Tuesday Update on Anupama 12th July 2022


Tuesday Update on Anupama 12th July 2022

Vanraj walks away after fighting with Anu. Anu falls down reminiscing his words. Kinjal and Samar hold her and request to calm down as she doesn’t have to think much about what papa told and it shouldn’t affect her. Baa yells to spoil Anu more by supporting her. Kinjal pleads to stop at this time. Baa walks away. Samar repeats she doesn’t have to think anything at this time. Anu shouts why should she think now, he told in front of his children, parents, and Mamaji that she is mentally insane; she is really mentally insane or else she wouldn’t have expected respect from him, would have insulted him in court, wouldn’t have thought of peaceful ending of this relationship and let him live peacefully. Samar says he is frustrated seeing divorce notice and doesn’t know what he is doing. Kinjal says he is feeling bad seeing her speaking after 25 years, so she wants to break her courage. Anu says her heart is broken but not courage.

Samar says she should give a befitting reply to Mr. Shah. Samar shouts to stop provoking mummy against papa. Samar says he was papa but not anymore after today’s had, he had already stopped calling him papa. Toshu says blood relationship cannot be denied, he made a mistake, but they cannot deny that his blood is running in our veins. Samar asks what was he doing when Mr. Shah when he alleged mummy as mentally unstable. Toshu shouts he told in anger. Samar says even he says that he is a cheap mean. Toshu holds his collar. Samar says even he felt angry when he called mummy mentally unstable, he feels bad seeing Toshu not supporting mummy. Toshu shouts if he should pour ghee in fire and provoke mummy more. Samar says he will the whole world how cheap Mr. Shah is. Toshu holds his collar again and shouts enough, he will hit him if he speaks against papa. Samar says truth will not change.

Toshu shouts mummy is responsible for whatever is happening and not papa; mummy knows papa is very short tempered, even then she hurt his ego. Kinjal and Anu look at him in shock. Toshu blames Anu that she sent him divorce notice and papa just reacted to it. Samar says if he feels so, he feels really sorry for bhabi as he sees Vanraj Shah in him. Toshu shouts if he will shout at his brother. Samar says he will. Their physical fight starts. Bapuji asks them to stop. Toshu walks away. Kinjal walks behind him. Samar leaves home. Anu sits shocked.

Vanraj returns to Kavya’s house. Kavya asks if Anu read the notice and what did she say. He drinks water and says she was in shock seeing notice reply and boasted that she has changed and will not keep quiet, so even he told that he will give her a befitting reply. Kavya says he did right, now Anu will keep quiet. She then provokes him to claim his house also. He says there is no need for that as its his parents’ house. She asks what after his parents’ death, she may not even take care of his parents after sometime. Vanraj says Anupama would never do that, she is bad and arrogant, but not a cheat; she will not stoop low to trouble his children and parents. Kavya says she is doing everything which tyey couldn’t think, they couldn’t think she should play such a big level game, he should throw her out, when family and house belong to him, he shouldn’t think much; she will be back to her senses when she will be on road. Samar enters and shouts how dare she is to talk rubbish about his mummy.

Toshu tells Kinjal that he kept quiet as Samar is younger to him. Kinjal says whatever Samar told is right. Toshu shouts that she is also supporting Samar, he is not surprised as she thinks that mummy is a devi and papa a villain. Anu hears their conversation standing near door. Baa yells at her its a sound of her house breaking, she and they all are paying to satisfy her ego and self-respect. Kinjal says just because Vanraj is his papa doesn’t mean he is right. Toshu says he wanted to correct things, but mummy didn’t give him a chance. Baa yells that people say right that a woman can unite the house and even break it; she used to think maide hi katori kavya broke their house, but truth is she broke their house. Toshu says they shouldn’t speak if she supports mummy. Kinjal says fine, anyways they are fighting more than chatting these days. Anu walks shattered and hears Baa blaming Anu and Bapuji confronting that she is blind in son’s love and cannot see what he did, he called Anu as mentally insane and what not. Baa says Anu provoked him. He asks what if someone provokes him to kick her out of house, will it be his mistake or one who provoked him. Baa says whatever it is, Anu is the reason for all this, because of her Vanraj left home, Pakhi is staying with Kavya, two brothers are fighting, even Kinjal and Toshu are fighting, don’t know what else is left to see.

