Thursday Update on Young Love 4th February 2021


Thursday Update on Young Love 4th February 2021

Razia calling Shayra. Surayya says I told you that your would be bahu is very eager and can’t wait for marriage to happen. Azaan says Chachi. Razia asks Shayra to go to Noor’s room. Noor hears her and thinks what happened? Razia asks her to go. Azaan asks her to say in low tone else. Razia asks what? Shayra says Faiz will hear. She brings laptop and tells Faiz that Razia wants to talk to him. Faiz talks to Razia and greets her. Noor comes there with face mask on her face and hair style clips. Faiz calls her and greets her. Noor hides her face. Azaan tells Razia that they were talking to Faiz as Shayra was worried about how is he. He tells that he made her talk to Shayra and assures her that he is good for Noor.

Shayra tells Razia that they know each other since 5 years, but never forgot their customs and traditions. She says she is pure. Razia says my bahu is pure and asks Surayya to think before accusing her. She apologizes to Shayra. Noor asks Surayya, why she is feeling mirchi if something is going on between them. Surayya asks her not to talk to her. Noor teases her. Surayya goes. Shayra asks them if Faiz passed or failed. They say pass. Noor says you both are big liar or idiots and says you both didn’t do anything in five years. Azaan says Ammi. They run away.

Next day, Noor asks Azaan and Shayra why they made her heroine in their haldi. Azaan says he has a surprise. Noor says I know Faiz is coming. Shayra says noor is best simple also. Azaan says there is a surprise. Faiz comes infront of Noor. Noor says Roll no. 22. Faiz proposes her for engagement bending on his knees. Noor asks today is my engagement and asks Azaan and Shayra that’s why they made her look like heroine. Azaan says yes and says today your engagement and haldi are there. Yasmeen asks her to come. Noor says she wants to wear costly lehenga and 70000 worth anklet. Faiz and Noor get engaged. Shayra asks Noor about Faiz, but she talks about the diamond ring.

Khalid tells his parents that he wants Noor. Razia asks Shayra and Azaan to exchange rings. Shayra makes Azaan wear ring. Azaan makes her wear ring. Everyone claps. Razia tells Faiz and Noor that elan e nikah rasam is remaining for them. Maulvi comes there. Yasmeen says it is for Shahi family. Razia says Noor is my daughter too, whatever rasam Shayra and Azaan will do, same rasams will be done by Faiz and Noor. She says their marriage will happen with Shayra and Azaan’s marriage. She says one daughter will go and other will come home.

Priest sees the wedding card and says history will repeat itself and earth quake is going to come. Faiz and Noor sign on the elan e nikah card. Everyone claps. Shayra hugs yasmeen and wipes her tears. Razia says I will sent it to dargah. She says haldi will be applied to Faiz and same haldi will be applied to Noor. Asgar says we have to do something about his girl. Yasmeen keeps the invitation card on the table. Noor and Yasmeen dance on the song, while Azaan and Shayra’s haldi is going on. Razia applies haldi to Azaan. Noor comes to apply haldi to him. He holds her hand and sings song…Faiz’s family send haldi for Noor.

Razia asks Mashuqa to keep it safely. Noor applies haldi to Shayra. Azaan comes to her and applies haldi. Shayra and Azaan dance. Gudenal Ishq….plays…Mashuqa thinks Servant’s work is given to her. She slips and the haldi falls down on the ground. Mashuqa thinks to take some haldi from Azaan’s haldi. Mashuqa brings haldi and gives to Razia. Razia asks yasmeen to apply haldi to Noor. Yasmeen applies haldi to Noor. Mashuqa thinks Shayra’s right is being distributed to Noor. Azaan comes to him and applies haldi to her face. They dance. Someone makes the lamp falls on the wedding card and it gets burnt. Yasmeen runs to set the fire off and cries miserably. Shayra sees her crying and runs to her. She asks what happened? Yasmeen shows the card and says it was Noor’s destiny and it was burnt. Shayra looks at Noor worriedly. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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