Tuesday Update 5th June on Unforseen Love Glow Tv

Tuesday Update  on Unforseen Love Glow Tv

5th June

Khushi saying so you did all this Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. She calls him and asks how can he do this and tells him she didn’t even have tea since morning. Arnav asks if you didn’t make yours then how will you make for me? Khushi says him don’t even dare to come here and Arnav comes out of her home. He says too late and Khushi turns back and sees him. Arnav asks her how it feels without electricity, water. He asks what will you do and how will you make food if electricity and water don’t come back by evening.

Khushi says don’t worry about it and says she will manage. Arnav says I know that you will manage this much. He then asks won’t you scare tonight without lights? and says he won’t be there tonight to hold her hand. Khushi says she will make food using little water that she has and she will do the candles in night. She asks him not to worry about all that. He says you’re stubborn so you will do it but why are you making your parents and buaji suffer? He asks her to go to Raizada house with him.

Anjali is at hospital. She is leaving and Khushi’s Buaji sees her. Anjali asks her if everything is fine. Buaji says everything is fine and she came here because of Khushi’s father. Anjali seems shocked seeing Buaji absolutely fine. They then go to have tea.

Back to Khushi’s house. Arnav drops container in which Khushi took out water to make food. He says now you don’t even have a little water. Khushi gets mad and says she won’t give up this easily and she goes to get water from outside.

She comes back and Arnav comes in her way. She asks him to move. Arnav says what if you can’t open door. She sees door locked and Arnav shows her keys.

Arnav says he’s landlord and he can close door whenever he wants. Khushi gets angry and goes to him and in that she drops water containers. Arnav says without water and electricity may be you can work out but what if you can’t open door and says your family must be coming back. He then wipes out water around her neck. read full update with pictures only at . Arnav tells Khushi you know why I am doing this. Khushi says I told you everything will be fine in few days. Arnav says leave future but today your life can be destroyed. Khushi asks why are you doing this? Arnav says you know it very well. He says you still have time..come back to me before your family come on road. Khushi doesn’t say anything. Arnav says fine if that’s what you want then get ready to leave this house in an hour. Khushi still doesn’t say anything. Arnav looks at the locked door and leaves.

Back to hospital. Anjali asks Buaji how is she feeling now. Buaji says what happened to her? She is absolutely fine and says little pain in head and body is always there as she is old. Anjali now asks about her blood pressure. Buaji says it’s absolutely fine. Buaji then asks how is her child. Anjali again asks about blood pressure. Buaji says it’s absolutely fine. Anjali gets lost in thoughts. Buaji asks her what happened. Anjali says nothing and then Buaji leaves.

Anjali remembers how Khushi said that Buaji is not fine and how Arnav asked her if he could stay at Buaji’s house. She starts crying and says Chote you again lied to me and Khushi as well. Why you two are doing this? Why? Now my Chote is not mine anymore.

Arnav starts his car and Khushi comes in his way. He says what the and gets out of car. He says have you gone mad? if I was late even a one second then.. Khushi says you were right.. I can’t see my family on road and won’t see then on street either. She says that’s why she is ready to go back to his house. Arnav asks her to say it again. Khushi tells him to come back after 2 hours to pick her up. Arnav says my name is Arnav Singh Raizada.. don’t forget that. Khushi says so? He says so he is always right. Khushi starts walking. Arnav whisper that he will take her back to his house before contract ends and he leaves. Khushi says it won’t happen.. I won’t go back before contract ends.

Arnav comes back to Khushi’s house and he says finally he will take Khushi back to his house. No one opens door. He calls at their home number and Khushi is sleeping. He calls to Khushi’s number now and she picks up. Arnav asks where is everyone. Khushi says she is at hospital with everyone. Arnav says you told me to come back after 2 hours. Khushi says I know but what I can do.. I had to go with them. Arnav says okay and hangs up. And Khushi then sees him in front of her. Arnav asks how dare you to lie to me and he holds her hand and tells her to go. Khushi says I can’t go with you. Arnav asks what you mean and he pulls her hand. Khushi drpos her shawl and Arnav sees her leg fractured. Arnav asks what happened. Khushi says she fell down and says she can’t go with him. She says she can’t even put her leg on ground. Arnav asks her to look at him. Khushi says she needs to rest. Arnav says I see and starts walking.

Arnav then kicks the door and pretends as if he got hurt. Khushi stands up right away and runs to him and asks him what happened. Arnav looks at her and asks your leg had got hurt right? Khushi says yes but but.. Arnav then carries her and says he will take her home like this and asks her to stop her drama. Khushi says for real she got fractured and doctor said she can’t walk around.. Arnav says for 10 days right? Arnav then puts her down. He says you can’t lie to me. And says you’re doing all this because of contract right?

He says you want to stay here for remaining 10 days right so you can be free from our..? He asks you will just let our marriage end like this? Khushi says what marriage? What we did wasn’t marriage. It was a deal. Now deal will be done in 10 days and everything else will be.. Arnav says done as well. He asks is this all that easy for you? Khushi says all this has nothing to do with Khushi. She says you know very well why I am doing this so it’s better if we don’t discuss. Arnav says sure let everything end.. Buaji and your parents must be coming back now.. we will tell them everything and we will get witnesses for divorce as well. Khushi says you can’t do this. Arnav says why? What would you say to them? You would have lied to them right just like how you lied to me and my family to come here? Arnav says for a change let’s tell truth to everyone. Khushi says how can she tell them everything and asks what do you want? Arnav says come back to home with me. Khushi says fine.. I will come with you but after 10 days when deal is done… Arnav says he doesn’t care about after 10 days.. he cares about present. He says he will come back in morning to pick her up.

Tuesday Update on Unforseen Love Glow Tv