Thursday Update on Young Love 24th December 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 24th December 2020

Sudha accusing Nandini for her unborn baby’s death. Nandini is shocked and says Sudha. Yamuna asks what you are saying? Sudha says I am saying truth. She says Nandini had taken a decision to terminate her pregnancy. She says it was my baby and I felt it all the time. Nandini cries. Sudha asks why did you kill my baby? Premal and his parents continues to act. Nandini says you are misunderstanding me. Sudha says I did wrong by trusting you and gave my baby’s responsibility to stranger. Mr. Shekhawat says no. Nandini says I am your sister…Sudha says sister can’t be like this and says you have proved that your are not our blood. We don’t have any relation with you. Krish says Nandini have saved your life and you are blaming her. Premal’s mum says real sister would never

do this. She tells Nandini that her sins can never be washed with her tears. Nandini cries badly thinking about Sudha’s words and runs from there.
Krish talks to Inspector and asks him to talk to Dr. Amit as he was with Nandini in the OT. Inspector says I want to meet him. Dr. Amit comes there and asks him to say. He says Nandini has done all the possible things to save Sudha’s baby. Krish says Nandini has lost a family member and says if you trouble her then you have to face my lawyer. Inspector goes. Nandini prays infront of God and says she needs her. An old lady calls Anandi. Nandini turns to look at the woman. Old lady says you are Anandi naa. Nandini says no, I am her daughter. Old lady says you are same like her and says she couldn’t identify her.

Nandini asks do you know my mum? Old woman says yes, and says I know your mum’s dadisaa also. She says Kalyani was my childhood friend and I was missing her today. She hugs Nandini. Nandini also hugs her. She says since Kalyani met me, I have this which she gave to me. She gives her rudraksha mala which is used to pray. She says this is not ordinary mala, but it is of Kalyani. She says this will become your protection now. Nandini takes it and touches her feet to take her blessings. Old lady hugs and blesses her for happy life. Nandini looks at the rudraksha mala.

Karuna tells Abhayram that Nandini’s career might end if they file case. Abhayram says if crime is proved that she can go to jail. Karuna says I don’t believe this. Abhayram says there might be a reason behind Sudha’s decision. Triveni says I am sure that Nandini is a good doctor and had went to treat her patient after getting slapped by me. She says Nandini can’t be careless with patients. Karuna says jiji is right. Abhayram has to agree. Nandini sees Dadisaa’s soul coming to her and gives her strength. She says one has to fight their own fight. She says you are Anandi’s daughter. She says Anandi was very little when she came to her house, and asks her to fight without fearing. She asks did you understand what I told you.

Nandini nods. Dadisaa asks her to promise, asking her to fight with evil. Nandini promises to Dadisaa and says she will never get scared of evil, and will fight strongly. She says nobody can break your Nandini now and takes her blessings. She says from today, I will become protective shield for my family and will face all the troubles fearlessly.

Nandini promising Dadisaa’s soul that she will face all troubles fearlessly. Dadisaa hugs her. Nandini opens her eyes and it turns out to be her imagination. She says it was not a dream, but you really came to give me your teaching. She says I haven’t forgotten my mum’s teachings. Krish says you can talk to me. Nandini runs to him, thanks and says I love you. Krish says I love you too, and is trapped for seven births. He says I will be with you always. She comes out and hears Abhayram talking to Premal and telling that he just talked to Sudha and convinced her. He asks Premal to talk to him before planning anything and says right conspiracy have to be follow to break relations. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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