Thursday Update on Young Love August 2

Thursday Update on Young Love

August 2 Episode

The women are in the kitchen preparing food. Anandi then goes and calls her father and they have a heart to heart, with her father saying they are both alone, but he is glad that she has a family. He continues that this teej she will not be without.

Gauri is having Mehendi done on her hand and asks for her husbands name to be written. Anandi on the other hand is solemn and remembering her last teej with Jagat Anandi’s father is then shown remembering his last teej with Bhago, and asks whether what he said was correct that he is alone, but he knows that she is close to him. He has prepared the teej items for her Anandi and family are then shown to be eating and she remembers Sumitra’s words during the last teej

Gauri is shown to be eating as well and Jagat is watching her

Anandi is still solemn and on a Jhula with someone pushing her, she then stops and gets off and Gehna looks on, she then goes has something to drink

At hospital the other doctors are eating and someone invites her to eat but she declines stating that its her vrat therefore cant eat. She woman then jokes if her husband has kept it for her or is it just up to her husband. They then compliment her dedication to her duties and her responsibility.

At Haveli they are having teej pooja and DS is looking on at Anandi. Side by Side Gauri is doing the same as well. Both Anandi and Gauri at the same time completing the rituals. DS states that when the moon is shown then they will be able to break their fast. Someone then comes regarding a woman who is vomiting, Anandi then calls Lal Singh for help for the woman

Anandi wants to go to the hospital, Gehna states she has not yet eaten but Anandi doesn’t want to leave the girl on her own.

Gauri is complaining why the moon is not coming out as she is starving. Jagat states there is no point cursing the moon. Gauri tells him what does he know since she is the one fasting. Jagat then gets a flashback whereby he too kept fast for Anandi, and they feed each other.

Shiv goes home and he smells the food his choti maa makes and wonders how that could be. He enters the house and is pleasantly surprised to see his choti maa, he goes to touch her feet and a woman calls out his name, its his mother. He is surprised to see them but his mother has a stern look on her face, saying have they broken a rule by not informing, Shiv tries to explain but his mother continues saying is it because he wanted to keep a secret, Shiv is confused he asks if family are okay, his mother continues scolding and then choti maa comes defending Shiv. His mother continues if he is so concerned about his dadu to go see how his behaviour has affected him

Shiv looks worried and then we hear his Daddu singing and we see his mother laughing. Shiv asks what is wrong with him, he replies illness is afraid of him and run away. He then questions Shiv. His family beat around the bush and Shiv is confused and asks what the matter is and what he has kept from them. His daddu then asks whether he has fallen in love and Shiv asks how do they know about this, Daddu asks for his answer. Shiv then answers Yes. They have nok jhok and then Shiv informs that that Anandi’s mother passed away that’s why he didn’t get the chance to tell them. His mother is shocked saying Ashima’s mother passed away, but Shiv interrupts saying what happened to Ashimas mother, family think that he is talking about Ashima but he clears it that he isn’t.

Jaitsar village

A person videoshooting the village and in turn falling down in mud pool,which he couldn’t see becoz he was immersed in videoshooting. The girls at anandi’s school start making fun of him. And anandi is reminded back of her time when she had scolded her fellowmates for a similar incident.Remembering that she smiles, the person thinks she is making fun of him, to which she rectifies his misunderstanding saying that she was not laughing at him but was reminded of something else.
She offers to help to clean up his face and hands.The person starts chatting with anandi,in the meanwhile phuli reminds anandi that they have to rush to the hospital and also break the teej fast,and they both leave from there.

Location:Shiv’s house in Jaitsar

Shiv is sitting with his grandfather who is asking for sweets from his daughter in law.She brings in halwa and other sweets along with Shiv’s choti maa. Both the ladies start teasing shiv about his So called girlfriend.Shiv clarifies saying that ashima is a very good friend of his, but his soulmate is anandi.Choti maa comments on anandi’s name being very old yet very reminiscent of someone.Then some irrelevant family banter takes place and shiv’s mother teases dadaji of his forgetfulness.Shiv’s family recognizes anandi as the same girl who was in the news with shiv. Shiv’s father walks in, unaware of the context of the conversation and says, what sarpanch are you talking about.He grabs halwa to which he is told by his wife to wash himself first and then get back to eating. Shiv’s father orders them not to talk at all behind his back and freezes them on their spots saying statue.When he’s gone,shiv’s family conspires to tell him about anandi once he comes back.The family again returns to fun conversations And a family reunion takes place.

Location:Jagat’s house in mumbai

Gauri is feeling very hungry and is getting increasingly frustrated at the delay in the rising of the moon and on the whole stupid tradition of fasting for the husband’s well being.Her mother pacifies her saying that this is a trademark ritual for every wife to follow, and that even brides stay hungry the whole day before getting married. Gauri jokes about stuffing herself up prior to her wedding so that she des not get hungry. And also decides to talk with a priest to set the earliest possible date for marriage,As she cant wait any longer to be legally married to Jagat.

Location:Shiv’s house in jaitsar

Shiv’s father returns and then commends his family on being silent for so long. But then on seeing the eaten halwa, he knows they were cheating. A family laugh follows. Finally, shiv’s mother tells him that his son has finally agreed to get marries.Shiv is congratulated by his father,who also thinks anandi is a very pretty name.And the screen freezes on his face.

Underlying Message:

Familial ties are unbreakable. But they are beautiful and healthy, only because a person is given the right to choose his /her own life partner and the family too respects that descision and gives their approval.