Thursday Update on Young Love 24th September 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 24th September 2020

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Police team coming to Akhiraj’s house and take Kundan from there. Kundan are shocked. Harki asks why you are taking my son and runs after the jeep. She says my son haven’t done anything. Kamli comes and says it is happening because of Akhiraj. He won’t let us leave peacefully. Anandi comes to Shivam and apologizes to him. Shivam says Nimboli is at fault. Anandi says I am sad to raise hand on you, and says Nimboli and Mangla are guest in their house, and asks him not to repeat his mistake. Shivam hugs her. She thinks I have to do something and bring Ganga back. Jagya gets a phone call from Police. Then he gets Akhiraj’s call warning him as he went to Police. Jagya says I haven’t gone to Police.

Akhiraj says my eyes are on you. My men is keeping a watch on you. He asks what you have decided. He asks when he is bringing Anandi, Mangla and Nimboli. Jagya refuses to accept his condition, and tells him that Kundan is in Police custody. He asks him to enquire with his men. Gajraj informs Akhiraj that Kundan is taken by Police. Akhiraj gets angry and beats her mercilessly. Ganga faints. Jagya hopes Akhiraj frees his wife. Akhiraj says Jagya thought that he will win from me, but he will hear voice of his dying wife. Badri says it is his trick to free his wife. Akhiraj says I don’t have any other way out. Badri says Police will not do anything to Kundan and they will free him in sometime. Akhiraj says you are saying right, and says why shall a tiger be shocked with a fox’s threat, and says he will shattered Jagya.

Jagya tells Mangla that Akhiraj got scared and will free his wife. Akhiraj calls Jagya and asks him to do anything with Kundan, but he will not free his wife. He threatens him and says he will send Ganga in pieces, and asks him to thanked him for giving a chance to do her last rites. Jagya asks Akhiraj not to do anything to his wife and promise to release Kundan. Akhiraj says my son should be out of Police station within 15 mins, else your wife will be dead.

Jagya calls Inspector and tells about Akhiraj’s threat. He asks him to free Kundan fast. Inspector agrees. Jagya fears for Ganga’s life and says this can’t happen. He is in extreme pain. Akhiraj asks Ganga to look at the watch and says Police haven’t free my son till now and just 2 mins are left of your life. Just then Badri gets a phone call and smiles. He tells Akhiraj that Kundan is out of Police station. Akhiraj is happy and smiles. He tells Ganga that her husband got scared with his threat. Ganga prays God to help her. Anandi asks Jagya to take her to Akhiraj and get Ganga released. Dadisaa says I am also ready. Mannu also says the same. Abhi and Shivam says the same. Jagya says we can’t think of this, and even Ganga doesn’t want this. Nimboli tells we will go there and get Ganga freed.

Nimboli suggesting Jagya to take them to Akhiraj Singh and fulfilled his wish to get Ganga freed from his clutches. Jagya agrees and tells Dadisaa to take care of the children at home. He gets Akhiraj’s call. Akhiraj asks why you are worried and says your wife is still same when I brought her here. He asks if he is ready to come? Jagya says yes. Akhiraj tells about the address, and warns him not to inform Police else Ganga will be killed. Jagya says he will not inform Police and says he is coming. Jagya asks Dadisaa to bless him, Dadisaa blesses them. Jagya gives a letter to Mannu and asks him to handover it to Anant. He asks him to take care and leaves. Dadisaa is sad. Abhi asks Dadisaa if they will come with his mumma. Dadisaa nods. Dr. Anant comes and says he saw Jagya going with others. Dadisaa says Jagya has accepted Akhiraj’s condition and took them there. Anant says he is getting trapped by Akhiraj and says he shall inform Police.

Mannu gives him letter. Anant reads it and leaves from there without saying anything. Harki sees Kundan coming back home in an auto and is happy. Kundan gets Akhiraj’s call. Akhiraj asks if Harki is near him, then give call. Harki takes the call and says she is worried for him. Akhiraj asks her about Kundan. Harki says Kundan is fine and asks if he knows that Kundan is taken by Police. Akhiraj says he got Kundan freed from Police, and asks her to see what he will do. He says his enemies will be killed tomorrow and then he will return home and kill Kamli too. Harki says okay and disconnects the call. She tells Kundan that Akhiraj will make everything fine. Kamli hears it and thinks to stop Akhiraj.

Dadisaa asks Abhi and Shivam to have food. She sees them sad and says they will return safely. I have done mannat. Abhi and Shivam refuses to have anything. Dadisaa asks her to have faith on Devimaa. Mannu says I will take care of them.

While in the car, Nimboli asks if Akhiraj will be caught. Jagya says yes, Akhiraj is a criminal and he will be caught. He asks her to trust him and pray to God to make everything fine. Mangla thinks they have to go because of Nimboli. She thinks Anandi got ready to take her daughter near death. She gets Kamli’s call. Jagya asks Mangla not to tell Kamli that they are going to meet Akhiraj. Mangla nods yes. She picks the call. Kamli informs her that she heard Harki and Kundan talking to Akhiraj. She says he has planned something dangerous. Mangla pretends as if she hasn’t heard anything( Don’t know why she did this). Kamli thinks she has to do something and stop Akhiraj.

Dadisaa prays to God. She thinks about the recent happening before Jagya leaves with others. She imagines Jagya, Ganga, Anandi, and Mangla getting killed by Akhiraj and his goons. She imagines Nimboli getting killed and gets heart attack. She shouts calling Shivam, Abhi and Mannu. She tries to reach towards her phone, but couldn’t because of the heart attack pain.