Thursday Update on Young Love July 12 Glow Tv

Thursday Update on Young Love  Glow Tv

July 12 Episode

Jagat watching the news where the reporter is praising the work of Anandi and Jagat thinking who the guy (Shiv) next to Anandi is. The reporter starts talking about Shiv and he turns the TV off, Gauri asking whether its affecting him that Anandi is famous. Jagat saying he is surprised that Anandi has done so much whereas he hasn’t, Gauri stating he is jealous, Jagat states that Gauri is the jealous and that she is selfish and only thinks of herself and that she has ruined his life. Gauri replies that he is the one that makes the wrong decisions but he never listens, if he has concentrated this would not have happened and now he is blaming her. Jagat then blames Gauri for playing with his life and has taken everything from him and has been using him. Jagat continues that she showed him bheek by getting the job for him and made herself look great in front of everyone.

He starts to praise Anandi and states she never informed anyone of all the help he has given her, and now he has had enough. Gauri replies she has had enough of his attitude/ego and stubbornness. She continues that what goes a wife wants for a husband to take care of them, but he is not able to do that but she doenst complain, she calls him useless and that he is the one who has runined her and not the other way round. Jagat leaves

DS calls Bhairon stating that she will be late as the Jeep broke down, she continues that they shouldn’t wait for her and carry on with the procession, she doesn’t want people to wait for her and tells Bhairon to do as she says. She continues that Anandi should take care of Shiv’s birthday and make sure everything goes according to plan

Jagat is walking in the rain, he speaks to god asking what punishment he is getting all he wanted to do was get a job and keep Gauri happy, he realises what he did to Anandi was wrong but he too has suffered. He continues that Anandi has her family, Anandi is getting all the accolades and he is only getting kicks in return. He blames God for what has happened to him.

Shiv gets a call from his mother getting a birthday wish, he is enquiring whether his mother got a marriage talk for him, they have general chitter chatter.

Basanth wondering how to get Shiv to come to their house and not sure if he will be able to do it. Shiv asks what the matter is, he explains that DS wants him to go to the Haveli, he asks whether Anandi is okay, but Basanth just wants to huryy Shiv to the haveli.

Jagat continues walking alone seeing other people, he thinks he has nothing and now even Gauri is far from her now, he cant believe what has happened to him, he starts shouting and stating what was his fault that he got this curse.

Shiv arrives at haveli and asks why everything is in darkness, as he enters there are candles out and Basanth calls out for light . Women come down the stairs carrying diya and Shiv is confused, they move out the way and we see Anandi with a taali in her hand, Shiv smiles and continues to stare at Anandi enthralled by her look, she does pooja and wishes him happy birthday, Shiv is pleasantly surprised and other people come in singing happy birthday to Shiv. Shiv gets really emotional by everything and tries to thank but is too chocked to say anything, he then just looks at Anandi.

They started from last part episode again…so shiv quit happy and he is all tearyyy..(lolzzz…guys imagine a child gets to see his\her mom after ages…a child sudnly gets to be in ice crme parlour)he is so happy he cant speak…and then kids come running along with a tray of cake…they are so happy and says they make it for him…shiv is all so emotional and just cant understand how to express his hapniesss (guys when i saw it i felt like if its possible he would ahve taken anandi in his arms…it was all so clear form his eyes,his expression..like he would just hold her tight…or if possible even kiss her then and their…lolzzz…ufff he was watching anandi with so much love in his eyes..it was like whole house will eb lighten up with his love for anandi..even a blind man can see and deef can hear so loud and clear…) anandi says he should thank them as much as he needs to thank DS..as its her plan to celebrate…and he asks where is DS and bhairo replies she went to temple and will return soon…and evry one wishes him and then shiv says to BS so thats why you need to have early leave..and BS is exttrem happy and says its your b’day koe khanay kee khichdree nahe hai…and all have a nice laugh…and party satrts…anandi came and give shiv ashima gift..shiv dosent belive and says after so much she dosent has to give this ..but anadi said this not drom ehr but from ashima and before she went she gave it to her to give him and shiv is liek so thats hwo you coem to knwo about it..opens the gift and says watch and knows ashima knows its his favourite brand..and anandi has such a swet smile on her face…kids wants anandi and shiv to dance (lolzzz…hahaahhaha..well with the 6 pak and body liek him i never thought of him dancing…tht will be quit amazing…have you ever seen baby elephant dancing…so cute..it would have been that type of dance…) shiv says if i dance in a minute you all will be gone,vanish,leave…evry one laughs heartly…bhairo stands up and says its correct he cant dance but he knows how to play the dhol…so he went to the men takes his dhol and gives to shiv to start playing and shiv is happy to abide by it…he takes it place on his soulder and starts playing it…anandi is standing just in front of him and listning him playing…he is watching her with so much love ( guys have you ever seen love oozing out of his eyes like water will burn the entire place…same happened) and then anadi starts dancing on tune DHOL NAGADRAY BAJAY – ITS A VERY FAMOUS JUBLIENT RAJESTHANI SONG

