Tuesday Update on A Magical Love Story 3rd August 2021


Tuesday Update on A Magical Love Story 3rd August 2021

Everyone smiling seeing Aman. Roshni jokes that Aman and she gets the awards. She says i thought we won’t identify the main villain. Dadi says you should have told me about the drama. Parveen in Soha’s avatar attacks Aman and gets the sword in her hand. She says I did big mistake to leave you alive on the rain shower night, I will rectify that mistake now, get ready to die Ayana. She goes towards Aman and Roshni. Roshn uses her powers and cages her with the red stones. Aman says these red stones can weaken any jinn like the red moon. Roshni says we know that red moon weakens Sifriti jinn. Parveen says I won’t get caught by this. Aman shouts to Dadi and Phupi. They throw the chains over her and catch her. Parveen gets tied up in the room. She sees everyone.

Aman signs Roshni. Roshni gets the red stones and showers on her. They leave. Dadi goes to see Parveen in her room. Parveen says these red stones are weakening me, I can’t be in Soha’s look for long. Aman and Roshni go to talk to Soha in private to know her truth. Parveen thinks I have to leave from here. Aman and Roshni open the door. They see Soha and ask who are you, are you really Soha. Roshni says you can’t stay fine in these red rubies, give me the sword and we will let you go. Parveen says this Ayana talks a lot. Roshni says you are not my Saas that I get shy. Parveen says Ayana will become reason of your death Aman. Roshni asks who are you. Parveen kicks the red stones towards Aman. The red stones surround him. He begins to fall weak. Roshni shouts Khan baba….

Roshni attacks Parveen. Parveen jumps and gets free. She ignites some fire. Aman asks Roshni to run. Roshni says I won’t leave you alone. Roshni uses her clips to strike. Parveen burns the clips. Aman asks Roshni to run. Roshni runs. Parveen catches her. Aman jumps down between them. Roshni sees him. Parveen attacks them. They fall back. Aman calls Baazigar. He defends her attacks by his magical powers. He falls down. Parveen continues to strike. Roshni worries.

She shouts Khan baba and gets raging on Parveen. She attacks Parveen to nullify her powers. Roshni holds Aman’s hand. Parveen thinks I can’t stay here for long, I need to go. She tries to run out. Aman chants the spell and changes the door. Parveen gets a knife. She says you can never reach me. She stabs herself. Aman says no…. Parveen falls down. Saima says I think mum took medicine and slept. Dadi says we will let her rest.

Aman asks Soha to answer them, she can’t die like this. Dadi and everyone come. Aman says we were going to win, Soha gave her life, now this question will just be a question, if Kabir did this or someone else. Roshni says none can harm us until we are together. Dadi says no one can defeat you both. Aman says none can defeat us until we are together. They chant unity slogan and hug. Aman buries Soha. He says Soha was a powerful jinn, we must talk to Tabeezi to know more about her. They all leave. Real Soha wakes up and recalls Aman and Roshni’s fight. She thinks don’t know what’s happening here, I need to run from here. Dadi asks Aman to go and rest. Soha hides. Aman looks around. Roshni says we are tired, we should rest. They go upstairs. Soha runs out.

Roshni says I m very much tired. Aman lifts her and makes her lie on the bed. He says you are a kid, your mental age is 3. She says you would be 3 year old kid. He asks her to sleep now. She says I want to talk to you. He says you can talk tomorrow. She asks him to sleep beside her, instead the sofa. He smiles. He gets close and says actually, I like to sleep on the side you are sleeping. She says I will complain about molestation, you have murdered the romantic moment. He asks her to roll that side. She says I m so tired, fine, how many times shall I roll. He says 3 or 4 times. She asks 3 or 4. He says 4. she asks are you sure. She rolls and falls down the bed. They laugh. He kisses on her forehead and hugs her.


Parveen coming out of the grave. She looks at the house. Soha opens the door and sees Parveen. Parveen pushes her and says if you want to stay alive, then you have to do what I say. She smiles. Its morning, Roshni wakes up and sees Aman sleeping. She lifts a chair by her magic and blocks sunlight. She says new Ayana has many powers, she is better. She laughs. She sees Aman and says his eyes are cute, it looks more cute when its closed. He asks her to get quiet. She says I m already mute, I don’t talk much. He says I have another way to make you quiet. She asks which way. He gets close. The chair falls down. He smiles. She gets away. He stops her.

