True Love Teasers August 2018 Glow Tv

True Love Teasers August 2018 Glow Tv

In the upcoming episode Weekly Teasers for August here is the Highlight.

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Wednesday  1 August 2018

Veer takes Ichcha to the restaurant where Sidharth is. Will she finally believe that Veer is innocent?
Veer catches Sid, while Tapasya lies to Veer in order to go and meet Sid. Will she get caught?

Tapasya takes out her frustration on Veer for exposing her in front of everyone and betraying her. He pushes her away and banishes her from the house. Gunwanti apologises for making Ichha suffer.

Jogi is angry with Tapasya that he addresses her with her full name and tells her that she has not earned this name. Jogi states that he doesn’t consider her his daughter.

Thursday 2 August 2018

Jogi tells Sumitra that if she is worried about Tapasya then she must leave the house. Tapasya blames Ichha for her situation and Jogi forcefully pushes her out of the door.

Tapasya stops just short of hitting a tree. She rembers all that has happened with her which makes her furious and she swears that she will make Jogi repent for what he has done to her.

Friday 3 August 2018

Sumitra is unable to believe that Tapasya could go to such length that she would take someone’s life. At the hotel Tapasya orders a saree for her from the hotel boutique.

Jogi feels guilty for being the father of Tapasya. Veer arrives and consoles him. Veer hands the with 20 million rupees to Jogi which makes it clear to that Masoom had not stolen the money.

Monday  6 August 2018

Inside the car Ichha remembers that Jasmine flower were Vansh’s favourite flowers and then Veer tells her that during their childhood they use to pluck Jasmine flowers and give it to Gunwanti, who use to make garlands out them.

Gunwanti is looking after the preparations for the Priestess to conduct the rituals. The Priestess learns that Chanda is a widow and gets furious, as widows should be kept away from the ritual.

Tuesday 7 August 2018

Since Ichha is a widow, she starts living her life in modesty but Veer doesn’t like this attitue of hers. He thinks that it is an old custom for widows to live a life of modesty.

Veer cannot see Ichha living in a modest way and tells her to stop living like a widow. She tells him that it’s her decision and that no one is forcing her to live this way.

Wednesday 8 August  2018

Tapasya checks out of her hotel. Veer brings a pair of footwear for Ichha because he cannot see her walking all day barefoot but Ichha denies wearing them.

Divya is sad as the house has become lonely , after Jogi removed Tapasya from the house. She tells Damini that Jogi did the same with Masoom without any fault of hers.

Thursday 9 August 2018

Tapasya is in the jail but hopes to get free soon after spotting Veer in the police station. Veer tells her that he has put her in the jail and that he simply came into to see her behind the bars.

Out of the jail, Tapasya joins Raghu in his club, dressed up in a beautiful saree. She thanks Raghu for her bail and then he takes her towards the cards tables to start the work.

Friday 10 August 2018

Divya is worried about Tapasya because she knows that someone has bailed her out of the jail. She feels guilty that they never warned her about her mistakes.

Divya is angry with Jogi as he doesn’t treat the family any different then outsiders. She talks about how Tapasya was in jail and that some unknown person has bailed her out.

Monday 13 August 2018

Ichha is crying her heart out as she is unable to forget Vansh and accept Veer’s love. Mehta gives Tapasya an offer of 25 percent if she works for him.

Divya brings back Masoom with her and Sumitra gets angry about it. Damini tells her that Masoom is not suitable to stay in this house but Divya is adamant to keep Masoom with her.

Tuesday 14 August 2018

Jogi is upset with Divya that she brought back Masoom in the house. Divya puts her point that Tapsya got punished for her mistakes then why shouldn’t Masoom get the justice.

Raghu tells Tapasya that she has cheated him and she didn’t gave any thought before agreeing to work for Mehta. As a punishment he breaks his partnership with Tapasya.

Wednesday 15 August 2018

Veer is happy to see that Ichha is playing with the kids and he informs Gunwanti about it. Damini and Jogi discuss their doubts about Masoom’s intensions

While gambling with Raghu, Tapasya loses every round and is left with no money or jewellery. Veer goes to Thakur house and learns that Ichha is spending her life like a servant.

Thursday 16 August 2018

Tapasya has a nightmare in which she is getting arrested for gambling. Damini catches Pushkar giving money to Masoom. Tapasya is looking for a flat to stay but she doesn’t have enough money.

