Thursday Update on Young Love June 22

Thursday Update on Young Love

June 22

Some guy has halted Anandi, Anandi says that she is here to see the collector, the guy in Shudh hindi that she cant go in without permission and the collector is not there to give permission therefore she cant go in. Anandi says who she is, he explains that he is the PA. He explains not to go by looks and his has lots of strength. Anandi explains she is the Sarpanch. He doesn’t believe as he was told the name of the Sarpanch in Anandi Singh and doesn’t let her in. Anandi explains she is the Sarpanch, he says he will go bald if she is the Sarpanch and Shiv comes and says whether he should call the barber as Anandi is the Sarpanch. Anandi gives Shiv the food, he says if its bribery and she explains that there is a difference between love and bribe, he takes the tiffin and thanks her, he replies there is also a difference between dining and office table. Some people come in with blueprints and they commend him that he has got to work in the village so quickly.
Anandi states that she has a worry about what he is wanting to do, the PA intervenes that Shiv has taken everything in consideration whilst planning for this and the end decision lies with him. Shiv says that everyone has the right for input. She explains that there are two villages which lose their land, PA says that they will get remuneration, Anandi explains that land and house can be paid for. But not the memories, Shiv asks for alternative plans and Anandi gives him one, he replies that this is not practical, they both a debate over the money that will be spent on this, Shiv from a logical point of view and Anandi from an emotional. Anandi asks for him to go with her and she will show him.. Anandi takes them to the place and explains the deserted place currently cannot have any agriculture and if the nehar comes here they will be able to use this land. Shiv tells his PA to go to the engineer and call him from there. When they are driving back they see a cart stuck and Shiv goes out to help, Anandi comes to help as well, but Shiv says its beyond her and she replies how does he know as he doesn’t even know her that well They are both able get the cart out of the rut and they are thanked by the owner. Anandi says there is a tubewell nearby, they go to wash there. Shive explains that he was wrong that she is very capable, Anandi too explains that he didn’t know he would be willing to get himself dirty to help others, Shiv exaplains that he has spoken to Engineer’s about her suggestion.
Jagat is cooking food and finds that there is no gas and blames Gauri. He calls Gauri and asks why she didn’t order a cylinder, she apologises that due to work she forget. Gauri says for him to get it, Jagat replies just because she is working doesn’t mean he does all the housework and the phone hangs, she calls him back and says it was disconnected. She tells him to calm down and requests for him to get it this time, she tells him to get tickets for a movie and its something they wanted to, it will be her treat. Anandi comes back home and DS asks about the food she gave, Anandi replies he put it to one side like he is doing her a favour. He complains about Shiv, DS says whether she explained she made it, but she replies that he didn’t give her the chance. She carries on complaining about him and says he has a ego problem.
DS wonders about what Anandi said and that she has to meet him before deciding something. PA saying the suggestion made by Anandi will be expensive, Shiv explains that they should follow a plan that favours everyone. Shiv asks for the food to be laid out. Shiv says he has allergy to mutter and PA says whether he should give it back, Shiv explains that it will be disrespectful to send it back. Shiv asks what the aroma is, PA explains that its Halwa, he ends up not able to resist and has the halwa and says that its not bad.