Tuesday Update 5th June on Young Love Glow Tv

Tuesday Update on Young Love Glow Tv

5th June

Jagat helps Gauri study, but Gauri seems lost. Jagat asked her to concentrate. Gauri says she wants to tell him something. She reveals that the dean had called her and in her anger she talked rudely to the Dean and this may be why he has been debarred. Jagat is shocked, but doesn’t seem angry. Retells gauri that both of them were not themselves in Jetsar and they should forget everything and start afresh. Gauri seems very happy to hear this.

In Jetsar, all adults minus Anandi are talking about Asha and that Asha’s life will be happy from now on. DS listens to all the discussions and seems to be in deep thought. Bhairav says that Asha deserves all the happiness she gets, just like Suguna did. DS said they should stop worrying about others’ daughters and think about their own daughter first.

DS says that none of them have thought of Anandi’s future, they can’t keep her with them forever, Sumitra asks DS what she means. DS says that she has been thinking of something for Anandi in the past few days and she would like to discuss now. Even though MS had talked in anger, he was right, they should think of Anandi’s re-marriage. She says she has decided to get Anandi re-married come what may. Everyone is shocked.

Sumitra seems like she is hesitant. DS explains that Anandi is living an empty life. She is neither a widow or a suhagan. Her life is worse than anyone’s. She has forgotten how to smile and has lived all her life for others. Sumtira too agrees that Anandi should get re-married.

Sumtira remembers Anandi’s gauna as a child and how she has considered her as a daughter since that second. She thanks DS for reminding her that Anandi is her daughter and not DiL. They will do what is right for Anandi. Basanth says that the last time they had brought this up, Anandi had refused to accept it. DS says it is upto them to convince Anandi. Bhairav is glad that DS has taken this decision. At the same time, he can’t think how it will be in the haveli without Anandi. DS says it will be difficult, but they have to keep Anandi’s happiness in mind.

Sumitra says they should discuss with Anandi, DS wonders how to do that. She asks Bhairav what to do next. Bhairav says they have to file for a divorce from Jagya first, which will be very painful for Anandi. Everyone is shocked. DS says they have to do this no matter how painful it is. In Mumbai, Gauri’s mom calls Gauri. Gauri says Jagat is taking very good care of her. GM tells her that Jagat was taking good care of her very well even when she was there. Gauri says finally she has Jagat all to herself. Jagat comes there with coffee for Gauri. Jagat goes to get toast. Gauri calls the Dean and requests him to let Jagat take his exams. Dean says the decision was not his alone, but of the committee and nothing can be done now. Gauri hangs up and sees Jagat standing there.

Gauri tries to convince the dean to rethink about jagat but dean refused. Jagat hears all those. He tells her to leove that matter but he is touched with her efforts. He asks to concentrate in studies.

Anandi is sleeping in her room. Sumi,bhiron see her and recalls ds’s remarriage plans for anandi.. Sumi goes away. Bhiron tells her that bidaai is not happened yet but she is feeling low right now. Sumi says she has the ray of hope that may be Jag will come back to anandi and will try to win her back by asking her for forgiveness. but. if divorce will happen then this hope will be finished too.Bhairon says its useless to hope for impossible. They couldn’t accept what jag did but now they have. think for anandi’s better future.

Jag sees some of his notes and recalls his childhood memories and says y he is recalling anandi. Gauri comes there and hugs him. she says as her turn take care of him. she will fill his life with so much of love that he wont remember any other. Jag says he needs her only. He went jetsar in hurry but understood that who is dear. He understood that gauri is only happiness and strength.

Bhiron goes to lawyer f or discussion of divorce. Lawyer asks him who wants the divorce. Bhiron says his DIL. Then lawyer starts pointing towards anandi’s character that may be she hss an affair or caught with another man etc etc. bhiron lost his cool and shouts how could he talk about anandi like that. Matter is not like that at all. He is mistaken. Lawyer says sorry and says that they become mechanical coz these Type of things are very very common. He tells bhairon that he has to know the proper thing obout this cose. Bhiron says his son went to city for study but started thinking his family and his wife have no worth. 1st they think he went on the wrong way but now everything is finished and there is no hope for his return. Lawyer asks weather his son will agree for divorce. Bhiron says yes. Then he asks him weather she wants any type of alimony. Bhiron replies she doesn’t want anything. only wants to be free from this relationship. Then the lawyer gives the divorce paper to him and tells him that both hubby wife signature is needed then after that they have to appear in front of local magistrate, then in the hearing if judge will convince that there is no chance to solve the difference between the couple and they can’t live with each other, then after 6 months of paper works, they will get divorce.

Tuesday Update on Young Love Glow Tv