Jogi is worried about Ichha while Divya gets furious on him for not paying attentions towards Tapasya’s whereabouts. Tapasya is unable to find a shelter for herself.

Friday 17 August 2018

Tapasya goes to a roadside restaurant for dinner and comes across few goons. After getting rid of them, she meets her old maid Jyoti who help her get a cheap room in slums.

Jyoti scolds Tapasya and makes her clean the room. She gets into an argument with other ladies while standing in the long queue for water. She recalls her wealthy past and starts crying.

Monday 20 August 2018

Gunwanti learns that nobody is taking proper care of Veer, not even Ichha. Tapasya goes to search for a job and comes across Raghu on the way. Sumitra catches Pushkar with Masoom.

Pushkar tells Sumitra about using Masoom to attain Jogi Thakur’s property or else he will give it all to Ichha. Ichha serves breakfast to Veer but he refuses to eat.

Tuesday 21 August 2018

Tapasya is asked to clean to a hotel room and it turns out to be Raghu’s room. Veer’s car breaks down on the way back from the temple. They travel together in a bus standing close to each other.

Unable to tolerate the humiliation, Tapasya resigns from the hotel job and Jyoti confronts her to pay the rent. Divya is worried about Tapasya and Sumitra tries to console her.

Wednesday 22 August 2018

Tapasya applies for a beauty therapist job. Her clothes get burnt while ironing and she pleads Jyoti to give her clothes as she is getting late for her job.

Ichha tries to apologise to Veer but he tells her that it won’t make any difference. Veer recalls Ichha’s memories from past and behaves aggressively with his employee at work.

Thursday 23 August 2018

Masoom humiliates Tapasya by asking her to do her pedicure and by offering tip to her. Ichha cleans Veer’s room and arranges everything properly. Veer asks everyone to stay away from his room.

Tapasya feels extremely broken and starts crying to see herself in such a state. She gets angry and breaks the mirror. Ichha goes to Thakur Mansion and learns that everyone is worried about Tapasya.

Friday 24 August 2018

Tapasya gives a weird hair cut to a customer. Masoom gets high after eating the betel and confesses that she is not Jogi’s daughter. Jogi confronts her and learns that it is Pushkar’s conspiracy.

Ichha is upset as Veer asked her to forget everything about their past and to stay away from him. Jogi asks Pushkar to leave the house and Rohini is upset about it. Tapasya’s boss scolds her.

Monday 27 August 2018

Beauty parlour manager fires Tapasya for her mistakes. Ichha helps Veer in fixing the electric box at Bundela house. Later, Tapasya decides to meet Jogi.

Tapasya goes to meet Jogi at a press conference and where he announces that Ichha is his only daughter. Umed informs Ichha about riots in the city and she gets worried about Veer.

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Veer gets confused when Ichha hugs him. When he tries to console her, she runs away back in her room and locks herself. Jogi sees Tapasya walking near slums and starts looking for her.

It is Veer’s birthday and famous people have come to attend the party. Veer’s childhood friend Kinjal comes to meet everyone. Gunwanti asks Veer to think about marrying again.

Wednesday 29 August 2018

Jyoti starts throwing Tapasya’s stuff as she is unable to pay her rent. Jogi convinces Tapasya to come home and she apologises to him. Veer helps Kinjal while she was washing the car.

Jogi brings Tapasya back to the Thakur Mansion and Divya gets emotional. Gunwanti tells Veer to help Kinjal in decorating the house for the festival. Tapasya tells Sumitra about her time in slums.

Thursday 30 August 2018

Kinjal appreciates Gunwanti’s cooking. Gunwanti and everyone else is happy with Kinjal’s growing affection with Veer. Vansh comes in Ichha’s dream and tells her that Veer loves her a lot.

Tapasya swears, remembering Raghu’s advise about seizing the opportunity, that from now on she will not miss a single chance and that she will strike back at Raghu and defeat him.

Friday 31 August 2018

Tapasya and Divya visit a temple, where Masoom meets Divya and asks her for forgiveness. Divya shouts at her and ignores her, but Tapasya decides that Masoom deserves one chance.

Tapasya requests Jogi to please let Masoom back in the house as she thinks that she is innocent and was being manipulated. Veer stops Kinjal from taking away Ichha’s fish bowl.

True Love Teasers August 2018 Glow Tv

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