Vanraj asks sSamar what is he doing here. He says Vanraj did and he came to reply. Vanraj asks to return home and not create drama. Samar says he is mummy’s son and even has his blood in him, so he came to create drama. Vanraj shouts to behave himself. Kavya shouts its her house and he should get out. He says he came speak to Mr. Shah and confronts Vanraj that his life is revolving around necessity and stubbornness, he wanted mummy’s service when fell ill and was taking only her name and now after getting well is back to Kavya to show his stubbornness; he has even ego and when its hurt, he comes to blame mummy like today and called her mentally unstable; he was so different a few days ago as he wanted to return to the house and family, he celebrated birthday and behaved so well with mummy; he should be an actor instead of being in corporate.

Kavya shouts shut up. He says he is speaking to his mummy’s husband and says if mummy is not taking revenge, god is punishing him by performing his accident and then snatching his job; he is lucky that he married mummy 25 years ago, if he was not his mummy’s husband and grandparents’ son, he would have slapped him. Vanraj shouts enough. Samar shouts not to shout as he is not the one who will be silent, he used to be in limits because of mummy, but now he will not. Vanraj shouts if he is not ashamed to speak to his father like this. Samar says he feels ashamed to call him his father. Kavya shouts enough, its her house and she will not let him insult V. She provokes Vanraj that Anu has sent Samar to fight with him and she has manipulated Samar and using Vanraj’s weakness as weapon, she is such a mean cheap woman. Samar warns to shut up. Kavya continues that Anu acts as good, but she is a mean, cheap and manipulative woman. Samar shouts you.. Vanraj raises hand, but Samar holds it.

Anu cleans mess on floor and sits crying reminiscing all the incidents happened today. Mamaji walks in and says its not her mistake. Anu says Samar left home in anger, she is worried that he may… Mamaji says Samar is mature and he will call Samar and find out. Anu prays god to protect Samar. Samar warns Vanraj that his mummy taught him not to misbehave with elders, so he will stop him instead of replying, but if he raises his hand on mummy, he can break it, etc. Kavya provokes Samar to argue even with her and hit her on her mother’s order. Vanraj asks her to stop it as Samar is a kid. Kavya say she is not a kid but his mummy’s puppet and came to hit her. She continues provoking him continuously. He angrily raises hand but throws nearby stuff down and says he will not stoop low like her as his mummy taught her to respect women and not like her boyfriend who insults women. He walks away angrily. Kavya asks Vanraj if he saw what Samar did. Vanraj says he saw everything, she provoked Samar, but he didn’t do anything. She insists him to take an action or else if she does, he cannot do anything. He doesn’t react. She says she will not keep quiet for his wife and son’s misbehavior. She calls police and files police complaint against Samar. Anu gets worried for Samar.

Anupama nervously waits for Samar. Samar returns home. She asks where had he gone, Mamaji called him many times and why didn’t he pick call. She sees him angry and asks if something happened. He walks in. She hugs him and asks what happened. Police enters. Anu asks why are they here. Inspector asks who is Samar Anupama Shah. Samar nervously says its him. Anu asks if he has made any mistake. Inspector says Kavya has complained against Samar that she has risk from him. Baa yells that maide ki katori is a a big risk for them. Anu asks why did he go there as already there are many problems for them. Samar says he went to reply Mr. Shah as he cannot keep quiet seeing his mom insulted. Kinjal asks why would Kavya complain against him when he had gone to speak to Vanraj. Baa asks if he scolded her. Samar says she was interfering in between. Toshu insists to tell what did he do. Samar says he just warned her to stay away from his mummy.

