Tuesday Update May 22 on True Love Glow Tv

Tuesday Update May 22 on True Love Glow Tv

Damini’s recollection of how they first came to the Haveli, Ichcha and Tapasya’s innocent childhood days….to Vansh being guided towards the mandap  by Jogi Thakur …to how the gathbandhan broke… to how the sindoor tub almost fell during the marriage ceremony…Ammu is upset as she remembers about these lapses  during the ceremony.

In the next scene Tapasya walks Ichcha (who is holding a tray with a glass of milk) to Vansh’s room which is decorated with flowers and lights.  Vansh looks sad and lost, while Ichcha remember her moments with him, his telling her how he would give her a lot of love… and their many other moments together…to finally the moment when they get married. Taps tells him that she has brought his bride, her younger sister; Taps makes Ichcha next to Vansh. Though she is happy to look at a dejected Vansh, she tells him to cheer up, asks Ichki to take care, and leaves.

Vansh and Ichcha look at each other, the former with a deep sad look in his eyes and the latter with hesitation and nervousness, Vansh gets up, walks to the door and shuts it while recollecting how he had found the engagement photo of Veer – Ichcha in Veer’s room. Vansh locks the door walks back towards a nervous Ichcha, and remembers how Ichcha had once said that no body can snatch her from Vansh, and she belongs to him and him alone.

Vansh continues to look at Ichcha…she asks him why he is looking at her like this, to which he replies he is trying to find out how many Ichchas reside in this one Ichcha. Ichcha tells him to drink milk as he had not eaten anything since morning…she also reminds him to take his meds. Vansh gets sarcastic as he tells her his Ichcha takes so much care of him, always worries about him….Ichcha who always reminds him of his sickness and his weaknesses. Ichcha is a little shocked on hearing this.Vansh walks around the room, looking at the various pics. and paintings of Ichcha that adorn the walls –he says his Ichcha, the one who lives in his heart, in his dreams and his portraits (he unveils a picture of hers at this point)… there are flashbacks of the time when Vansh had removed all the drug packets hidden in the nooks and corners of his room and handed them to Ichcha, he tells her that her coming into his life gradually changed everything. He also says that he painted this room with his own hands.

He unveils another picture (this one has both Ichcha and him) as he recollects their moments at the rehab centre, he tells her that her behavior and actions (her crying for Paras, bringing books for Vansh) gradually breathed new life into him …it was a rebirth for him, it was a new Vansh. The camera zooms in and ends on Vansh’s hurt face.