Thursday Update on Young Love August 16

Thursday Update on Young Love

August 16 Episode

Gehna and DS looking at jewellery, Anandi comes and asks about all the jewellery, DS recalls a childhood scene with Anandi asking about the jewellery, Gehna then comments on Anandi looking beautiful. DS explains that her in laws will be glad they have a bahu like Anandi. Anandi made food for the family to give family, DS complements Anandi. Anandi explains that Shiv will come pick her up from school

DS speaking to Gehna that her hands are tied as she wanted to make a grand occasion, but she stated she will not leave any stone unturned for her bidaai, with this 4 months will go quickly organising this. DS shows a piece that she kept for Sugna, but she wants to give something special to Anandi and says if it’s a good idea to give it to Anandi instead. Gehna agrees with DS and states they can get something else for Sugna

Someone comes and shows cards to DS, they look all grand, Bhairon explains that Shiv wants a simple wedding, DS explains this is only a card and the wedding will be simple. The guy states that he will not take a penny for the cards as it will be his gift. DS then asks the opinion of Gehna on the cards and Gehna looks apprehensive and states whatever Ds chooses will be good, DS explains that he once thought that she knew everything but Shiv has changed her opinion on that matter, and that she should respect the thoughts of the daughters of the house as well. Gehna states that she will help in sharing the burden of household respionsibility.

Jagya then enters the house all tattered and everyone is shocked to see him. Jagya states that he wants to speak his whats in his heart and wants to speak to Anandi. Bhairon denies and states that Anandi is engaged to someone and doesn’t want Jagya to see him, Jagya tries to look surprised hearing this but it seems DS has clocked on. She recalls thinking that she saw Jagya during the engagement.

DS asks that he didn’t know about the engagement, Jagya denies that he didn’t know, DS calls Makhan singh and asks him to bring in the item. Makhan Singh brings in Jagya’s shoes and asks that they are his. DS asks how many more lies will he speak and scolds him, Bhairon tells her to leave it be and asks Jagya why he is here, whether he needs money or are they scheming again. Jagya states that he doesn’t want anything, he has gotten what he deserves from life and he doesn’t even feel he come see Anandi. He admits that he came, Bhairon tells him to go back to Mumbai. Jagya continues that he knew everyone will be upset with him, he looks to DS. DS states that everything has been ruined and he left, there is nothing left.

Jagya falls to DS’s knees and asks for another chance, he tries to explain about Gauri, but Bhairon cuts him off and not to state Gauri’s name. He doesn’t want them to affect Anandi and her life anymore and tells him to leave. Bhairon drags him and kicks him out of the haveli. He shouts at Jagya to get out, Village people are here with gifts and witness this. Jagya broken hearted leaves the haveli. DS looks affected.

Jaitsar haveli
After throwing jagiya out of the haveli,Bhairo goes inside with other members in tow and angrily reprimands everyone to not let jagiya inside the house and strictly instructs everyone especially dadisa not to give in to sympathy and love for him and make a conversation if he ever comes again as he is shameless and has the audacity to come after being humiliated lik that with a malicious intention as after seeing anandi happily getting married in such a good family,he must naturally be jealous.He said he would not tolerate it anymore and that no one should even mention his visit to anandi.saying this he leaves,leaving the other members worried.

On the road
Jagiya walking on the road thinking everybody hates him so much that they are not evenwilling to talk to him,but there’s still one person in the family who will hear what he has to say and thats anandi,even after the way he hurt her.He would ask for her forgiveness and tell her that the woman,gauri,for whom he had left everyone,he has finally left her and returned.He looks at the time and deduces that she must be at school.Reaching there,he sees her coming out of the school,he is about to approach her when he also sees shiv behind her with the school girls and hides himself behind a tree so as not to be seen.Meanwhile the girls are chatting upto shiv and asking him whether he would allow them to meet anandi even after she goes to his home.To which he says yes and that the sarpanch and collector would always be available to their service.Whilst they are talking,anandi seats herself in the jeep.Meanwhile jagiya cries out anandi to himself but she is immediately affected of his presence and looks around but composes her self on seeing shiv and they both drive off.Jagiya comes out of his hiding,seeing them go and falls down on the ground sadly,in tears thinking about the good times he shared with anandi and how it all changed after gauri came in his life.he thinks that his family doesnt want him to see her,he himself doesnt have the courage to meet her when she’s so happy.He rues the fall in his life,that the once beloved jagiya is now the most hated person in jaitsar but he himself is to blame for that,his arrogance and ego is responsible for his present condition,where even after realising his mistake,there’s nothing left in his life.Nobody to call his own.And keeps repeating as to what have i done?

Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Anandi reaches out to touch daddu’s feet who jokes about stopping this ritual and continuing only if she considers this an exercise.He offers almonds to her and other daughter in laws.Ira remembers a chore in the kitchen,when alok offers help to do it himself and lets her talk to anandi.Daddu in his usual tone,asks about dadisa.anandi replies that she’s fine amidst others’ amused giggling.when informed that lunch is ready,she says that she has brought halwa for themEverybody happy hearing this.At the dining table,alok appreciates her cooking and tells meenu that she has a serious competitor in the kitchen with anandi’s arrival as earlier she had been an undisputed champion in their kitchen.He jokes that now he understands what bowled shiv over,as he loves halwa.Daddu and the others also taste and appreciate her halwa.Alok reminds shiv to serve anandi jalebis that he had brought especially for her,she is instantly reminded of the time when jagiya used to get her jalebis.Shiv motions her to eat.

On a road in jaitsar
Jagiya gets up from the ground and starts walking.

Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Anandi takes a piece disinterestedly.Shiv offers to others too.alok motions her to eat or else shiv would be sad.She eats and shiv looks happy.On a road and Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Jagiya is walking aimlessly remembering bhairo and dadisa’s words,stops and sees teh tyre swing and is reminded of the time that he and anandi had spent here.Anandi is shown eating the jlebi and jagiya is shown walking towards the swing.