True Love Teasers May 2018 Glow Tv

True Love Teasers May 2018 Glow Tv

In the upcoming episode Teasers here is the Highlight.


Tuesday  1 May 2018

Ichcha and Tapasya are at home and Ichcha assures her that Veer will love her too one day. Tapasya tells her that’ll never happen.
Tapasya asked Ichcha for forgiveness for what she did will Ichcha forgive her?
Wednesday 2 May 2018
Taps  walks over to the window, and on seeing Vansh standing out in the rain, She scoffs and thinks that another drama has started she angrily closes the curtains and tells Ichcha to go to sleep.
Vansh is standing out in the rain, and he says that he won’t leave till Ichcha forgives him and he earns back her love.
Thursday 3 May 2018
Veer looks at Vansh’s hysterical state and wonders that if doubts in Vansh’s mind cud make him react this way, what will happen when he realizes the truth
Friday 4 May 2018
Tapasya tells Nani that she is now going to make sure no one can ever love Ichcha. She says that she will put so much fire in Vansh’s path, more than even the stars in the sky.
Vansh narrating the Love story to Ichcha.
Monday 7 May 2018
Vansh is now madly shouting out Ichha’s name over and over again, with a sacred Ichha helplessly looking around at her haunted surroundings.
Vansh and veer searching for Ichcha, Finally, Ichha and Veer stumble into each other on the landing of a winding staircase.  Ichha immediately grabs Veer’s coat and rests her head on his chest, as if seeking his strength and comfort. Veer stops himself from putting his arms around a distressed Ichha. At that very moment, Vansh arrives and becomes angry when he sees Ichha so close to Veer. He quickly rushes up the staircase and pulls Ichha into his arms and gazes suspiciously at Veer with anger.
Tuesday 8 May 2018
After seeing how angry and jealous Vansh had become, Ichcha decide to write a letter to Vansh about a bitter truth in her life.
Veer makes fun of Taps and mocks her by calling her the ‘honest’ Tapasya.
Wednesday 9 May 2018
Tapasya consoling Ichcha asking her not to worry and smile.
Tapasya and Ichcha are talking, and Tapasya tells her that tomorrow a new chapter of her life will begin and a new relationship will be formed between them.
Thursday 10 May 2018
Veer, Ichcha, Tapasya and Vansh visit an ancient place where Tapasya sprains her leg. How will Veer feel about this?
Ichcha is ready to tell Vansh about her past. Is she about to write him a letter with the truth?
Friday 11 May 2018
Tapasya is on a mission to get the letter which Ichcha has written for Vansh. Will she manage to succeed?
Tapasya manages to get the letter from Veer and refuses to allow him to read it. What will she find out in the letter?
Monday 14 May 2018
Everyone is tensed as they watch Vansh enter their home and speak to Ichcha. Is Vansh about to confess his love to Ichcha in front of everyone?
Tuesday 15 May 2018

Nani sees a happy Tapasya and decides to join in on her evil endeavour to rebel against Ichcha. What are they about to do?

Damini gets very uncomfortable when she realizes that her surprise has been lost. Meanwhile, are Veer and Ichcha about to burn their gifts to destroy all their past memories?

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Wednesday 16 May 2018

No teasers

Thursday 17 May 2018

Vansh and his family arrive at Ichca’s home and her family gives him a very warm welcome. Will everything go as planned?
Tapasya takes Vansh to her room to clean out his sherwani but it seems as though he is about to find out that Veer and Ichcha used to be together.

Friday 18 May 2018

Nani places a photo of Veer-Ichcha on the wall behind a curtain and smiles wickedly.

Vansh is in the room with all the photos when the wind knocks down a glass. He turns around towards it and he glances near the photo behind the curtain, walking curiously towards it.

Friday May 18th Update

Monday 21 May 2018

Vansh and Veer stare at each other for a few moments. Judging by the look in his eyes, I guess Veer realizes that Vansh is now aware of the truth…Vansh moves forward…people are happy see him go towards the door, only to realize that he may be walking out the house

Tuesday 22 May 2018

Jogi does his final rights for the two ladies of his home and allows them to leave. Meanwhile, Veer, Vansh and Ichcha sit alone in the car. Will he say something?

Wednesday 23 May 2018

Vansh has a moment in Ichcha’s room where he tells her how grateful he is to have her and how she has helped him. Is Tapasya in the same room?
Vansh decides to be honest and ask Ichcha about her feelings. Ichcha tells Vansh that she had told him everything in the letter. How will he react?

Thursday 24 May 2018

Ichcha picks up the letter shoves the letter at Taps . She tells her in tears how she wrote about everything;
 Taps pretends not to hear her and Ichcha sternly asks Taps to answer her question.
Friday  25 May 2018

Ichcha warns Taps never to play games with their lives ever again. Taps tells her to stop being mahaan,  Ichcha slaps Taps across the face.


Monday 28 May 2018

Ichcha is telling Vansh that she had told him the truth via letter but someone changed the 2nd page of letter, Vansh interupts her and calls this another lie. Ichcha and Veer were shocked…
Vansh holds Ichcha’s face in his hands, looking at her lovingly.
Tuesday 29 May 2018
Vansh refuses to enter his house until Tapasya tells him the truth, but it seems as though Tapasya has gone back to her mother’s home. How will he feel about this?
Vansh gives Veer 24 hours to prove to him the truth whilst Ichcha sits in tears as she is left heartbroken once again.
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Wednesday 30 May 2018
Tapasya tells Nani everything that happened. How will she react to this? Meanwhile, Vansh pushes Ichcha towards their sofa set. What are his intentions?
Veer’s family comes to the dining table to eat something sweet prepared by the new daughter in-law. How will Vansh feel about this?
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Thursday 31 May 2018
Vansh is confused with his feelings after reading the letter over and over again, he feels betrayed by everyone. Meanwhile, Jogi wants Tapasya to start a new life.
Damini asks Tapasya about Vansh and Ichcha. How will she respond? Meanwhile, Baldev feels bad for Vansh. Will he manage to get through this?

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