Thursday Update On Young Love Sept 27

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Thursday Update On Young Love Sept 27

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Finally dadisa gives in to anandi’s wishes an applies mehendi on her hands with glee while an emotional anandi watches her excitement.Nandu seeing this,gets the male members too down to see dadisa applying henna on anandi’s hands.Dadisa wipes off the trickle of tear down anandi’s cheek.

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
The mehendi on at shiv’s house too.Shiv sees a sad meenu leaving seing everybody applying mehendi and follows her and asks why didnt she apply.She says she didnt because somebody has to keep hands free to do all the work.Shiv doesnt take her explanation and tells her to also participate since the change that they are trying to bring will go in waste if not implemented in their own houses.She again tries to defend herself saying that she has passed the age to beautify herself.Dadaji too comes in and asks her to keep shiv’s wish and get henna.She comes out emotional into the function area.She is very happy and teary eyed seeing mehendi on her hands.alok and mahi too join in her happiness.

Location: jaitsar haveli
Ananadi comments that this is the best mehendi ever on her hands.dadisa asks her if she is happy.She says she would be completely if she agrees to one last wish of hers.dadisa asks what does she want.Anandi then says that she got henna on every unfortunate girl’s or woman’s hands today except for one,hinting at dadisa herself.An angry dadisa says that everytime her whims cant be fulfilled and she wont have her own way.Anandi says that once she leaves this house there would be noone to make a whim in front of her.She still doesnt agree and sits on her swing angrily turning her head away.Everybody is tensed.Anandi too bows her head down with tears rolling down her cheeks.Her eyes are surprised when she sees dadisa’s hands stretched in front of her.She happily gets a lady to put henna on her hands.Dadisa exclaims that anandi won once again and that she has changed this old lady so much,how would she live without her.anandi crrying hugs her tight.dadisa too cant help crying.

The husbands feed their wives food,while anandi is fed by khajan and dadisa by nandu.Dadisa tells everybody to have a mighty meal as tomorrow is the sangeet and a very busy day where they wont find time to quench their hunger.

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar and ashima’s house in london.
A tearful ashima with henna on her hands calls shiv and congratulates on the ongoing rituals of his marriage.Shiv too says that anandi feels like her soulmate since they have overcome such troubles together.She tells him that she is still in london,when he thinks she’s at airport and offers to send a car to pick her up.she gives a reason that she has lost her passport and the new one will take about a week to be issued.Hence,she wouldnt be able to come for his marriage but she wishes him all the happiness and also asks him to give her best wishes to anandi.Shiv snses a tone of sadness in her voice and asks if there’s no way she could make to their marriage day atleast.She says that she has also put on mehendi for him after much difficulty in london and wishes them well.She excuses herself citing a reason of her power yoga and says that she would come to meet them as soon as she gets her passport.Shiv cancels the phone.

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar and jaitsar haveli
Shiv calls up anandi but she having henna on her hand is assisted by ghuli who puts the phone next to her ear so that she is able to talk.Shiv tells her th news about ashima and the reason she gave for not coming.She asks him if he really thinks that’s the reason for her not coming.Shiv feeling cornered says that of course he believes her and it couldnt be because she cant see him with anybody else.Catching him,anandi says that she never hinted there.he himself assumed that.Shiv justifies that Ashima was,is and always will be a good friend and thats it.anandi jokingly says that she accepts his defence and he is acquitted.She asks if he has anything else to say.he romantically says lots.Anandi tells him that she is willing to listen but ghuli’s hands have started paining holding the phone since she cant due to henna.He embarrassedly changes the topic and jokingly says himself that he doesnt want his sister in law to be angry before marriage as that can cost himheavily on the marriage day.anandi smilingly cancels the phone.

