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April 3, 2018.

Maayra is calling her uncle and says I have to tell you something, I will call you later, maayra ends the call and says rohit must be very upset seeing the video, its about matter of few days. she turns and finds rudra standing there, she ask is dhruv fine? rudra says yes, maayra says you are his father, you know best for him, she says good night and is about to leave, rudra says you become kid with kids, you know how to pacify them, you know to win their hearts, I don’t know how you do it, this is 2nd quality which makes you maayra, maayra s speechless, rudra says 3rd thing is that you help others, even strangers too, you have relation with them or not but you help them like you did for Maithili, maayra sasy great, you cracked it, I forgave you, she is about to leave but rudra says 4th quality, you are brave girl, maayra says if you are talking about kidnapping then I was just acting, rudra says may but your braveness made me reach you, rudra says 5th thing, you cant digest things inside, whats in your heart, you say it and you say it like that it doesn’t hurt anyone, maayra is lost then says I know why are you doing this, you are telling me more qualities in advance so that you don’t have to ask forgiveness but that wont work, rudra says it maybe very difficult situation but create smiling atmosphere in it, you bring happiness all around, you are made to be happy always, maayra says I asked for 3 things only, rudra says you cant be covered in 3 things only, maayra says I can handle many things but cant handle your sweet nature, rudra says so should I start shouting then it will be fine? maayra says good night, rudra smiles and says good night, they starts going in opposite direction, rangrasiya music plays, rudra turns and looks at maayra, he turns, maayra turns to rudra and sees him, rudra turns and they both look at each other. maayra is about to fall, rudra calls out her name, some guy comes and holds her in time, maayra is shocked to see the guy and says rohit. rudra is confused, rohit ask maayra are you ok? she says yes, rohit says surprise, rudra comes there, rohit says he is your body guard, maayra says he is rudra, rohit says I know, he shakes hand with rudra, maayra says you here suddenly? rohit brings maayra close and says she is mad like this, he ask rudra how he bore it for many days? rudra says it just happened, maayra ask why you here? rohit says I thought to come and talk with you on some matters in private, maayra says ok come to my room, they goes, rudra looks at them.

maayra is with rohit in room, she ask are you hungry, he says no, maayra gets call from adoption agency, she says I will talk to you later, rohit says who were they? are you hiding anything? maayra says I will tell you on right time, they both say sorry to each other, rohit says I said sorry to you as I came here without informing you, maayra says I am sorry about things, rohit says you are tensed, how is it possible, maayra says many things have changed here, I told in video message, rohit ask what video message? maayra ask did you not see my video message, rohit says no, he makes maayra sit and says I know whats happening.

rudra is walking here and there in his room, he recalls how rohit saved maayra from falling, he looks at dhruv sleeping, dhruv blabbers Mayra’s name in sleep, dhruv wakes up and ask rudra is he sad? rudra says no, dhruv hugs him and says everything will be fine. rudra thinks.

rohit says 2 days back, my father asked that I really want to marry maayra? I said that maayra is my best friend so why I should not marry her, dad said that isn’t love needed for marriage, I fought with him that if we want to take our relation ahead so whats problem in it, is it required that we have a love story with passion to marry, I told parents that maybe we don’t have passion, romance between us but there are many who marry the one from whom they had been beaten up in childhood, he holds maayra’s hand and says you remember, you had thrown sandwich on my face in nursery, maayra smiles, he says I was crying and you were laughing, they have kiddish fight, rothi says maybe we don’t have romio juilet story but our story is cute, many love stories break, they take divorce after sometime, he gives example of one friend, he says I told my dad that love doesn’t exist in real life, we cant live with love only, rohit says i want to live with you, we are best friends, we compliment each other, i wanna grow old with you, we are like a.. maayra completes that we are like a family, rohit hugs her and says you know me and we will live together, maayra tries to hug him back but cant, maayra is in tears.

mohini is trying to guess shtabdi’s recipe, danveer ask its 2am, come sleep, mohini says i will make shtabdi lose, i will find out what she has added in her pickle, danveer says it doesn’t matter, prize will come in our house only, mohini says i made shtabdi learn how to make pickle and now she will make me lose, i wont let that happen, she makes danveer taste different pickles and blabbers that monkey wont know the taste of pickle, danveer says if female monkey ask me to taste then i have to, mohini says what you called me monkey, mohini makes him taste one other pickle, danveer says wow this is the best, its more good then shtabdi’s, mohini says its same pickle which shtabdi made you taste.

rudra comes to maayra’s room, rohit ask is there any work? rudra says i know its night but its important, rudra says i think that i sleep with you here and maayra sleep with dhruv, rohit ask who is dhruv? rudra says he is my son of 7 years, rohit says oh i thought that i have to fight with a man for my maayra, rohit says we are comfortable with each other, we will sleep here, rudra says its not about you both, its a home, i have family, they wont allow it, you both are not married, rohit says i understood that its indian culture and all, maayra says i will sleep with dhruv, there are some rules in this house and we should follow it, rohit says good night to maayra, maayra leaves.

maayra is sleeping with dhruv, she cant sleep and recalls her moments with rudra, she sits and recalls how rudra said that without love, there cant be marriage and love happens only once, maayra looks at picture of rudra and paro and recalls how rudra told her that paro is his wife and she cant be paro ever.

Tuesday Update on colors tv apne tv