Thursday Update On Young Love Sept 6

Thursday Update On Young Love

Sept 6 Episode

Gehna bringing water to Jagaya for Nandu. Gehna caresses Nandu’s forehead emotionally . Jagaya gives her confidence everything will be alright . Gehna leaves from there .Dadisaa praying in temple for Nandu.While Jagaya continues his treatment of Nandu and keep noting down the progress .Anandi brings food for Gehna who refuses to eat she is not feeling hungry .Bhairo comes in Nandu’s room . Jagaya moves aside seeing Bhairo .Bhairo sits by Nandu’s side checks his fever , sees what Jagaya has noted on paper and leaves from there without saying anything .
Dadisaa brings food for Jagaya. Jagaya first refuses to eat he is not feeling hungry .Dadisaa says no way she is not going to take food back he will have to eat .he hasn’t eaten anything and in this way he himself will fall sick then how will he treat Nandu he needs to take care of himself .Jagaya has a flash back of his childhood when Dadisaa was lecturing Sumitra she needs to take care of Jagaya diet he works so hard in studying so she should keep good check of his diet .Jagaya then takes plate from Dadisaa .Anandi is standing at door seeing all this
Anandi and Shiv talking on phone with Anandi telling Shiv Jagaya is taking good care of Nandu . Shiv says Jagaya’s stay here proved to be good . Anandi agrees .Nandu begins to gain bit consciousness while Jagaya continues his treatment .Anandi comes to room with tea for Jagaya saying to him she has made his favorite tea . Jagaya says he doesn’t need it .Anandi tells him he is awake from whole night he needs to take care of himself he must be feeling very tired .Jagaya says no he is ok only his head is feeling little heavy .Anandi puts tea down and starts pressing Jagaya’s forehead while Jagaya feels comfort with it then she gives him tea .When Jagaya was about to take cup it disappears along with Anandi then he realizes it was only his imagination .But Anandi do comes there with tea and leaves it by Jagaya’s side .When she was about to leave Jagaya calls her and asks her is she happy ? Anandi is confused .Jagaya says to her soon she is going to new family will she able to adjust there leaving all , this house where she has been living for such a long time along with these people .Anandi becomes emotional but leaves from there while Jagaya gives his mean smile
Everyone sitting in main hall when Jagaya comes downstairs feeling dizzy . He tells all Nandu is fine now .All become happy at this .Basant comes towards Jagaya and hugs him saying he fufilled his promise with him .Gehna too thanks Jagaya .Then Basant feels Jagaya is having fever .He says to him your body is burning with fever .All become worried at this .Jagaya says no there is no such thing he is ok .Basant and Gehna both tell him to rest here for sometime .Jagaya says no he needs to go .Dadisaa asks him where he will go .Jagaya says he will go to hospital Lal singh will be alone there and he will only rest by completely removing this disease He asks to leave and leaves from there feeling dizzy with everyone looking emotionally towards him except Bhairo.Suddenly Jagaya falls down at door unconscious .All are shocked and rushes to him .Basant says I said before he is not well .Shiv too comes there and sees Jagaya down , and sits by his side .He says to all they need to take him inside and also asks Anandi to call Lal singh .
Lal singhs checks Jagaya and says seems like Jagaya too got swine flu .All are shocked .Basant says they should take Jagaya to hospital .Lal singh agrees but says right at this moment there is no vacant bed but he will try to get one till then Jagaya should stay here it will be better because you all are here to take care of him .Bhairo says no they should take him to hospital .Dadisaa says no Jagaya will stay here .Bhario tries to differentiate but Dadisaa stops him .Bhairo leaves from there . Dadisaa goes behind him and says to him what will cost them if Jagaya will stay here for sometime he is sick .He did so much for Nandu and village people .Bhairo says he agrees Jagaya did a lot for Nandu and villagers and he too want him to recover soon for that there is hospital but why he needs to stay here .Dadisaa says why he cannot stay here for some days they haven’t forgiven him ok but why they cannot even take care of him when he is so sick .Bhairo says how will Anandi feel seeing Jagaya in room . Dadisaa says she knows it will be a lot painful but what they can do now they cannot let Jagaya go out of house like this. Bhairo tries to say more but Dadisaa strictly tells him you don’t need to do anything for him rest will do .if you have problem.. fine don’t do anything for him .Just then Anandi puts hand on Bhairo’s shoulder saying let Jagaya stay here .he needs his family right now .Shiv too agrees with Anandi .Episode ends on Anandi’s face
Voice over ..A person who selflessly serves others makes room in the heart of people and also gains their confidence… although his image/reputation might have been bad in the past.”

Anandi comes and tells everyone tht Jagya needs his family right now so let him stay in haveli.Shiv agrees with her.Gehna says tht laal singh has said to give daal ka pani to jagya.Dadisa and gehna proceed to jagya’s room.Anandi says tht she will feed nandu Shiv says I’ll also meet Nandu.

Meanwhile Jagya wakes up and looks around he saw tht he is in haveli then pretends to fall asleep.
In Nandu’s room Anandi was feeding Nandu.

Nandu says I want bhaisa where is he.He said he wont go away.Shiv says ur brother is here he is resting.
Then Nandu says to Anandi Now tht bhaisa has come we can all stay together.

Anandi looks upset.
Shiv says to distract him I have heard ur a very good kite flier when ur cured we’ll fly kites.

Nandu says his brother taught him kite flying He is the best kite flyer.He’ll cut ur strings in a minute
Shiv just looks down
Anandi looks at Shiv’s face and she becomes upset.

In jagya’s room dadisa and gehna are trying to feed him daal ka pani.Jagya wakes up and starts callin for anandi.Dadisa and gehna are shocked.
Shiv and anandi come out of Anandi’s room.Anandi says please dont mind what nandu said.

Shiv says its ok he is just a kid.
They cross jagya’s room and hears him crying for anandi.

They enter his room.Jagya satrts his ranting Anandi where were u ..please dont leave me..I am ur husband..etc he hold her hand.
Anandi looks shocked.Shiv look upset.
Dadisa removes his hands and tell him anandi is busy ket her go.

But jagya dosent relent.He keeps on saying I am her husband she should be with me and serve me.He keeps holdin her hand again n again n tells her to massage his head.
Dadisa says to anandi please do whatever he says he will fall more sick.Anandi looks at Shiv.
Shiv says ok do whatever he says but seems very upset.

Anandi starts massaging jagya’s head Shiv couldnt see anymore and he leaves(awww poor guy I feel like giving him a hug)
Anandi also looks at shiv leaving she seems very sad.

Later lal singh comes and sees jagya.He comes down and tells everyone tht Jagya is sleeping now.His fever has affected his brain.he has got temprory amnesia…he has forgotten everything of last few years and he remember tht time when he and anandi were together.

Everybody looks shocked.
Lal singh further adds tht he should not pressurise his brain so anandi should pretend to be his wife.
Bhairov objects he says I wont allow this.

Dadisa says Its a matter of few days let us pretend.
Bahirov says no I wont let Jagya enter Anandi’s life again.

Anandi says Bapusa let me serve jagay for the sake of humanity we must serve a sick body.Jagya is a sick body and we should not leave him.He has done a lot for village people and nandu.He has reached this stage due to his selfless service so we should also serve him now.Being sarpanch of the village Its my duty to see tht he gets well.
Bhairov says I am not worried abt tht I am worried abt something else.He looks suspeciously and dadisa.

He come near anandi and says.If u do good for someone its not necessary tht u’ll get back godness.I am afraid tht u dont get punished again for ur goodness.He looks at dadisa and goes.
Dadisa looks thoughtful.