and says you are looking beautiful today, shtabdi is shocked and says are you fine? you are praising me? did any ghost attacked you, mohini says when you are around then whats the need for ghost, maayra comes there and says shtabdi you are looking very nice, where are you going? shtabdi says I am going to puja, will you come? maayra says why not, rudra has gone to drop dhruv at school and rohit is sleeping, Maithili comes there, maayra ask her to get ready as they have to go, Maithili says I don’t wanna go, maayra ask shtabdi to make Maithili understand that we will enjoy, mohini says she cant come with us, shatbdi says why? I thought her health is not good that’s why she is not coming, mohini says seeing her, people will get ill in puja as she couldn’t become mother, maayra says so whats problem in that, mohini says there maybe many women there, they must be mothers, if she goes there that they wont like it, she is bad omen for mothers, maayra says stop it, you cant talk to her like this, maayra says to Maithili that we both will go now, Maithili says no, you go, maayra says ok I wont go either, shtabdi is skeptical too but leaves with mohini, maayra says to Maithili that what nonsense is this, you should not listen all this quietly, I wanted to tell her about adoption but then I thought that 1st we should confirm things, Maithili says I am afraid, will everything be fine? maayra says yes and then we will do party, no we will do puja party and will show those women, Maithili smiles.

rohit calls maayra, she comes in corridor and sees rudra and rohit drinking wine, she ask whats all this? did you ask anyone that if drinking is allowed here, rudra says if he want then he can drink, rohit says happy and holds her hand, rudra looks on, maayra sits beside rohit, rohit gives her wine, rudra looks at her, maayra says no I don’t wanna drink, rohit says this is for our marriage, you drank with me only once, have one glass, rudra says if she doesn’t want to drink then why force her, rohit says I accept and also she becomes intoxicated soon, I took advantage or her when she was inebriated, maayra says rohit.. he says just joking, maayra says I am feeling sleepy, rohit says sit with me for a while, if not wine then drink juice, I will bring it, he goes to bring it, maayra looks at rohit and says rohit is a good guy, rudra says when I said he is not good, maayra says then why don’t you like him? rudra says you are sleepy. maayra sleeps on couch only. rudra sees maayra sleeping on couch and ask her to go inside room, he is about to lift her in arms but rohit comes there and says she slept, he lifts maayra and takes her from there, rudra drinks.

shtabdi and mohini are waiting for sumer to go to competition, they both blame each other for sumer coming late, sumer comes, mohini and shtabdi fights that who will sit beside sumer on front seat, sumer says you both fight, I am going to sleep, shtabdi says don’t go, think you will miss my winning moment, they leave for competition.


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