Jaitsar haveli and ashima’s house in london.
A sullen ashima is looking at her mehendi when she gets a call from anandi.She composes herself to talk to her.She congratulates anandi.She says that she has not been sleeping in their marriage’s excitement,when anandi asks her the reason for her to be awake at this time when its 4’o’clock in the morning in london.Anandi tells her that she got to know she wont attend the marriage.She makes up a difernt excuse of a cousin coming to meet her otherwiose she would have come the next day.Anandi is surprised and asks her how would she come without a passport.ashima realises her slip and instantly covers it up saying that too is a reaon.Anandi says that she hopes she isnt playing a prank on her.Anandi makes her promise that she would come to meet them asap.She agrees and also makes anandi promise that when she comes,she would have to dress up again as a bride for her as she doesnt want to contend herself with photos.Anandi too agrees.They cancel the phone.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
The ladies are preparing anandi for the sangeet,while talking about how they are going to torture him by leg pulling.Sumitra comes and admires her and puts a KAALA TIKA on her for saving her from evil luck.

Location: jaitsar haveli
In the evening,guests begin arriving and everybody is gearing up for the function.Somebody announces shiv’s arrival.Everybody rushes to the front gate to greet them.QWhen they come they are greeted with showers of rose petals and a rose each,which makes dadji quip about the beatiful scent of the flowers.When they are seated,bhairo reminds dadisa to get the SHAGUN.She immediately rushes to the locker room.theer she opens a box and takes out another box containing jewellery for shiv.she is about to close the box when she realises that a chain is stuck in the opening which is stopping the box to close.She looks at the chain and is reminded that its the same chain that jagiya had given her to wrap aroung the glasses she wears so that she always carries them with her and never forgets.She gets emotional watching this and thinks that everytime jagiya’s thoughts cross her mind,she is in pain.She says that even though she is engrossed with anandi’s marriage right now,that doesnt mean she has forgotten him and that she understands the pain,suffering and solitude that he is in,how much he misses being with them and her bleeds thinking about that.But now,anandi also has equal right on her and she also has some responsibility towrds anandi to attend to,and therefore these tears that she cries for jagiya have to be left behind here along with his other memeories till she sends anandi off happily with shiv.just then nandu too comes and tellss dadisa that everyone is looking for her.She closes the box,kissing the ring and leaves the room.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Seeing shiv looking around restlessly,bhanwari seizes the oppurtunity to tease him about it and embarass him.Dadaji too joing the gang saying that a soldier is always on the lookout for his enemies but he is searching for his special friend.And ask about anandi.gehna tells them that shiv’s eyesight has gone weak as she is in the room and he couldnt spot her,pointing towrds a girrl sitting at a corner with Odhni over her face so that nobody can see her.Ira calls out to her as anandi,but she doesnt respond.Sugna says that today she would come only if shiv goes and gets her here,and that if sh feels like coming with him.Meenu says that she has fullfaith that anandi wont say no if he goes to get heer.mahi too asks shiv to rise to the challenge and show their mettle.However sanchi,who is in a grumpy mood all this while,murmers to herself about th futility of such drama and they too participating in it,upsetting ira an meenu.

Shiv however along with the gang of girls’ goes to that girl.mahi twice asks her to come along with them but she doesnt respond,sending the girls and everybody into laughter.Asha pretends to talk to anandi and tells them that she has said that she would go with shiv only when he gives shagun.Mahi asks her to come considering it as an order from the inlaws’ house.Sugna says all such rules applicable from tomorrow when she goes to their house,but here she would only go when shiv gives shagun.He asks asha to ask anandi indirectly what does she want.She aftre consulting in whispers says that anandi wants shiv to empty his pockets.Everybody is in splits of laughter to hear this.Shiv innocently empties his pocket revealing some money and gives it to asha who gives it to anandi.mahi rebukes shiv jokingly for not even putting up a fight with them and giving in so easily like an army surrenders to their opponent.Shiv says its ok and then asks anandi to come along.she still doesnt respond.Bhanwari intervenes saying that the bride would go only when he removes the odhni from her face to reveal her.He is embarassed but does it anyway.But to his dismay,he reveals ghuli’s face who had planned this prank all along with th other ladies.She asks shiv,imitating anandi’s style of taalking to go sit with others as he is not in the mood to come today with him and makes a face at mahi too.Everybody again breaks into laughter seeing such a prank.But sanchi unable to take it any longer,asks them to stop irritating her brother like that.everybody is worried looking at her temper.Ira calms hr down saying such pranks are common in marriage functions.Shvi comes back to tak his sat.dadaji asks dadisa not to make them wait any longer and get anandi who they have been waiting to see for so long.