DS entering havelli…she is rembering that woman voice about proposal for shiv’s hand for her daughter…DS is all freeked our and walking as fast as possible and so much worry and frustration look on her face… and as soon as he enters inside she searches for shiv and see ashima dancing in front of shiv and DS is all freeking out and runs and tries to snatch ashima away from shiv (lolzzz…i rember it was my 1st year of marriage…it was all rainy and so cool temperature outside..i just opend the wondow…my huby came and well he saw a grass hopper trying to enter inside room and the way he lunged towards the window to close but too late and then i heard the saound of him shouting…bachou…lolzzz.grashoper was in room and he was scared liek hell on loose…he ran out of room…he dint enter in room whole night…hahahahaha..the same way he was scared DS was also scared and as he lunged for window to eb closed DS too lunged on the imagination ashime) but as it was her figment of imagination she vanished…and then she sees anandi dancing happily and shiv playing dhol…she goes near shiv and ask her in hestating way..will you marry my anandi…(guys i almost lost a heart beat…i cudnt even blink my eye) shiv was like huh!ic ant get it what you are saying (OMG!i was like what the heck..get a grip man…you are about to get the bomb drop exactly on your head..man u are about to be be blasted) DS is like ufff…and then snatches away the playing stick of dhol form his hands and shiv is liek what is she doing and then ask in loudest voice ever she can shout out…mahari anandi sai bhyah karouga – will you marry our anandi … (oh god!i had my breath stoped..i cudnt even think of anything,i lost all sence of everything..i was watching only shiv stuuned expression…like he standing in front of mirror and find he no more has 6pak…or a whole woman generation one day wakes up and finds they are no more female but male)…shiv was so stunned so shoked so like earth shifted from his legs…

DS was all heart broken…so sad…so hurt…so much in pain when she said to shiv your quietness is itself replying me what your answer is…she is sorry she jsut got carried away for the love she has for anandi…she can understand who wants to marry a divorcee,a woman who was left by her husband…she can understand he must have his dreams too…his desire and thinking…in love for anandi she just forgot ke the man who entered in her life riding horse wont be her prince charming…the one who almost saved her life will never be her life partner…hwo can she thinks of all this for him…he msut be having his own plans for what kind of wife he needs and anandi can never be that for man like shiv…she just wanted best for anandi after so much pain she went through..soem oen who will be truly her life partner…and well she is old naa and forget in old age people get senile and stupid and she too one of them…so jsut forget what she said… and jsut enjoy hsi b’day party ( guys even she was badly in pain in hurt in shoking yet their was love for shiv in her eyes…yet she wanted to shiv have all the happiness in the world..yet she wanted him to go on playing the dhol as if nothing has happened and him to enjoy hsi b’day)

Shiv is shoked..yet he is all quit (guys remember the sunami that striked china inida and its neighbouring country…the chaeos it was the day it arrived and when it stoped all was so quit…but one can see the imprint,impact of it but yet everything quit…andhi kai bad walee shantee…aur tufaan sai pahlay kee shnatee- means quitlnes before lightning strike)tht was the quietness in shiv…he sees DS walking away…DS comes and stands in corner and she dosent know how to take her pain out…she dosent know how to cry..she is so lost (guys!i was crying serizlyyy…think a child slept at night in arms of his mom and in morning the child wakes up being alone and no one around and in complete strange surrounding…feel the pain of child … it was liek that with DS)

Shiv sees her back and then keeps his dhol down and walks towards DS and stands in front of her and says you came by before listning his reply…dosent she wants to hear his reply…it will be his pleasure to marry anandi(DS cudnt belive..she is now like life is about to be given her back…like a fish needs water to live..we need beats for our heart)she ask shiv to say again as she wants to conferm its truth..and can make her self belive what she hearing is truth..and shiv again says yes he will be most happy to marry anandi…DS is like that time you were all so quit and all and before she can continue shiv says..this is soem thing such a big and unbelievable for him and she came and jsut said it aweee..liek its such a cool thing..liek nto a big thing…she is not wrong in thinking about anandi’s happiness…in lue of it she has given him soem thing which she can enevr imagine possible in dreams…as its his wish too be married to anandi…he is in love with anandi and dint knew how to ever say anysuch thing…and she nwo gave him unconcisly hsi most desire thinking so easily…he will be most honaoured man …and then shiv ask DS does anandi knows about it and DS is like nah hasn’t told and and shiv understands why DS hasn’t asked anandi about it…and DS asked about hsi family..and shiv is like they will be most happy about it…DS asks wont they mind having daughter-in-law who is already once married and divorce…shiv is like they all love him too much and they will be most happy as my happiness will eb their happiness..but he need to ask their persmision…DS is all so happy..and gives so much blessing to shiv..shiv touches her legs and DS blessed him to eb always happy and CALLS HIM HER LADESUR(OH!man…lai beta pighead DS bhe gayee permenantly…noe her ladeusr is SHIV…hahahaahha…hohoohhoho..i am having lod GUFOUUU)

Shiv sees anandi and a paragraph is playing and camera is on her…and shiv is so happy he jsut goes gather his dhol and starts playing it so happily so lodly…like he has whole world in his hands sudnly out of blue…and DS also understands the need for shiv to take out his happiness liek this and she too cant control and she simply..comes and starts dancing with anandi…anandi is like earth has been shifted from under her…and then she starts too dancing with DS…bhairo,basant,gehna and other people in party too felt liek 440 jolt current…and DS is all dancing..shiv playing dhol