Inspector says Kavya said he tried to raise hand on her. Toshu asks if he really hit Kavya. Anu shouts her son cannot hit any woman. Inspector says they inquired in the locality and found out that Samar fought sometime ago. Bapuji says it was not his mistake then. Samar says he was confronting Mr. Shah when Kavya interfered repeatedly and badmouthed about his mom, so he angrily broke lamp but never raised hand on her. Inspector insists to arrest Samar. Family requests that there is some mistake. Toshu says he will call Kavya and clear misunderstanding. Inspector says they can call Kavya or even lawyer, but he has to arrest Samar. Kinjal asks how can he arrest just because someone complained. Baa also argues with him, but he drags Samar and takes him in jeep while Anu pleads not to arrest her son. Anu runs behind jeep asking him not to worry. Samar asks to return back or else she may fall. Baa asks where is she going. Bapuji asks Toshu to call lawyer. Kinjal says she is doing same. Anu falls down running. Samr shouts mummy, but jeep doesn’t stop. Anu cries lying on road.

Inspector takes Samar to police station and asks him to sit on a stool. Anu reaches police station. Constable stops her and says she cannot meet him as its a police station. Anu signals Samar if he is fine. Inspector over phone informs Javya that he brought Samar Anupama Shah to police station. Kinjal with Toshu and Nandini reaches police station next. Anu asks them to stay with Samar and not let him alone even for a second. Kinjal asks where is she going. Any walks away without replying.

Anu reaches Kavya’s home and knocks door repeatedly until Vanraj opens it. Vanraj yells earlier Samar and now she. Anu angrily warns him to shut up. Kinjal seeing her shouts how dare she is to come here. Anu warns to stop her English or else she will get a tight slap, she doesn’t cook and doesn’t hear cooker whistle but if she gets a slap, she will hear whistle whole life. She warns that she did a big mistake, she had warned her to stay away from her children and attack only her; she ruined her son’s whole life and once they get a stamp of criminal, it won’t erase whole life. Kavya says she is playing with a fire. Anu says a mother puts her hand in fire 10 times in a day and she will burn her with it, etc. Vanraj shouts. Anu warns him not to shout or else she will drag even him to police station. He asks what has really happened. She says her son was dragged to police station. He asks Kavya what is Anu saying.

Anu says Kavya filed false police complaint against Samar and got him arrested. Vanraj asks Kavya if she filed a police complaint against Samar. Kavya says yes as Samar barged into her house and broke things, Vanraj wasn’t reacting, she was scared that Samar would hit her. Vanraj and Anu at once say Samar will never do that. Kavya says she did right and Samar’s real place is in lockup. Anu asks where is her place, she never goes to temple, today she will send her to Kanhaji’s birthplace. Kavya asks what is she saying. Vanraj asks how dumb she is, Anu is talking about sending her to jail as Kanhaji was born in jail. Anu says she will send him also to jail as they love each other, she takes oath that she is not Samar’s mother if she doesn’t send them to jail. Kavya says Samar is paying for his acts. Anu says if the account has opened, then why can’t them. Vanraj asks what she means. He says Samar is wrongly alleged, but if she starts alleging them, a whole day will end but not her allegations; they both will not come out of jail before 10 days; she forgave Vanraj for every mistake but not this mistake, she will give him back with interest, she will send them to jail for sure.

Vanraj asks what did he do. She says that is the problem, he didn’t do anyhthing when Kavya crearted drama during Toshu’s wedding, when Kavya asked him not to attend his son’s wedding; Kavya made a mistake and he encouraged her. Vanraj says he didn’t know that Kavya would do this with her son. Anu asks what is he doing now after knowing everything, he has gone emotionless, but Samar’s mother is still alive. Anu counts. Kavya asks what is she doing. Anu says their crimes which she will file in her complaint; being married having an illicit affair with another woman; torturing his wife both physically and mentally and what not; when lie can send her son to jail, a truth can send them to jail for sure.

Kavya says its between Anu and Vanraj and not her. Anu says she will drag her pulling her hair and will call her husband, but not spare her. She warns Vanraj that he can make many phone calls or pray many gods, but when a mother stands up, even god cannot save them; she will meet them in police station now and walks away greeting Jai Sri Krishna.

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