Tuesday Update May 22nd on Unforeseen Love Glow Tv

Tuesday Update May 22nd on Unforeseen Love Glow Tv

Episode starts with NK telling everyone that he was in Shyam’s room when he was talking with travel agency. Shyam says he wanted Scotland immigration stamp for his client case. NK says no way, he heard him saying Arnav’s name. Shyam says are you sure that you heard his name only? Shyam says even if he agrees that he took arnav name but does NK have any proof about it? NK is quiet and has nothing to say. Shyam says when you don’t have proof then how can you just say all this and think everyone will believe you. NK asks everyone to believe them but no one says anything. NK says to Anjali your husband is lying to everyone. Shyam says to NK,’ you’re too innocent so I can’t blame you but you say did you ever see me with Arnav when he was kidnapped? ‘

Shyam then asks Arnav whether he saw shyam during his kidnapping. Arnav doesn’t say anything and then Shyam says Khushi is just blaming him for no reason and asks what she will get by lying.

Payal now speaks up and says Khushi is not lying. She says Shyam is blaming Khushi. She also knows how bad person Shyam is. Aakash asks Payal what is she saying. Shyam says this was expected from Payal and says not to believe her. Manorama now says both sisters are same.

NK says proof, he will bring Shyam’s chain from his room and will show to everyone. He tells everyone it’s pen drive which has will’s copies and Shyam has taken signature of Arnav as well. According to fake will all property now belongs to Shyam. Shyam takes out pendant and stops NK. Khushi in her mind says shyam must have changed it. NK tries to open the pendant but can’t open it. Shyam says what happened? This is only pendant not pen drive. NK says Shyam exchanged it. NK goes to Khushi and tells Shyam exchanged pendant.


Shyam says to Anjali what have happened to these two. NK says we opened your pen drive too and we know password too . NK says he put camera in his room. NK says what was his password (I love you Khushi) and how Khushi had recorded it in her phone. Everyone is shocked. Shyam tries to justify himself to Anjali but Anjali stops him.

Anjali gets mad and says NK and Khushi to stop. Anjali says she can’t believe them. Shyam says to Khushi see what happened to Anjali because of you. Khushi and NK still trying to prove themselves. Shyam says to NK, if this is any kind of joke then please stop it. This is just getting ridiculous. NK asks Khushi for her phone. Khushi says Shyam took her phone away. Khushi asks everyone why no one is believing her.

Khushi says this family has got hurt only because of Shyam. Manorama steps up and says what about you. She says if you really care about this family then why you asked Shyam to give divorce to Anjali. Everyone is shocked.


Manorama asks Khushi why she said to Shyam this is correct time to give divorce to Anjali when Arnav is not here. Khushi says she didn’t to do anything like this. She just wanted to take signatures on papers that say Shyam has no authority on Arnav’s property. She just wanted him to believe it’s divorce papers as he wouldn’t sign on any random paper. Manorama asks to show those papers.

Khushi goes to bring those papers but then realizes those papers were in her bag and bag left where she went to save Arnav. Shyam asks what happened Khushi ji, you will make some random reason again that you lost them.

Khushi says because of Shyam she has kept those papers in her bag and she lost that bag. Shyam asks to stop all this non sense. Shyam says if he knew those were divorce papers then why would he sign. He can’t even think about it.

Why would he leave Anjali. Manorama says to Shyam, ‘don’t think that I didnt listen what you said. I agree that Khushi started this divorce thing but you also agreed. Why did you agree? Why do you want to give divorce to Khushi?’. Shyam says, Yes I said yes and Anjali gets shocked. Shyam says to Anjali, he said yes but just so Khushi stops asking him again and again.

Arnav is just standing and listening all this..

He just said yes for family.

