Thursday update Young Love colors tv live drama


Thursday update Young Love colors tv live drama



Jagat is looking for something and calls Gauri and asks her where the mobile bill is, she tells him about the carton and they both look inside for it, he finds the bill and they then notice the fighting wall chart, Gauri states its been a while since they have had an argument and their relationship is improving. Jagat pretending that he has been so understanding that is why.

Nandu is complaining about the bandage that is itches and hurts and wants to take it off, but Gehna disagrees and says that it will be much worse if they take it off. Basanth talks how Bhairon and Anandi is giving bhashan but he will do what is right for his kid.

Early alarm goes off in Bhairon and Sumi’s room and they wonder who put the alarm on, one after another alarm goes off and they are confused. They come downstairs and see Anandi in the Mandir and question her. Anandi says that today is a special day as its Sumitra’s birthday. Bhairon forgets and Anandis tells Sumitra to asks something big as compensation, she tells them to get ready for Mandir

Anandi comes to Gehna and Basanth’s room and invites them to the Mandir but Basanth declines that Nandu is hurt therefore they will not be going anywhere. Anandi looks saddened about this and leaves from their room. Anandi comes to Bhairon and Sumi and tells theem to get going, Bhairon enquires about Basanth and Anandi makes the excuse that Nandu is very hurt and is not letting go of Gehna therefore they will not be able to come to the Mandir.

Jagat and family are eating and he enquires about the Greeting Card and wonders if it was delivered, his mother in law was what was the need of sending a card, she is not literate that she will be able to read it, he should have sent clothes that she would have been able to wear, then she states they do have a literate girl there she will read the letter to them. Jagat states his mother is able to read and Anandi taught her, he seems irked by his mother in law and leaves from there, Gauri thinking that she is trying so hard to make things right with her and Jagat and her own mother is set out in ruining everything for her

Anandi comes back and she states that she wants to make their favourite therefore for Bhairon not to come home late, Sumi asks what is the need for this Nandu is injured and its not the right atmosphere, she will make simple food instead.

Gauri comes with food for Jagat tries to console him, she states that she will not eat and their baby will not eat, she is taking care of two of her babies now, she placates Jagat with her sweet talk and he agrees to eat, Gauri thinking about her parents staying and about their privacy

Anandi asks Gehna if she does make paratha for Nandu but she replies if he wants some she will make it herself. Gehna signs a package and goes to give it to Sumi. Gehna does not say anything and leaves from there. Sumi looks at it and sees that its from Jagya. Anandi comes in and enquires about the letter, Sumi says that its from Jagya. Sumi gets emotional at seeing the card and says that a lot has changed because of what he has done. Sumi also sees the photo and read what Gauri wrote on the back. Sumi recalls the challenge her and Gauri had and is emotional about it

Gauri’s mom is cooking and offers gauri to take the food to jagat But an irritated youri tells her that jagat didn’t tell her to do so she shouldn’t do that without asking! She goes out and gauri’s mom confused! She read a news about some unsocial and terrorist’s activities. She gets the idea to send her parents back to their village. She tells them that it is not good to leave the locked house for so many days. It may be harmful. Gauri’s parents worried for their home. Gauri gives advice to return back. When they hesitate due to gaues health, she tells them that she is fine now, it would be better if they will come at the time of delivery. They agreed. Bhairon and sumi are seaching for some important files. Suddenly swill notices a saree which gehena gifted her on her prey birthday. She gets emotional after recalling the flashbacks where gehena managed to make sumi happy even in jagiya’s tension. There was a sweet talks between devrani and jethani. Anandi comes there and asks her about it. Surni expresses her pain on the distance between her and gehena that she didn’t wish her due to anger. Anandi consoles her that it is a temporary situation and everything will be fine soon as their bond is very strong. She managed to bring a smile on sures faces.

The manager of singhs is giving salary to the employees. When Ratneswar comes there and asks for his salary of the prey month.The manager informs him that order is not given to give him salary from basant.

He goes to basant and tells him that he has worked here till last month. So his wages should be given. Basant replies carelessly that his wife should have thought this before hitting his son. Patneswar replies they have not intended to harm nandu and again asks for the salary and says what he is doing is not right. basant shouts at him that he cant tell him w hats right or not He doesn’t want to give him the salary and he won’t do that If he wants to go to police or panchayat he can do that whatever he wants. Patneswar goes with anger. Bhairon comes there between their arguments. When ratneswar left, he requested basant to clear rameswar’s wages but basant leaves by saying that he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Doctor shows the sonography report of purl to both JG. Both are happy. Doc advised purl to take care. Jagat Jokingly said that it will be difficult but they will! Rameswar comes to the panch ppl to complain against basant and explained everything. Ranch ppl tells them to solve the matter by discussion. Ratneswar(R) replies haveli ppl don’t want to solve this matter. He knows that their beendni is the sarpanch but he wants the Justice anyhow so that ppl will come to know that weak ppl can stand against the strong ppl and will get the Justice too. pond) ppl agree to take the complain but suddenly anandi comes there and asks to stop. She tries to make him understand that they will solve this matter by discussing as it is a personal matter. But R doesn’t agree and asks her for Justice. Rest of the panch ppl takes his complain.

Precap- sumi tells anandi that if her decision in panchayat will go against basant then the tensions in haveli will increase, she asks her to resign from the post of sarpanch. Anandi agrees but bhairon tells her not to do so!


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