Tuesday Update May 29 on Young Love Glow Tv

Tuesday Update  on Young Love Glow Tv

May 29 Episode

Anandi looks at the locket and keeps thinking. Phooli comes there with her kid and Anandi plays with him. P&A talk about school and both realise that Asha loves Dr. Abhishek. Anandi talks about how important to have a partner to share everything with. Phooli asks if the same does not apply to Anandi. Anandi says she doesn’t feel the need and is happy for now. They talk for a little more about this.

Gauri gets into her car and drives, all the while remembering Jagya’s words. Gauri again comes to the conclusion that Anandi must have brain washed Jagat. Jagat sits in a bar and keeps drinking shots after shots. Re shares his grief with someone at the bar, saying he is sad that he is unable to keep anyone happy in his life, not his wife, nor his family or friends. Gauri remembers all of Jetsar’s happenings and gets upset. She calls Anandi who is busy talking to Phooli. Anandi sees Gauri’s call and sends Phooli away. She answers the call and Gauri starts yelling at her for brainwashing Jagat. She goes on and on.

She keeps blaming Anandi that she is doing all this on purpose. Anandi keeps listening. Gauri tells Anandi about Jagat getting debarred. Anandi is shocked. Gauri says Anandi purposely held Jagat back for her selfishness, but all because of her Jagat is ruined. Anandi says instead of yelling at her, she should be with Jagat at his difficult times. Anandi asks Gauri to talk to the dean, but Gauri yells at her and throws her phone way. Just then a cart crashes with Gauri’s car and she hits a pole. Anandi tries Gauri’s number but is unable to reach. Gauri meanwhile is lying bleeding and unconscious in her car. Anandi tries to call Jagya who is drunk and passed out. Anandi wonders what to do.

Jagat is woken up by the waiter. Anandi is in the kitchen remembering Gauri’s insults. Gehna keeps talking to anandi who doesn’t listen. Gehna sees this and asks her what the matter is. Anandi tells gehna about Gauri’s phonecall. Gehna curses Gauri and tells Anandi to not answer her calls. Anandi says she doesn’t feel bad about Gauri’s words, during the call, she heard some big disturbance and the call got disconnected and hopes everything is fine. Gehna tells Anandi that so much goodness too is not good. Anandi says she fears for the unborn child in all this.

Jagat reaches home in talli state. Then notices the lock on the door and wonders where gauri is. He tries to call but thinks will call inside. He struggles to open the lock with his keys but cant due to his talli state and falls asleep outside. At that time there is call of gauri on his phone but he falls asleep.

Abhisek- asha convo on phone late at night. Asha is lil hesitated to talk with him late at night. Abhisek insists her to meet next day but °she hesitates. Madan singh comes there, snatches the receiver and asks who is talking. Abhisek gets a jhatka and covers up by saying may be its a wrong number. Madan singh shouts at him and cuts the call. Then shouts at ashy for picking up the phone late at night and asks her what she is doing here late at night. Ashy manages to say she is just going to sleep.

Next morning, jagat wakes up and confused. He wonders where r gauri and her parents. He opens the lock and went inside. He notices that gauri’s parents luggage r not there, after that he gets a letter of them to gauri where they wrote that they r leaving due to some works in village and tells gauri to manages the lil problems between her and jagat.

Jagat sees 22 miss calls on his mobile. He calls on gauri’s mobile. A nurse picks up the phone and informs that gauri met with an accident and is in critical condition in city life hospital. Jag& shocked and rushes to hospital.

Jagat reaches the hospital and in tears after seeing gauri unconscious in ICU. He asks the nurse how is she! The nurse replies that she is not in good condition: she has some internal injuries and was brought by some pp I in unconscious state. Her mobile is in working condition and that’s y they managed to inform him. She tries informs about the pregnancy but jag& doesn’t let her to complete and asks her to call the doctor. Nurse went to call the doc. Jagat starts talking to gauri that nothing will happen to her, he won’t let that happen, everything will be fine and keeps saying sorry to her. Doctor comes and checks gauri. Gouri gets some flash backs of her accident and suddenly gets up. She asks the doctor about her baby. Doctor replies she suffered a miscarriage. JG r shocked. Gauri again lost hers sense. Doctor asks jagat to go out as he is her relative and starts checking her.

Outside the ICU, he gets some flash backs of some memories related to gauri’s pregnancy and upset. He goes near Ganeshji’s idol and prays not to snatch gauri. He cant bear it after loosing everything. God already punished him by snatching his baby He cries and begs for another chance in front of god.


Tuesday Update May 29 on Young Love Glow Tv