Thursday Update on Young Love 30th July 2020

Thursday Update on Young Love 30th July 2020

Anandi recalling meeting with Nandini before and promises Shiv that she will find their daughter at any cost. She waits for one clue which will lead her to Nandini. Nimboli asks Disa, where we are going? Disa tells she will tell and takes her to someone’s house. Nimboli asks whose house is this? Disa smiles and recalls her childhood in the house. She recalls her father asking her to stop when she was playing. She recalls her mum scolding and her uncle protecting her from her scoldings. Disa says it is my house, my mum, dad, uncle etc.

Nimboli says if we will stay here. A girl comes out and asks her. She asks about her Kakusaa. A girl asks her to come and goes inside calling her dada. Anandi shares with Sarita about Nandini bearing all the tortures. Sarita says Pooja was to get married to Akhiraj’s son and says I owe to Nandini. She says until I hug her, I won’t be at peace. Pooja hears and is tensed. Mangla goes inside the house and sees her Kakusaa on bed. He tells I didn’t identify you. Mangla touches his feet and tells about childhood saying. Kakusaa identifies her and gets happy.

Mangla says Kakusaa. Kakusaa blesses her and asks how are you? Disa tells I am fine and introduces Nimboli as her daughter. Nimboli greets him. Kakusaa tells her about Disa’s childhood. He asks why did you come here after so many years. Disa says she want to stay for some days. Kakusaa asks the servant to take them to guest room. Disa’s brother warns the servant not to take them inside. Kakusaa says it will be my decision as the house is on my name. He asks servant to take them inside. Disa’s brothers get angry.

Harki comes to meet Akhiraj in jail and asks what has happened? She says I didn’t think even in my dream that this will happen. She says Kamli has become maharani and brought Pushkar to room. She says Kamli asked her to sit in corner. She asks him to do something and cries. Akhiraj says it is a matter of 4 days, and says once I get out then I will settle scores with everyone.

He asks her to meet a lawyer in Jaipur and says he will take care of the case. Harki tells that Disa and Nimboli eloped from home. She tells her that Nimboli’s mum came with MLA to her house. Akhiraj asks her not to give him old news and warns her not to let her find out any clue about Nimboli. He says she shall yearn for her daughter and asks to take his goons help to find them. She asks about Kundan. Harki says he is fine and is about to tell about the place. Akhiraj presses her neck and asks her not to tell about the place. He thinks once he gets out from here, then he will troubles them.

Akhiraj tries to bribe a constable and shows him dream of a luxurious life. The constable says he can’t risk to help him as MLA is very honest man. Akhiraj says you will get plenty of money and asks him to think at home. He thinks once he gets out of Jail then he will kill Mangla and Jagya, else he is not son of his father. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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