Shyam saying he agreed to give divorce for his family, to keep peace in house. He was scared of what Khushi would do if he said no and that was the only reason for agreeing for divorce. Khushi gets shocked and asks him what are you saying. Shyam says Khushi is young and in her age girls can dream without thinking anything so it’s not Khushi’s fault either. He says but now as Khushi crossed all her limits, how he can stay quiet. He then says Anjali, Khushi is behind him since long time and thats why she asked Shyam to give divorce. She has been doing cheap tricks since he met her. Payal is disgusted listening all this and he asks Shyam to stop.

Payal says to Shyam not to blame someone else for his mistakes and says do you know why we are quiet since long time? Because they didn’t want to see Anjali sad and didn’t want to see this family broken. This family was broken on same day when Khushi found out truth about Shyam. But if you blame Khushi for no reason then she won’t stay quiet either. Aakash then asks Payal what is it that she is talking about. Payal says the truth that Shyam stayed at Khushi’s house as paying guest for long time and created lots of troubles for everyone there. She says to ask Khushi’s buaji if he wants and ask whether Shyam engaged with Khushi or no saying he’s not married.

Khushi steps up and asks Anjali to believe her. She says she never wanted all this stuff to come out because she knew everyone would get hurt. She hide all this just for this family’s happiness. Anjali loses her balance and Arnav comes and takes her away saying we will talk about all this later.

When Arnav is taking Anjali away, Shyam stops him and says he wants to clear everything now. He doesn’t want any misunderstanding between him and Anjali so it’s better if we clear everything now. If Khushi and Payal have decided to destroy Shaym, then he will also make sure all truths come out today.

He then asks Payal what you said that him and Khushi got engaged right? She says yes in front of everyone. He asks for engagement photos but Payal says she doesn’t have any because her dad was very sick and taking photos came in no one’s mind. Shyam says wah, dad was sick but it didn’t affect engagement and didn’t take any pictures as if that would make her dad more sick. And he says Payal is just making stuff up to save Khushi. Payal says you never told us that you’re married back then.

Payal says he just didn’t lie to them but lied to entire family. They didn’t even know Shyam is married to Anjali and when they found out about it, they threw Shyam out. Shyam says to Aakhash, ‘I am sorry to say but not only Khushi, her whole family is behind this family’. Shyam asks Payal, if she knew all this then why she was quiet till now. Before Payal says anything he says, because she was afraid that she might not get married to Aakash and miss opportunity to come in a big house. Her dream would get shattered. Shyam says now he is getting everything now.

Shyam says Khushi kept coming to this house making thousands of reasons before and as she didn’t get anything from it she tried to trap Shyam but as it didn’t work they trapped both Arnav and Aakash. Shyam asks Payal why she didn’t tell this truth to Aakash and says because they just made this whole story right now. If nothing like that ever happened then what would they tell everyone.

Payal goes to Aakash and tries to explain but Shyam is not stopping and says he understands girls from small houses have big dreams. He tells to Khushi that he is afraid of her now and he finds her mad now. How she can dream about a married man. Khushi says everything that Shyam said is lie. She hates Shyam and doesn’t even want to see. Shyam asks then she was coming to his room since last couple of days. Because she wanted to destroy Arnav.

NK says Khushi was just lying so she can make him fool and show she is on his side and save Arnav. Shyam says to NK if he couldn’t see the real Khushi then how would NK see all that. He then asks Khushi whether she said that she wants to destroy Arnav. Khushi says yes, she told him but that was because Shyam thinks she is on her side as she knew he kidnapped him. Shyam asks Khushi to stop and says he has no feeling for Khushi.

Khushi asks Arnav to believe her. She was quiet just for this family. Shyam says to Anjali, you know how much I love you and how he is waiting for their kid but this Khushi..She can do anything for herself. Khushi tells Arnav to believe her and tells he knows that Khushi would never do that.

Shyam says Khushi wants to destroy this family and can do anything to do that and for that she can even go behind her jija ji. Arnav gets angry listening that but doesn’t do anything because of Anjali.

Khushi says she knows she doesn’t have any proof against Shyam but she knows she is right. And says to Arnav, if you look in my eyes, you will know the truth.