True Love Teasers June 2018 Glow Tv

True Love Teasers June 2018 Glow Tv

In the upcoming episode Teasers for June here is the Highlight

Friday 1st June 2018
Nani notices that Tapasya is not wearing her Mangalsutra and wants to know why. Will she tell her the truth?
Veer arrives at Jogi’s home ready to take Tapasya. Will he put the Mangalsutra back on her?
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Monday 4th June 2018
Vansh realizes that Veer has returned home alone, and is curious to know why Tapasya has not come with him. Will Veer tell him the truth?
Veer is about to tell Gunwanti about his and Tapasya’s relationship. How will she feel? Meanwhile, Ichcha is about to faint. Will Vansh take care of her?
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Tuesday 5th June 2018
Veer and Tapasya make arrangements with one another for her to come home. Is Veer about to tell this to Jogi Thakur?
Veer and Tapasya tell their parents about their decision. Meanwhile, Vansh refuses to eat. How will they make him eat his food?
Wednesday 6th June 2018
Veer and Tapasya have their last discussion before they enter the house together. How will Vansh respond to the fact that Tapasya is back home?
Tapasya opens up to Vansh and tells him the truth. Will Tapasya pardon Ichcha for the misunderstanding?
Thursday 7th June 2018
Taps and Veer arrive at the B-House. Taps calls Veer back and tells him that to make it seem more realistic to Vansh, they should walk in hand in hand.
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Friday 8th June 2018
Gunwanti sends gifts for Tapasya’s family. Meanwhile, it seems as though Tapasya may start to taunt Ichcha once more.
Veer seems to be sitting all alone as he worries. Meanwhile, Veer and Ichcha go on a search for Vansh. Where could he be?

Monday 11 June 2018

Vansh and Ichcha have an emotional time when Ichcha announces that she will give her life for Vansh. Will he save her?
Tapasya speaks to Veer regarding their drama. Meanwhile, Ichcha speaks to her mother about everything as she forgives Vansh.
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Tuesday 12 June 2018

Tapasya tells Veer that she wants them to start a new life. Tapasya decides to decorate her room and create a romantic setting for herself and Veer. Will everything work out as planned?
Tapasya overhears Veer’s conversation as he speaks to the lawyer. Meanwhile, Ichcha takes Vansh to visit the temple.

Wednesday 13 June 2018

Vansh, Ichcha, Veer and Tapasya all leave for the Shiva temple together. Meanwhile, Tapasya is ready to work on her evil plan against Veer and Ichcha.
Vansh overreacts and ends up fighting with Ichcha. Will Ichcha tell Damini the truth about what is going on?

Thursday 14 June 2018

Gunwanti is worried about Vansh and Ichcha. Meanwhile, Ichcha replays what Vansh had said to her.
Veer waits for Ichcha as he sits on the bed. Will everything go as Tapasya has planned?

Friday 15 June 2018

Veer and Tapasya both  are running in the jungle in search of Ichha while Vansh is looking at them from behind the bushes,Will they find Ichha

Tapasya and Vansh come to that hut where Ichha was lying unconscious but there neither Veer nor Ichha is seen anywhere,what is Tapasya about to do to Vansh?

Monday 18 June 2018

Vansh, Veer, Ichcha and Tapasya arrive at the hotel.
Veer sits alone to drink and Tapasya decides to give him some company. Meanwhile Vansh takes Ichcha outside.
Vansh takes her to a big house with a romantic set up and he gives her some alcohol, after drinking it she becomes unconscious.

Tuesday 19 June 2018

Vansh tells Tapasya and Veer that Ichcha has gone missing and that he cannot find her. As Vansh pretends to be worried ,they go looking for her. They see a khandhar.Veer goes in and finds Ichcha unconscious. Veer is the one to wake up Ichcha . Is she dreaming? Veer takes Ichcha to the doctor. He suspects Vansh because he had found his sleeping pills. What is it that Vansh wants to prove?

Wednesday 20 June 2018

Ichcha wakes up in the hotel room. She wants to know what had happened to her as she doesn’t remember anything. .
Veer remembers Vansh’s words. He decides to leave the house and Tapasya agrees to support him.

Thursday 21 June 2018

Veer wants to leave the house.Ichcha is crying and blames herself. Tapasya tells Jogi Thakur about their marriage anniversary and gives her the party planning responsibilities. Vansh resfuses to go for the party. Will he end up going?

Friday 22 June 2018

All the guests have arrived to the anniversary party and Jogi Thakur welcomes everyone. Veer is drinking at the bar and Vansh goes to sit with him and makes him listen to Vansh’s bitterness.

Monday 25 June 2018

Ichcha goes to her room and looks at her father’s photo and a picture from her childhood. Will she go back to the party?
Ichcha speaks to a masked Veer, only to later realize that it was Vansh behind the mask. How will Vansh react?

Tuesday 26 June 2018

Ichcha searches for Vansh. What is he up to?

Wednesday 27 June 2018

Vansh gives Ichcha 24 hours until he reveals her past. What does he want from her?
Vansh throws the kheer bowl at the dinner table and tells Ichcha to tell everyone the truth about her and Veer. How will she react?

Thursday  28 June 2018

Vansh gives Veer a farewell gift, what could it be?
Veer and Tapasya are all set to leave to the U.S. Naani mistakes Masoom for a maid, what is her real identity?

Friday 29 June 2018

An unknown girl arrives at the mansion and declares that she is Jogi Thakur’s daughter. How will everyone react?
Everyone is sad after saying goodbye to Veer, and so Vansh decides to throw a party to cheer everyone up, but they refuse. How will he react?