Thursday Update on Young Love 4th March 2020

Thursday Update on Young Love 4th March 2020

Dadisaa and Ganga worrying for Shivam, just then they see Anandi hearing their conversation. Shivam runs and reaches a dead end. He shouts Maa. Anandi asks what happened? You people were talking about Shivam. She asks where is he? Ganga says nothing. Dadisaa tells everything. Anandi asks Shivam comes with Abhi daily and asks where is Abhi? Abhi comes with Mannu after playing. Abhi makes excuse that he went on field trip. Mannu says he will ask Sarita kaki. He calls and asks Pooja. She says she didn’t see him. Everyone get shocked.

Akhira Singh tells Kamli that he doesn’t have money for her education anymore. Kamli says she wants to buy book. Akhira Singh asks her to learn kitchen work. Nimboli hears them. Akhira Singh gets angry when Kamli insists to buy books. Kundan comes and asks for 100 Rs, as he wants to go with friends. Akhira Singh gives him 500 Rs. Kamli sees him giving money to Kundan and questions Akhira Singh. He gets angry and raises his hand on Kamli. Kundan leaves. Nimboli gets sad.

Shivam continues to run and then sits down scared after hearing footsteps of someone coming near him. He sits scared. Jagya comes and puts hand on his shoulder. Shivam turns and calls Kakusaa. Jagya asks how did you reach here. Shivam hugs him and cries. Jagya asks him not to fear and takes his bag to go home.

Kamli throws her books from the cupboard. Nimboli asks why you are doing this. Kamli tells her that her bapu doesn’t have money for her. Nimboli asks what is the use of studies. Kamli says you won’t understand. These books makes one study good things. Nimboli asks really? I don’t understand. She says I can give you one thing. She makes her eat something.

Anandi waits for Shivam. Jagya brings Shivam home. Anandi hugs him and asks are you fine. Jagya says he is okay, but scared. Anandi asks why did you go alone? Shivam says he was in the school. When he came out, there was no car nor Abhi. Abhi says Shivam’s classmate told that he went on a trip. Jagya asks about his name. Abhi says Shyam. Shivam says he was absent today. Jagya scolds Abhi as he is caught. Dadisaa tells why did you do this with Shivam. Jagya says you should not repeat this mistake. Mannu says I will explain to him. Jagya says I won’t forgive you. Ganga asks him to say and raise her hand to slap Abhi, but Anandi stops him. Ganga says I know how to handle him. Abhi says beat me. Then you all will be happy.

Geeta’s husband asks her to come home and says I came to take you home. Geeta refuses. Her husband try to make her understand. Geeta says nobody cares for me. Akhira Singh comes and threatens him. Geeta’s husband says he was just trying to make her understand. Harki tries to explain, but Akhira Singh doesn’t let her speak. He asks Geeta, do you want to go. Geeta says she will go after 2-4 days. He agrees and tells her husband. Geeta smiles. Harki looks on.

Kundan having food and then leave. Harki calls Nimboli for picking up the utensils. Nimboli says my mum will pick it. Harki scolds her. Nimboli apologizes and picks the utensils. Harki reminds her to keep Gangaur fast for Kundan and asks her not to drink water during fast. Nimboli asks whether husbands keep fast for their wives. Harki gets stunned and asks her not to compare herself with Kundan else she will go to hell directly. Chagani hears them and comes for her help. Nimboli says she will do. She laughs hearing Harki asking her to clean the bed.

Ganga tells Jagya that Abhi did wrong. Jagya says yes. Ganga says Shivam should not tease Abhi, we shall make him understand. I think you shall talk to Anandi ji. Jagya says you loves your son very much, that you oversee his doings. Ganga tells that Abhi is angry. Jagya says we give everything to the kids equally. He says Shivam loves Dadisaa very much. I never saw Abhi sat with her. Ganga says we shall talk to abhi. He is missing your love. Jagya says I am at fault that I am unable to give love to my own son. Ganga gets upset.

Mannu talks to Abhi and says it was good that Bapusaa found Shivam in the jungle at the right time. Abhi says I didn’t think that things would go worse. I didn’t think to hurt him, just wanted to trouble him. Mannu tells that these jokes shouldn’t be done. Abhi tells that he doesn’t like him. Mannu tells the good points about Shivam. Abhi says Bapusaa always praises Shivam. Mannu asks him to do something to uplift in Jagya’s eyes. Abhi asks what? Mannu says you shall apologize to Shivam. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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