He says I know why you are running away, you want to say that you love me a lot, but eventually you will leave me. She asks do you really think so. He nods. She says no, I want to tell you, I gave you many wounds that day, you had tolerated it, I know you can never hurt me, you couldn’t stab me even for saving my life, this connection won’t let me go away. He asks won’t you leave me. She says no, I will die but not leave you. He asks what were you going to say. She says you could have easily defeated me. He says love taught me to lose. She says I m really sorry for giving you so many wounds. He asks won’t you leave me. She says no, never. They hug and fall over the bed. They laugh. Chotu comes and asks what’s happening. Aman asks what are you doing here, door was closed, how did you come. Chotu says I came here by window, you said you will make my fav breakfast. Aman and Roshni say yes and rush. They make breakfast.

Chotu asks Roshni to open her own bakery. Roshni says yes, I have a dream and it will get fulfilled. Aman thinks its been much time, we didn’t come close, I m feeling so awkward, but I have to say. He says I want to say something, actually…. He thinks our closeness…. He says okay, I was saying… Sara asks what are you saying. Aman says nothing. Chotu says he is trying to say something since morning. Aman says shut up, do your work. Roshni says you were going to say something. Aman says yes. Chotu says I want milk. Roshni goes. Aman makes a face. Roshni sends Chotu.

Aman thinks we are husband and wife, we should come close. He says we are close, our husband and wife should come. He thinks what am I saying. She says you are saying complicated thing, we had red moon night and star shower night, when will we have our suhaagraat. He gets shocked and drops the bowls. She says sorry if I told something wrong. He says no, not at all. Sara and Chotu come. Sara says I will get the mop. She goes. Roshni says we won’t do it if you don’t like the idea. He says we will do it, its world’s best idea. Chotu asks what idea. Aman says baking Naankhatia.

Aman and Roshni serve the breakfast. Everyone likes it. Dadi says its not your mistake Aman, if you guys cook so well, then my diet will run away. Roshni says its Chotu’s choice, its his mistake, I will get plates. They say we have plates. He says I will get spoons. They say we have spoons. He says I will get tissues. He goes and says I have come to meet you. Roshni asks why are you so nervous. He asks do I look nervous. She says yes, did you get scared. He holds her close. He asks do I look scared, tell me. She says yes, you look nervous, you were trying to say something some time back. He asks shall I tell like you. She says suhaagraat is normal word, not a bad word, if you want to drop the idea… He says quiet, family is there. She says fine, then tell me in your language. He says I feel our closeness should increase now. Chotu comes and asks what’s closeness. They get away. Aman says how do you come everywhere. Chotu says I come this way. Aman and Roshni smile seeing each other. Parveen looks at them.

Dadi asks Salma did you settle well in outhouse. Salma says no, Aman is so good, I can’t have any trouble, my cousin is ill, Roshni and I will go to see her tonight. Aman shouts no. Dadi asks what happened, if Salma wants to take Roshni… Roshni says I don’t want to go. Salma says if you have imp work, then we will go later. Aman and Roshni say yes, its very very imp meeting. Aman says I forgot something in oven. Roshni says Naankhatai can burn. They go. She asks why did you shout like this. He asks why did you make all plans today. She says mum made that plan. He says oh, so our plan is on, right. She smiles. Chotu asks which plan. Aman sees him. Roshni says I will tell your fav story. They go.

Parveen sees the tree. She gets a bud and says I got the rose root, red soul and the Nargisi bud, my magic will complete, now Aman and Roshni can’t stand against me, the Sifra gold won’t let them get close. She does some magic and makes gold powder. She goes and sees Roshni and Chotu sleeping. She sprinkles the gold powder on Roshni. Roshni wakes up. She messages Aman… its time. Aman replies time for what… She replies… don’t act smart, sit winking, I will get ready in Sara’s room, what I wear today will be a surprise for you. He says surprise. He replies… even I made a surprise ready for you. She smiles.