Thursday Update on Young Love August 9

Thursday Update on Young Love

August 9 Episode

Shiv’s house in jaitsar and badi masi’s place in london
Shiv is sitting wondering about anandi, trying to understand her,her likes when he remembers dadisa’s saying that the only person who knows her the most is sumitra,he is reminded that she had the same choice of ring that he had.He decides to call sumitra and talk to her about anandi,as it must be afternoon there in london right now.He apologizes to sumitra for placing a sudden call,sumitra replies that she herself had been thinking of taking his no from bhairo and calling him to thank him for taking such a big step wioth anandi and doing their family such a big favour.Shiv says its an honour and not a favour to have anandi as his life partner.Sumitra says that she is happy after hearing such nice words about anandi after such a long time.But she also advises him to be patient with her as she is a girl full of love and affection but time and situation are forcing her to behave in a strange fashion.She says that shiv knows her worth and would always keep her happy to which shiv says that is exactly what i want for anandi,sumitra again says that anandi is a girl who has affection even for strangers and people like jagiya who betrayed her so bad,therefore once she is married to shiv,she will perform all the duties of a wife and would make him complete.He just has to give her some time.For this shiv also forcibly requests sumitra that in return she will have to stop calling him “aap” and begin calling him “tum”.she hesitantly agrees and giving her blessings puts down the phone.

Jagat’s house in mumbai
Gauri is trying to get jagat out of the house as soon as she can so she makes up an excuse saying that she has to arrange things for her friend’s marriage that’s why she is in such a hurry.Jagat asks for some money to buy books,gauri seeing that she desn’t have enough offers him her card and he goes out.Then gauri calls up her friends to come soon to start her marriage preparations.

Jaitsar haveli
The haveli is being decorated and bhairo and basant and dadisa are seen in full swing taking care of it.Dadisa also confirms the mehndi arrangements for anandi’s engagement from gehna.

Jagat’s house in mumbai
At the same time,gauri’s house is also decorated for her marriage.Her father is happy seeing all of this and enquires about gauri,her friend says that she is getting ready inside.Gauri, dressed as a bride is admiring herself in the mirror and she notices jagat’s family photo’s reflection in the mirror.She Goes over to the photo and is reminded of her fight and challenge that sumitra had given gauri.She mockingly talks to sumitra’s picture saying that today she’s finally her son jagiya’s wife and that he ultimately chose his wife over his family and that nobody in the world can refute their marriage.Today jagat shall become all of hers and sumitra would have lost the challenge that she had given.

Outside a bank in mumbai.
Jagat coming out of a bank accidentally brushes past bade papa and is happily surprised to see him there.And asks him when did he return from kolkata as gauri had told her.But bade papa looks confused and scornful of jagiya and doesnt want to talk to him.Still jagiya tries to be nice and asks him to come home with his luggage now that he has returned to mumbai.Bade papa says that he will not do anything of this sort and does not want to see gauri’s face ever again.Jagat is shocked seeing such behaviour but badepapa thinks he is just pretending.But after knowing that he genuinely doesnt know anything,he reprimands him for giving gauri the liberty to talk to his own family like that and also hugely praises jagat’s family for their good deeds.When jagat is still confused,he goes on to explain the whole story,how after stopping his second marriage he had decide to pay for all expenses of gauri to give her a good education and life and wanted to remain anonymus for this,how when gauri knows about this she went to jaitsar and insulted everyone from bhairo to anandi to sumitra and then openly challeged sumitra.He is shell shocked after hearing this.

Outside a bank in mumbai
The episode started from where it left yesterday where bade papa reveals the entire truth about gauri and how she went to jaitsar to insult his family.He further goes on to say thet bhairo and his family are very good people and whatever gauri is today its all because of bhairo other she would have been nothing but a simple housewife in some village home.Hearing this,Jagat seems to understand and all the truth behind every lie that gauri had told him starts falling into place.Bade papa is surprised that gauri dint say anything but then says that she couldnt have coz saying one truth would have led to another and then she would have had to tell jagat everything and she would have fallen in his eyes.But at that time u wer blinded and turned deaf by her love coz you couldnt see or hear anything other than gauri’s name.Hearing this jagat remembers when gauri had lied about not getting a ticket from bhopal and flying to mumbai via jaipur on being enquired by jagat hw her ticket ws from jaipur and not bhopal.,also the way she had mentioned that for their own financial independence and self respect she had stopped taking money from bade papa,and the way she had scolded him for goinh through her personal mail when he had casually seen the bank forms bade papa had sent and snatching away the phone when he was trying to talk to bade papa.He understands that she never wanted her parents’ love but only wanted her revenge and to take jagat away from his family.He remembers the time she had been the reason for badi masi’s illness when she blurted out the truth about jagiya’s second marriage to her,also how she had manipulated him into talking to his own family rudely about a share in the property,how she had emotionally distanced jagat from his loved ones in jaitsar and even talking him to put bhabhoot on bhago’s house.He staggers back failing to understand how could gauri who he loved so much, lie so much and betrayed him so bad.And says that bade papa is right in saying that i am guilty and have been rightfully punished for being such a fool and having complete blind faith in gauri who betryaed my trust.In vengeance he screams out gauri.

:Jagat’s house in mumbai
Jagat arrives at his decorated house where his friends are waiting for him.Puzzled and angry,he sees gauri dressed as a bride and amidst friends’ teasing,she puts the garland around his neck.When her mother comes to jagat for his garland he throws away his garland,everybody is shocked,gauri asks him what happened and gets a slap from hm.Everybody is stunned.And demands her that why did she lie?when still gauri tries to defens herself by again lying about bade papa,she sees himwalking through the doors and she knows that her lie is now known by jagat.On increasingle being questioned,gauri frustratingly admits that yes she had lied and goes on to badmoth bhairo in front of jagat.the guests leave.Jagat is about to slap her again but stops.gauri is scared and tries to convince jagat and bade papa but in vain.Bade papa says that she has got whst she deserved for ruining someone’s life for her own happiness.Jagat too admits that he hates her and was a fool to have left his village,his family and even anandi for her.And now he never wants to see her face ever again The screen freezes on gauri’s tearful face.