Tuesday Update on A Magical Love Story 31st August 2021


Tuesday Update on A Magical Love Story 31st August 2021

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Roshni saying nothing happened due to Laila’s curse. Aman says because I didn’t let it happen. She says you are being close to me. He says you are watching me in the mirror. She says you are standing at this angle, this dress got tight. He says you can still wear it, you can’t wear it later when your weight gets more. She asks why will I gain weight. He says it happens. She says you can’t call me fat. He says weight gain happens when the girl is preg… Roshni goes on Salma’s call. He sees the time and runs to save Roshni from the fall. Aman reaches the stairs and saves Roshni from falling down.

They have an eyelock. Farah shows the door to the magical cave. Imran asks what’s this. She says bridge. He asks bridge, we will keep walking on it. She asks him not to be negative, she will go. Imran says I m sorry, I will also come, what do you know about bridge, did you go before. Farah says no. Imran says I m the senior here, I m not scared. Locha asks Chotu to come after her. Chotu goes ahead. He gets shocked seeing the stones moving far. Imran and Farah get shocked and shout Chotu.

Aman says Roshni fell in danger in my house. He recalls. He calls Khanna and says I m taking Roshni to the farmhouse, you take the family to Tabeezi’s house. Chotu says I got saved. Iran says we didn’t decide, who asked you to go there. Locha asks Chotu to come fast. Farah says wait, I will come. She loses balance. Imran pulls her back. He says I will go and save him. Chotu says save me. Imran says I will just come, look at me.

Imran shouts for help and runs back. He says what shall I do now, you have gone there, now go alone and open the lock. Chotu asks really. Imran says yes, you can do it. Imran and Farah encourage him. Chotu says I will do it. Roshni asks why did you get me here. Aman says for your safety. She says safety will be with family. He asks her to come along. He calls Tabeezi and says I can’t explain much, Roshni is going to die in 2 hours because of curse, you don’t remember, but you are living the day for the second time, you were doing something to save her, try to recall, we have less time. He sees Roshni gone. He looks for her everywhere and calls her out.

Aman looking for Roshni. He runs and sees Roshni enjoying a bath in a bath tub filled with rose petals. He smiles. He sees her sinking and worries. He does his magic. She opens eyes and sees him. She asks what are you doing here. He says I have come to see you here, were you sleeping here. She says I was much tired, can you hand me over that towel, and turn that side. He asks where. She says that side. He turns and asks are you fine, tell me, else I will turn. She says guys just want an excuse, just keep looking that side. Chotu jumps over the rocks. Imran and Farah look on. A rock falls down. They shout Chotu.

Roshni asks do you remember our first meeting. Aman recalls. He says I wish this girl isn’t Ayana. She says if any girl was Ayana, she would have run away, I stayed with you and did a lot for you. He nods. He says you saved my life and irritated me a lot, you didn’t give me a chance to save your life. She says you are more stubborn, arrogant, you don’t trust me. He says I trust you. She says don’t say this at least on my life’s sad topic. He says since we got married, your life got adventurous. She says it was better and simple with my mum, if you weren’t there with me, I would have opened a cute small bakery. He recalls blasting the bakery.

He says whatever I did, I m sorry. She says I know you are sorry. She turns and slips. Kahani hamari….plays…. Chotu holds on the rock. Th rock takes him to the other side. He smiles seeing the cave. Imran asks him to open the door. Farah says no, there can be a danger. He asks what can we do. Locha says why aren’t they coming here. Chotu says there is no way. Locha does some magic and makes a way for Imran and Farah. Imran and Farah smile.

Imran says Chotu, don’t worry, I m coming. They also cross the bridge. Chotu asks why didn’t you do this for me when I was stuck. Locha says Locha happened. Chotu holds his head. Roshni asks Aman to change his clothes. She asks what’s this mark, just Ayana can kill you. He says it happened because of Jinnat sword. She says you broke my heart, and then gave life for me, you didn’t let me love you, at least let me hate you, how many times did you go through this day, how much do I have. He says 30mins. She says promise me, if you aren’t able to save me, you won’t be upset with yourself. He says I can’t make a false promise. She says I want to spend the last time with my family, with you and mum, I want to see the family, birds and mountains also. He says house isn’t safe. She says please take me home. They hug.